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Ends Monday: FREE 5-hour FStoppers Tutorial with NIK Collection 6 purchase

The clock is ticking, this promotion ends on Monday 9/25/23, with purchase of the NIK Collection 6 from the DXO Online Shoppe, you get for FREE a 5-hour in-depth tutorial from The F/Stoppers.

Sunday: Charging Stones, HPRC Hard Case, OWC CFxB, Camera Strap, Etc

The Sunday B&H Photo daily deals run until Monday at 11:59pm ET as B&H is on holiday and will return Tuesday morning!

+ RucPAC Camera Strap (Black) for $20

+ OWC 650GB Atlas Ultra CFexpress Type B Memory Card for $380
+ OR you can buy 38 32GB SD cards 😉

+ Magnus MaxiGrip Flexible Tripod with GoPro Mount for $8

+ HPRC HP4400F Waterproof Hard Case with Foam (Black with Blue Handle) for $144~

+ Denon AVR-S570BT 5.2-Channel A/V Receiver for $269 after in-cart coupon

+ CoreSWX 7.2V L-Series Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for $40

MEANwhile the headliner of the Sunday CreativeLIVE On-AIR is a 9 hour and 17 minute class by Rachel Brenke, “Balancing Work, Family, and Photography”. The list of 23 chapters should give you a good idea of what to expect. Free-streaming starts, as always, at 12pm ET of each day.

IF you are a big fan of BOOST Mobile, they are offering 100% back at checkout towards select iPhone 15 models providing you are willing to commit to the BOOST Infinite plans starting at $60/month. I’m not familiar with this promotion, so be sure to read up on the details if interested.

The “Top Deals” party continues to …continue at the Adorama dailies.

IF you are fond of refurbished charging, the Sunday Meh daily deal are refurbished Einova Charging Stones for $25 plus shipping, with a 90-day MEH warranty. Two options are available, either two singles or one dual package.

Photo flex RapiDome, SmallRIG Matte Box, Etc

As always on Fridays, the B&H Photo daily deals will run until Saturday at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out), with the customary Sabbath (Fri PM to Sat PM) closing. Additionally B&H will be holiday-closed from Sun PM until Tuesday morning, so plan your orders accordingly.

+ PhotoFLEX RapiDome with Grid Kit for $70

+ SmallRIG Mini Matte Box for $59

+ Benro ArcaSmart Smartphone/Tablet Tripod Holder/Stand for $22

+ SYRP Genie Micro for $30

+ flash deal: SIRUI HC-50 Electronic Humidity Control Cabinet for $135 after $15 mail-in rebate

Friday: MEH-rathon, Pho Fundamentals

Friday is here and we have an end of summer MEH-rathon (aka Woot-OFF) at the Meh website. Unlike Woot-OFFs, during MEH-rathons, you can purchase any of the previously posted deals during the day’s MEH-rathon – as long as they remain in-stock of course.

It’s back to basics at the Friday 9/22/23 Creative LIVE On-AiR free-streaming schedule. No, not Pho as in edible Pho, but Photography Fundamentals, an 86 minute class with John Greengo. The class will repeat multiple times throughout the streaming day [starts 12pm ET every day] as its runtime is about 1.5 hours.

Thursday: Light & Modifiers FREE-to-watch Class, Sachtler Etc

There’s no photography without light, and understanding light is key to photography! Which brings us to the headliner free-streaming class at creativeLIVE ON-AiR starting Thursday at 12pm ET, it is the 6 hour and 22 minute class “Understanding Light & Light Modifiers” with Mark Wallace. Given the runtime, it will air three times in full during the free-streaming window.

Adorama continues to run Top Deals mode at their daily deals, while Pepsi fans may be thrilled by Amazon because they have a Pepsi Promotion, spend $60+ on select products and get a $15 Amazon credit towards future purchases. Participating products include Pepsi, Gatorate, Lay’s, Quaker, Tostitos, Miss Vickie, Jacks, Doritos, SodaStream, etc. Everything you need for a quick transition to The Metabolic Syndrome 🙂

Yesterday it was lens day, today is a rather quiet day at the B&H Photo daily deals:

+ Sachtler Ace M Fluid Head with 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod & Mid-Level Spreader for $499

+ Roland mixer, Anton Bauer battery thing, Wall Mounts, Rotary Trimmer, case for a specific video camera (PXW-FX6)

Preorder the new irresistible Nikon Zf for $2000

Trigger warning: if you like sexy old-school style digital cameras, stop reading this as you may fall into a $2000 temptation 😉

Available for pre-ordering right now is the new Nikon Z f (Zf is a less goofy spelling in my opinion) mirrorless camera that wants to empty all your wallets! It is available for pre-ordering for $2000 as body only, or $2600 with the 24-70mm f4 lens or $2237 with the 40mm f2 lens.

