(ENDED) Affinity Photo for iPad for $10 (limited time)

This limited time sale expired…

To celebrate their “App of the Year” award, Serif Labs is offering for the next forty hours their Affinity Photo iPad app for $10. As iPads grow larger and more powerful, so do their imaging apps. The sale ends on Saturday at 7am ET if my time-math is correct.

This is where getting discounted iTunes gift cards can come in handy. For example, if you get them this week through Plenti at Rite Aid, it’s like getting an additional 20% off discount on the price. This assuming you have no problem spending the Plenti points on items you would buy anyway (eg gas refills at Exxon-Mobil, or every day purchases at Rite Aid). There’s plenty (no pun intended) of time to go to your nearby Rite Aid store and buy the $25 iTunes gift card (if you are doing the Plenti rewards thing, or don’t object starting up).