Buy $50+ Netflix e-Gift Card, Get $5 Amazon Promo Credit

IF you are an existing Netflix customer or plan to start/restart a subscription, this is essentially a roundabout 10% discount, which can counter the recent Netflix price increases. For a limited time, coupon code NETFLIX will get you a $5 Amazon promotional credit when you purchase $50+ Netflix digital gift card. Limit one per customer while this promotion is running. Select the $50 amount or enter your preferred amount that is $50+.

The $5 promo credit will be added to your Amazon account automatically within three
days. They will send an email confirmation after it has been added. You have until April 13 to spend the $5 Amazon promo credit.

You can add this to an existing Netflix account in your account settings. Their billing system will use up the gift card first, and after it is used up, it will restart billing your credit card.