Yes, slowly but steadily Nikon wants you to re-buy everything twice, in FX and DX, but in mirrorless this time 🙂

Pre-orders are accepted right now at B&H Photo and Adorama where you can optionally add the Nikon FTZ II adapter for +$150 as a bundle option.

Already plenty of reviewalia on the interwebs and also on the YouTube. YouTube-embedding below Kai W’s take. Let’s get him to 1 million subscribers! Trigger warning for US audiences, he says “Nikkkkon” and Zed 😉

Wedn: Uber Power Bank, Tenba, Sachtler, Browning, Nanuk, Etc

Do you find most of the power banks out there weak and powerless? Well, fear not because the Wednesday 9/20/23 MEH daily deal comes to the rescue with the Puleida 600W/518Wh Portable Power Station offered for $150 plus S&H [free for paying MEH-members]. It comes with a 90-day MEH warranty. It has various options including USB-A, USB-C, PD, AC, DC, but not AC/DC 😉 It weighs 10.4 pounds so you can incorporate it in your workouts as well OR use it as a doorstop or paperweight 😉

The CreativeLIVE ON-AIR free-streaming headliner starting on Wedn 12pm ET has us all confused about day and night 😉 IT is a 65 minute class, “Mobile Photography: Day for Night Effect” with Lisa Carney, and it will repeat multiple times throughout the day!

THEN OFF WE GO to the B&H Photo daily deals good until Wedn at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ TenBA Tools Packlite Travel Bag for BYOB 13 (Black) for $18
+ the BYOB 13 is NOT included
+ the specs say it can hold a DSLR with a 70-200/2.8 lens

+ Sachtler aktiv14T Touch & Go Fluid Head with SpeedLevel & 7-Step Drag (100mm) for $3599
+ PRO TIP: your friend’s back is FREE, but mayhaps slightly less stable than this 😉

+ InoVatiV Pro Monitor Mount for $169

+ GVM Teleprompter Travel Kit with 18.5″ Android All-in-One Monitor and Flight Case for $599
+ Portlandia advised “put a bird on it and call it art”, tech companies are doing the “put Android in it and call it smart” 😉

+ Nanuk 915 Hard Utility Cases with Foam or Dividers (4 options), further discounted in-cart

+ Browning BTC-5HD-APX-20C Strike Force Apex HD Trail Camera (20MP) for $80

The headliner Woot main sale is older iPhones and iWatches, while Woot Sellout is actually featuring a Woot Plus offer that runs until 9/27/23 [or earlier if sold out], and you know what it is [if I’m mentioning it], a BAG the BAGS! It’s the new condition Hikeback Lightweight Packable Backpack- 24L going for $15. Available in four color schemes, so it’s great for color-organizing or person-organizing. It also self-folds into a tight drawstring bag type thing for transportation. Shipping is FREE for Prime members. Comes with a 90-day Woot warranty. It uses “30D nylon”. Because 3D is so last year 😉

SPEAKING of B&H, their next planned holiday closing is Sunday 24 and Monday 25 and will reopen on Tuesday 26. With the usual Sabbath closing Friday PM to Saturday PM, it may be a good idea to place your orders right now if you have a time-sensitive order!

UPDATE: I didn’t want to create a separate post for just this thing, so I’m appending it here. Yes, on this blog, you also get the editing history of posts and you don’t have to be a Platinum member 😉

A limited “daily deal” type of thing at the Monoprice website is the new condition Monoprice USB-C Charger, 100W 1-port PD, GaN Technology, Foldable Wall Plug, going for $22 with free standard US shipping. Averages 4.8 out of 5 based on 11 customer reviews…

Tue: Sigma12-24mm f4 DG HSM Art for $849 [C/N], Etc

Hooray-Hooray, it’s a LENS DAY at the B&H Photo dailies good until 9/19/23 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ Sigma 12-24mm f/4 DG HSM Art for $849 in Canon EF or Nikon F

+ PortaBRACE CAR-3CAM Cargo Case Camera Edition (Black) for $165~
+ bag the bags, case the cases!

