(SOLD OUT) Aukey Optic Phone Camera Lens (2-in-1 Fisheye and Macro) for $3.50 after coupon

UPDATE 1:24pm ET: it looks like they have sold out for good. I tried multiple devices and networks and they all show out of stock and unorderable on the product page

UPDATE 10:54am ET: it now shows as in-stock/orderable, so YMMV depending on the Amazon servers… At 10:40am ET it showed as out of stock and unorderable… New inventory may have arrived (or been discovered) because I got an email update saying the order will ship five days faster than originally estimated…

Coupon code 2VPTSDS6 drops the price of this AUKEY Optic iPhone Camera Lens from $13 to $3.50. Better yet, this is not an Add-On item, and it is fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime members can get it in about two days for FREE (or select slow shipping for the $1 digital credit). Non-Prime members have the usual $25+ for free shipping.

NOTE #1: the shipping estimate has now moved to February 17, so it may be getting close to running out. If someone posts it on one of the big shopping/deal websites, it will probably run out very quickly.

NOTE #2: I purchased one since the price is within the blog budget (SAD!), but the deal/coupon will end long before this gets here.

This kit is a 160-degree fisheye and 20X macro. It comes with accessories and a 2-year warranty. It averages 3.7 out of 5 based on 103 customer reviews and it has 17 answered questions.

Even though it is called an “iPhone Camera Lens”, the product description says this is a universal adapter that fits most smartphones, but YMMV if your phone’s camera is shaped in a way that this won’t be able to clip-on successfully. Check pictures, description, reviews, answered questions if you are not certain.

PS: Aukey is sort of a Chinese competitor/clone to/of Anker.

PS2: if you need to get to $25+ or if you are a fan of coffee, at the moment you can get a 12oz of Peets Brazil Minas Naturais (medium roast, ground) for $3.79. Limit up to four per customer. This is an Add-On item, so Prime members too would need a $25+ order.