256GB microSDXC cards: Sandisk Ultra for $38, Samsung EVO Select for $40

I’m still not sure what’s the difference between the “Plus” Sandisk memory cards sold at Best Buy [as seen in today’s earlier $45 256GB daily deal, but if you don’t want/need the PLUS, you can get the “regular” 256GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC for $38~ by Amazon itself (up to 4 per customer).

Or if you prefer the way of Samsung, one of their many colors, the 256GB EVO Select (the green/lime) is going for $40 by Amazon itself.

Or if you prefer the 200GB storage option, the Sandisk Ultra goes for just a few pennies under $30 by Amazon itself [limit four per customer], or on the same listing you can jump to the 400GB card for $53.

These days I mostly get Samsung and Sandisk microSD cards. Samsung are the only ones so far that I have had zero problems with. (having said that, I probably jinxed myself and my Samsung card with the higher capacity and zero backups is going to go toast soon LOL]…