+ Benro A2883F Reverse-Folding Aluminum Travel Tripod with S4Pro Fluid Video Head for $190

+ Joby GripTight GorillaPod Action Stand with Mount for Smartphones Kit for $17

+ SmallRIG V-Mount Battery Adapter Plates, two options, $74 or $84

+ Samsung Q Series HW-Q60C 340W 3.1-Channel Dolby Atmos Soundbar System for $298 after in-cart coupon

MEANwhile the Adorama dailies continue to run Top Deals mode with a variety of variety, while the headliner free-streaming class (starts 12pm ET every day) at CreativeLIVE On-AiR is “Strategies to Grow Your Photo Business” with Tomayia Colvin, 77 minutes, so it will repeat multiple times during the free-streaming window.

Monday: Obsbot, Robus, SpyderX PRO, CaseLogic Backpack, Rotolight NEO 3 Starter Bundle, Etc

Running until Monday 9/18/23 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out are the following B&H Photo daily deals:

+ CaseLOGIC Viso Camera Backpack (Medium) with FREE Case Logic Saigon Neck Strap for DSLR Cameras (Indigo) for $60

+ RotoLIGHT NEO 3 On-Camera RGBWW LED Light Starter Bundle for $349

+ DataCOLOR SpyderX Pro Colorimeter for $100

+ ROBUS RCM-633 6-Section Carbon Fiber Monopod, 65″ for $90

+ OBSbot Meet HD Webcam for $69

+ GATOR 52″ Utility Cart Standard for $170
+ that’s inches of course; imagine if it was 52 feet!

MEANwhile Adorama continues to run in Top Deals Mode while the Monday Meh daily deal is a 2-pack of TravelSmart by Conair All-in-One Adapter with USB for $20 plus shipping.

ON the .edu front, the CreativeLIVE ON-AIR front, the headliner free-streamer that started on Monday at 12pm ET is “Lifestyle Newborn Photography – In the Home” with Emily Lucazs, runtime 9 hours and 45 minutes, so it will air twice in full during the free-streaming window.

The “invite-only” deals for Prime members are back at the Amazon USA Gold Box. Me personally I find these type of attempts to generate deal-engagement a little bit 2010s, not 2020s 🙂

NO invites and NO prime memberships are needed for another Kindle-crashing sale, this time the Kindle eBook sale has 485 options!

Also open to all is another iteration of the ANKER charging sale, this time with 13 options of the wall and portable charging and of course cables.

Speaking of cables, I would do not want to be Lightning cable seller right now! OUCH!

Sunday: Etc

It just dawned on me, when we say “baby photography” do we mean teach the baby about photography, or photographing the baby, or both?

Which brings us to the headliner Creative LIVE ON-AIR free-to-watch class, starting on Sunday at 12pm ET, “Baby Plans: Photographing the Early Years” with Julia Kelleher, with a runtime of 14 hours and 19 minutes, so it will only stream once during the free-streaming window.

More name-brand products have been added to the rotation at the Adorama Top Deals, while the B&H dailies, because of a holiday, remain the same.

AND IF YOU want to crash your Kindle, Sunday usually has more ebooks on offer at Amazon, the Sunday sale includes Andy Weir (of Matt Damon’s potato fame), Blake Crouch, Hyperion and other scifi classics, Alice Walker, Strange and Norrrelll, James Herrriottt, Joan Didion, U. Eco, Carl Sagan, and lots more!

Saturday: 2pk Bell & Howell Triple-Panel LED Light for $25 + S&H

The Saturday 9/16/23 MEH daily deal is a 2-pack of Bell + Howell TriBurst Pro Triple-Panel LED Light going for $25 plus shipping [free for paying MEH-mbers]. And they screw in a standard socket! Brightness is 5500 lumen(s).

