25% off Book Pre-Orders w/B&N coupon [limited time]

Against all odds, Barnes and Noble not only survived, but it’s also opening up new stores! The secret? Mayhaps because they let every single store operate locally, instead of having them all be uniform clones! Regardless…

For a limited time only, coupon code PREORDER25 gets you 25% off pre-orders of upcoming books. This is good for Premium and Rewards members! Premium members get an extra 10% off as well (part of their benefits).

PS: if you haven’t kept up with B&N Plans, “Rewards” is a FREE rewards plan that gets you stamps (1 stamp for every $10 in purchases; 10 stamps = $5 reward). “Premium” is a $40 per year Prime-like plan that has additional benefits including a free shipping, free annual tote bag [BAG the BOOK BAGS!], free monthly ebook (from short list of options), 10% off most things B&N, beverage size upgrade, kids benefits, etc, etc, etc.