BlueHost 2-Day Sale on Prepaid One Website plans

If you are looking for web hosting for a single website/domain, BlueHost is having a 2-day Birthday Sale on their “Basic” plan. The sale is if you buy a 3-year or 5-year prepaid plan that averages to $2.65 per month. You pay the whole amount upfront. The 3-year prepaid plan is a one-time $95.40 fee, and the 5-year prepaid plan is a one-time $159 fee. Once the 3/5 years elapse, you can renew at the future current prices. It won’t renew at this sale price. Only the 3-year and 5-year plans are on sale.

I haven’t used BlueHost yet but it is at a similar level as Hostgator which I am using for the main blog. Note that BlueHost is based in Utah, so if you are planning to host any edgy or sensitive or adult material (as it pertains to the laws and regulations of the state of Utah), you may want to look for a different hosting service.

Strategically, you want to buy/register the domain at a different company from the one hosting your website, so you have more flexibility in case of technical or other issues. It’s a bit like the triple play of cable companies. The more interlinked things are, the more complicated can be to untangle them if you wish to do so later.