(ENDED) 24-hour Hostgator Web Hosting sale

This 24 hour promotion ended, but if you missed it, fear not – they return every few months…

The new WordPress reincarnation of our main blog is hosted on Hostgator (Texas based) and said company is having a 24-hour sale on web hosting services. They offer shared web hosting (a starting point for many), along with VPS servers and Dedicated servers, so you have an upgrade path in case your website grows a lot. This 24 hour sale offers 45% off their regular prices and 65% off on six month hosting packages. All non-month-to-month plans have to be paid up-front, so a six month plan may be a low-risk way to try them out without committing too much money.

NOTE: the discount is only for the first invoice, which means, if you sign up for a month to month plan, you only get a discount on the first month. For plans longer than one month, the discount is for the whole time span that you prepay for (6 months or 1 year or 2 years or 3 years). This is what they mean by “first invoice”: a 3-year prepaid plan has only one invoice – the first one. A month-to-month plan has a new invoice every month. After the promotional rate ends (one month up to three years), they revert to their regular prices. No coupon code is needed – the sale price is factored in over there. This offer ends on Wednesday 10/22/14 at 11:59pm CST (Central).