B&H Financing Offer: 0% interest on $1849+ for 24 months

If you are planning a big camera(s) or lens(es) purchase or any other purchases (in a single receipt) at B&H, B&H Photo is having a limited time special financing offer. For purchases of $1849 or more, you get 24 months of 0% interest.

You MUST pay the full amount before/by the end of the 24 months. If the amount is not fully paid, you will be charged interest from the purchase date. So do this only if you are certain you can pay it off on time. Minimum monthly payments are required. Another option gives you 24 equal monthly payments, so by the end you’ll have paid the full amount automagically.

There are plenty of FAQS over there that answer questions about the offer. It is not stackable with the PayBoo (B&H refund your sales tax) BUT you can split the payment of order between the two offers with 12-month (or shorter) financing. The amount paid with PayBoo will get the PayBoo benefit (sales tax refund) and the amount paid with the B&H financing promotion will get the financing 0% promotion. Orders with longer than 12-month financing cannot be split-paid.

As usual, use credit wisely and judiciously!