They sell for twice as much at Amazon where they average 4.5 out of 5 on 9300+ customer ratings.

NEXT UP, at the Adorama Top Deals, among the headliners it’s a 3Pod 2-in-1 Arca Swiss Quick Release Plate going for $15.

ON THE e-Learning front, starting on Saturday at 12pm ET, at the Creative LIVE ON-AiR there’s the almost 7 hour long “Lifestyle Family Photography” with Emily Lucarz.

DUE TO a holiday closing, the previously mentioned B&H dailies run until Sunday at 11:59pm ET.

AND IF YOU want to crash your Kindle e-reader, over 2000 ebooks are participating in the Monthly Kindle Deals

ON THE FREEBIE front, if you are participating in the Lucky’s rewards program (SaveMart, etc), there are two FREEBIEs this weekend, 5 fl oz of Perrona Hot Sauce (various options), and 23.9oz Core Hydration thiing.

Nintendo Switch OLED model for $290 [limit 2]

Gaming alert! The Nintendo Switch OLED model is on sale for a limited time and in limited quantities as a doorbuster of sorts at the Monoprice for $290 with free standard US shipping in the White Joy-Con color scheme and the Red Neon-Blue color scheme. Limit two per color per customer. Not sure if the limit two applies to all colors or per color.

Speaking of Monoprice, they are running a MEGA SALE that includes a variety of cables as usual, but also if you scoot down to the “Outdoor” section, they have plenty of weatherproof customizable-foam hard cases (12 options) that could be repurposed for camera gear and technology.

AND if you are curious about what the stork brought in recently, they have a page that shows the newest arrivals at the Monoprice website.

AND if you want to buy general-use things to give as pick-me-up gifts and such, you can get this earphone with remote and microphone for just $0.99. No coupon needed. You can buy as many as you want. Averages 4.4 out of 5 on 230+ customer reviews. Free S&H if the order total is $39+.

Who said having 39 grandkids is expensive? 🙂

Shimoda Explore 60, LitePanels Brick BiC OnC LED, Benro, 2pk speaker bags

Holiday-closing at B&H, which means the latest B&H Photo daily deals run until Sunday at 11:59pm ET, so you have 72 hours to decide if you want them or not!

+ Shimoda Explore 60 Backpack (Blue Nights) for $120

+ 2-pack of Gator Universal Speaker Tote Bag Kit for 8″ Speakers for $80
+ that’s $40 per bag!
+ it doesn’t have pictures of inside the bag, but imagine the size of an 8″ speaker if you want to repurpose these for camera gear
+ also of interest if you literally “bag the bag” for extra protection
+ yes, bag inception is a thing!

+ a rare occasion indeed, TWO different bag options in the daily deals!

+ LitePanels Brick Bi-Color On-Camera LED Light for $289~
+ because [all together now] we can’t have photo-graphy with-out light!

+ Benro ArcaSmart Sidearm Camera Tripod Mount & Smartphone Clamp for $25

ON THE free-streaming CretiveLIVE ON-AiR, the Friday headliner is a 103-minute class by Jared Platt, “Editing and Retouching in Lightroom Mobile”.

Thursday: Nanuk Case, Oben CF Tripod, SmallRiG wireless lens control, Etc

LAST CALL! Today’s the last day for the B&H BiLD Expo Specials. Also of note, B&H will be holiday-closing on Friday at 1pm ET and re-opening Monday. So be sure to plan your orders accordingly!

MEANwhile the Thursday 9/14/23 B&H Photo daily deals consist of this four-pack:

+ SmallRIG wireless lens control accessories, three options, $49 to $119

+ NaNuk 933 Case with Dividers and Lid Organizer (Black) for $200 after in-cart coupon

+ Oben CFT-6194L Skysill 4-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod with 90° Lateral Center Column for $150

+ Polsen RM-800 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Mic for $80

Flashpoint flashes continue to lead the way at the new-normal at the ADorama Daily Deals aka Top Deals.

A 65-inch Omni series Fire TV and NFL-licensed products are the current headliners of the Amazon Gold Box, along with a Kindle-crashing sale of 2000+ eBooks.

AND ON THE Creative LIVE ON-AiR front, the free-streaming classes starting at 12pm eastern include “Social Media for Food Photography” (Andrew SCrivani, 62 min) and “Morning Yoga kickstart” (152 min).

Wednesday: Roto Power, Magnus Tiny, Doctor Bag, open-box Zeiss Binos, Fearless Flyer, Etc

Zee clock iz ticking, the B&H BiLD Expo specials expire on 9/14/23!

MEanwhile we have a fresh 4-pack of “regular” B&H Photo dailies good until 9/13/23 at 11:59pm ET:

+ Rotolight NEO 3 Dual Charger and Batteries Bundle for $100
+ only charger and batteries, NO lights and such!

+ Sachtler Dr. Bag 1 for $116~
+ you can also use it as a doctor bag for your studio, and stock photo, and …late-night adventures 😉

+ Magnus TinyGrip Flexible Tripod (Black) for $7

+ open-box Zeiss 10×25 Terra TL Compact Binoculars (Night Blue/Black) for $220

The FLASHPOINT on-camera flashes and transmitters continue to lead the way in the Adorama Top Deals.

ON the FREE-to-WATCH front, the headliner of the Wednesday Creative LIVE On-AIR classes starting at 12pm ET is “Photoshop iPad for Beginners” with Jesus Ramirez, 74 minutes long, so it will repeat multiple times during the streaming day.

ALMOST forgot the most important thing of all, we have an …in-stock alert, the Fall 2023 Trader Joe Fearless Flyer. Yes, it’s a feast of pumpkin and cider!

Tuesday: FREE 8×10″ with Walgreens Photo coupon

Good until 9/12/23 at 11:59pm central time, Walgreens Photo is offering a 8×10 inch photo print for FREE using coupon code ITS-FREE entered over there! One per customer.

In other coupon action, coupon code CANFRAME gets you 60% off on Canvas and Custom Framed Prints. This coupon expires 9/16/23 at 11:59pm central time. Valid for up to five separate uses.

Terms, conditions, restrictions, etc, etc, as usual, apply…

Starts Tue 1pm ET: Live-Tweeting The Apple Event!

If you enjoy the live-announcements of the latest flagship Apple products, Apple will be having another such extravaganza starting at 1pm eastern today, Tuesday 9/12/23, and live-streaming on the interwebs. As before, I will be live-tweeting it in our usual MST/snarky fashion. Thanks to recent Twitter disasters changes, you may need to login in order to view the tweets.

Starts Tue 12pm ET (FREE to Watch): Lighting 301 class

Another long class is coming at the Creative LIVE ON-AIR free-streaming, starting at 12pm eastern on Tueday 9/12/23, you can watch the 8-hour and 22-minute class with Pye Jirsa and the SLR Lounge Experience “Lighting 301”. The Class Introduction is FREE to watch (aka “the Kindle sample”). The titles of the 26 lessons can also be a good indicator of the types of things that will get covered.

Tuesday: Benro Tripod, AB 14.4V, Server Racks, Etc

Good news for procrastinators, the BILD Expo Specials have been extended by one day to 9/14/23!

MEANwhile there is a new 4-pack at the B&H daily deals good until 9/12/23 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ Benro A474T Aluminum Video Tripod (100mm Bowl) for $210

+ Anton Bauer Titon SL 150 143Wh 14.4V Battery (V-Mount) for $340~

+ AURAY SVRK Series Deep Server Rack, four options, $95 to $125

+ KaiSer Repro Kid Copy Stand for $99

NOTE that there’s an upcoming holiday closure at B&H, from FRiday 9/15 at 1pm ET until Monday 9/18, so be sure to organize your orders accordingly.

Flashpoint Flashes and Transmitters sale

The current headliner of the Adorama Top Deals Daily Deals is a sale on Flashpoint on-camera flashes and Transmitters. V1 of the flashes goes for $199 in five options (Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony, Panasonic). Also on sale are Flashpoint Transmitters for said systems for $45 each.

Elsewhere at Amazon, they have the new condition Samsung Galaxy TAB S6 Lite tablet for $309 (S-Pen included, 2020 US model, 10.4″, 128GB storage).

And for fans of Dell Windows laptops, the new condition Dell XPS 13 9310 goes for $959~. This is:

+ 13.4-inch OLED 3.5K (3456×2160) Touchscreen
+ Intel Core i7-1195G7
+ 16GB LPDDR4x RAM, 512G SSD
+ Iris Xe Graphics
+ 1-Year Premium Support
+ Windows 11 Home
+ Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 (2 x 2) and Bluetooth 5.1
+ two Thunderbolt 4 ports

FREE 5-hour FStoppers Tutorial with NIK Collection 6 purchase

Good until 9/25/23, with purchase of the NIK Collection 6 from the DXO Online Shoppe, you get for FREE a 5-hour in-depth tutorial from The F/Stoppers. This is included auto-magically, no coupon code needed.

Because DRM-loving Adobe is-not/should-not-be the center of the digital imaging universe.

Speaking of bad tech practices, Google did a really nasty sneaky thing, they are adding / have-added an ad tracking system in the Chrome browser and they are calling it a Privacy feature. This on desktop and mobile versions of Chrome. Two of the three “features” are automatically turned ON! Then the tech companies complain when they get fined billions 🙂

A great write-up on this by (who else?) Ron Amadeo at Ars Technica, one of the last few remaining tech sites that are not just press release rewrites 🙂

Starts Monday 12pm ET (FREE to Watch): “Creating a Fine Art Series” with Brooke Shaden

Mark your calendars. There are two potentially-interesting marathon classes at Creative LIVE ON-AiR with the free streams starting on Monday 9/11/23 at 12pm eastern time:

+ 8 hours and 37 minutes “Creating a Fine Art Series with photographer Brooke Shaden
+ it has 70 chapters which can give you a pretty pretty good idea on what will get covered in the class

+ 13 hour and 48 minutes “Become Fluent in Any Language” with opera singer (!!!) Gabriel Wyner
+ the first two lessons are “Kindle samples” so you can watch them ahead of time to see if it’s something you’d be interested in watching
+ CAUTION: side-effects of the class may include spontaneously speaking in tongues 😉

Monday: Camera Cages (4o), 16.2″ MBP (M1 Max), Delkin CFxB, Manfrotto Drag, Etc

The clock is ticking, the B&H BiLD Show Specials expire on 9/13/23!

Monday is here and the French must love Mondays because they keep saying MonDieu MonDieu MonDieu!

If your camera is misbehaving, you can put it in a cage to learn its lesson! In today’s fresh six-pack of B&H Photo daily deals good until 9/11/23 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ SmallRIG Camera Cages, four options, $26 to $70
+ for Fuji X-T5, Canon R5/R6, Sony a7S III (two options)

+ Manfrotto MVH500A Fluid Drag Video Head with MVT502AM Tripod and Carry Bag for $300 after in-cart coupon

+ FeelWorld FW568 V2 5.5″ IPS 500 cd/m² On-Camera Monitor for $100
+ after all, you can buy a smartphone with this type of a screen for about the same price 😉

+ Delkin 325GB BLACK CFexpress Type B Memory Card for $200

+ basic wired Sony headphones for $20

+ 16.2″ MacBook Pro for $2799
+ M1 Max 10-Core Chip (Late 2021, Space Gray)
+ 32-Core GPU | 16-Core Neural Engine
+ 64GB Unified RAM, 2TB SSD
+ 16.2″ 3456×2234 Liquid Retina XDR

CAUTION: WordPress seems to have activated some form of auto-carrot auto-correct in their editor, so some unexpected spellings of camera gear names and terms may appear 😉

Sunday: Manfrotto Backpack, Oben BH, 75″ HDR, Etc

The BILD Expo Specials at B&H now have an expiration date, 9/13/23 or earlier for any that may sell out ahead of time!

NOW to the regularly scheduled B&H Photo daily deals good until 9/10/23 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ Manfrotto Manhattan Mover-30 Backpack (Gray) for $114

+ OBEN BC-126 Ball Head for $80

+ Apelex 200x Mobile LED Microscope Lens (Black) for $30
+ just don’t do any critical medical research with it 😉

+ Samsung Q60C 75″ 4K HDR Smart QLED TV for $1098 after coupon

MEANwhile the Adorama dailies continue to run in “Top Deals” mode with a newly-released GVM pro light getting added.

FINALLY at the CreativeLIVE ON-AiR, the headliner is the 10 hour and 21 minute class by the Kudishes, “The Wedding Story: Capture Creative and Authentic Photos”.

Me personally I would invest in a hot new trend, “Divorce Photography” 🙂

Starts Sat 12pm ET (FREE to Watch): 17-hour Modern Women’s Portraiture Class

And on the FREE-to-Watch front, the Saturday headliner at the Creative LIVE On-AIR is a marathon super-class of 17 hours, “Modern Women’s Portraiture headlined by Sue Bryce!

Due to its length, this will only stream once, starting at 12pm eastern on 9/9/23!

As usual with CreativeLIVE, the free-to-stream classes are also put on sale ~ in case you like them, you can purchase them and watch them later as many times as you want. In this particular case, the sale price is $49. That’s just $2.88 per hour 🙂

Saturday: Bag the …Batteries Bags for $15 + S&H

We have a very special Bag the Bags for you for Saturday 9/9/23, mayhaps the first time ever mentioned on this blog, it’s battery bags! That’s right. The Saturday Meh daily deal are bags that hold AA and AAA and B and C and CR2023 batteries! There are two sizes in the bundle and you get BOTH for $15 plus shipping (free for paying Meh-Meh-Meh-members). The bundle also includes two battery testers and two mini screwdrivers!

The battery testers can be quite handy because batteries that may appear dead in high-drain devices actually have enough juice in them to be used in low-drain devices like remote controls and such.

The kits are available in three color schemes from the fashionable “leopard” to the more subdued black and slate gray options.

At Adorama, they continue to be in Top Deals mode with a PTZ camera [I think that’s the correct name] headlining the action.

Fire TV devices, Samsung S22 flagships, Sony electronics and more can be found at the Amazon USA Gold Box.

Friday: iPad PRO (2021, new condition) for $660+

In new condition, and with a 1-year Apple warranty, we find the headliner Woot deal of the day for Friday September 8 in 2023! It is a new condition 2021 iPad PRO sale including both the 11″ and 12.9″ models!

The 11″ Wifi-only starts at $660 and goes up to $850, while the “with cellular” option ranges from $770 to $920. They come with a case.

The 12.9″ Wifi-only starts at $860 and goes up to $950, while the “with cellular” option ranges from $980 to $1020.

Or you can buy twenty 7-inch budget Android tablets 😉

MEANwhile the headliner Creative LIVE ON-AIR class for Friday is a “Fast Class”, a condensed version of a class in about 60 minutes. The topic is “Minimalist Photography” with Canadian Curtis Jones.

Refurb Nikon 10×25 binos for $45, Nanuk 918 kit for $150 AC, Etc

The B&H 50-Year BILD party is over but you can (re)watch it at any time at the B&H YouTube channel. The link is to their “Live” tab. Recently YouTube changed their layout and the “Live” videos don’t show up under “Videos”, which is extra work for the viewers because you have to check at two places for new videos (unless you are signed up for Notifications and those are notoriously not reliable). Anyway, back on-topic!

The BILD event may be over, but as of the time of writing the BILD Expo Special Offers continue! I do not know when they will expire, mayhaps when the link stops working 🙂

Back to the daily grind, it is Friday today and as usual the B&H daily deals run until Saturday at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ refurb Nikon 10×25 Aculon A30 Binoculars (black, Nikon USA refurbished) for $45

+ Nanuk 918 Waterproof Carry-On Hard Case with Lid Organizer (Black) for $150 after coupon

+ Sachtler Heavy Duty Harness for $100~

+ headphone hanger for $5

BILD Expo Day #2 Streams LIVE on Thursday at 9am ET

Today is Day #2 of the “BILD Expo”, the 50 year B&H Photo Anniversary, and you can watch the Main Stage streaming LIVE at the B&H YouTube channel starting at 9am eastern time. The live stream of the day #2 main stage is also YouTube-embedded below for your convenience. Day #1 (and Day #2 in the future) can be (re)watched at the aforelinked B&H YouTube channel.

And as always, a celebration goes hand in hand with a sale-a-bration as we mentioned earlier. There are plenty of BILD show specials but that’s not all. The B&H daily deals have transformed into a Super Sized Deal Zone with 280+ products instead of the usual 4-8 per day! