B&H Photo and Adorama are BACK!

At the start of business today, Monday April 5 in 2021 [yes, tonight is the NCAA Basketball Championship game and on paper this should be an exciting game with fast-paced teams that actually practice offense, unlike the Big 10 where basketball is really an extension of their top rated wrestling programs mixed in with rebounding drills], we have the return of both Adorama and B&H Photo. Any orders you had previously placed in the last few days are/will-be getting processed and shipped! They are back, so if you had been needing things to buy, you can now place regularly-processed orders!

On an unrelated note, big news today in the world of smartphones, as suspected/predicted for a while now, LG is now officially out of the smartphone business. Their #3 spot in the USA market was a little bit misleading because a lot of their sales were budget and prepaid phones where profit margins are razor thin. This decision will likely produce some good to great deals on existing LG phones, but keep in mind OS updates and support and warranty and such are gonna be matters of concern. Details and discussion of this via Techmeme