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Thursday: MacBookAir M3, Ring, Woot Mystery Boxes (1pm CT)

Thursday is here and the B&H dailies are the same quartet they had on Tuesday. B&H will reopen on Friday, previously placed orders will begin shipping then, and a new set of daily deals will appear!

1pm CENTRAL = Woot Mystery Boxes
If you enjoy the mystery, the excitement and the …eventual disappointment of MYSTERY BOXES, the Woot website is sale-brating their 20th birthday (they still can’t drink but they write as if they are drunk LOL) with a Mystery Box sale at exactly 1pm central time. The process is explained in the Woot forums.

The items in the box are random, but some of the boxes may contain the Canon D-Rebel T7, iPad (10th generation), PS5 Slim, Acer Chromebook, etc). That’s the mystery of the mystery box 🙂

The sale will happen in a reverse auction style, the price going down until they sell out or the offer ends. I haven’t done these before, so I have no clue what to expect from them. DIY and YMMV 🙂

We forgot about the Amazon Gold Box, lettuce take a look at it. We can see some MacBook Air M3s (plural), Ring doorbells, walking pads (all the rage these days), and various Amazon-branded products.

Street photography is the headliner starting at 12pm ET on Thursday free-streaming at Creative LiVE ON AiRrR with Chase Jarvis and Steve Sweatpants (aka Irby).