3 years of BlueHost Plus shared hosting service for $216 [prepaid in advance]

If you are looking for (shared) web hosting service, BlueHost is having a sale, which includes their Plus plan (unlimited websites) for $216 total when you prepay for three years (36 months). This comes out to $6/month but you don’t pay monthly. You prepay for the whole duration ($216 upfront) when you sign up. Once the 3yr promotion ends, you will pay the then-current rate (currently it is $10/month).

They also have the “Starter” plan for $126 total for 36 months (averages to $3.50 monthly) that only allows one website and has more limitations. It allows up to five sub-domains, so if you want to experiment/test things (new themes, new gallery plug-ins, etc) before you put them on the main site, you can use the sub-domains.

TIP: it is a good idea to keep your domain name at a different company from your webhosting company (even though this plan includes one free domain). This gives you more flexibility and choices.

NOTE: in recent months, things have taken an interesting twist in the world of budget web hosting. The Endurance International Group has purchased a lot of separate hosting companies, including Bluehost, Hostgator, Typepad, iPage, Fatcow and many more.