Bag The Bags: Tenba, CaseLogic, KellyMoore, ThinkTank, Pelican, etc

And now the moment you have all (not) been waiting for, a new edition of the “Bag The Bags” segment. Free shipping unless otherwise indicated. This limited time sale is happening at Adorama:

+ Kelly Moore Riva Shoulder Bag (navy color scheme) for $70
+ Case Logic DCB-319 SLR Camera Backpack (Anthracite) for $70
+ Tenba Shootout 14L ActionPack for GoPro for $100
+ Think Tank Urban Disguise 40 Classic Shoulder Bag for $150
+ Think Tank Retrospective Laptop 15 for $60
+ Shutterbug Designs Dragon Fly Cover Canvas Bag with Shoulder Strap for $15
+ Pelican S140 Sport Elite Tablet Backpack for $70 (three color choices)
+ Incase Cargo Backpacks for MacBooks for $50 (three color schemes)
+ Cocoon GRID-IT! Wrap 10 for iPads for $10 (red)