4TB Seagate Backup Plus External HDD and 200GB Cloud Storage for $110

On the storage front, the 4TB Seagate Backup Plus External USB 3.0 hard disk drive is on sale for $110 with free shipping, in new condition, at Amazon by Amazon itself. Four different colors are available at this price, with a limit five per color per customer. If you like to color code your storage (eg tiers of backups, or importance of data, or color-code quarters or years), the four different colors give you that option. You also get 200GB of cloud storage.

PS: if you buy multiple of the above, I don’t know if there’s a limit of how many 200GB “clouds” you can add to your cloud storage account. Often times, in situations like this, they have limits of one promotional bonus per account, but I have no way of testing this.

Speaking of storage, if you don’t need quick access, the 64GB PNY Attache USB 2.0 Flash Drive (model P-FD64GATT03-GE) goes for $10 (limit ten per customer), while the 128GB version of that goes for $18 (also limit ten per customer).

Speaking of storage, if you want to use memory cards as extra storage for your laptops, this brand new 128GB PNY Ultra Thin Notebook Memory Storage, model P-ULTRA128U1-233W-HT, goes for $35 with a limit of ten per customer.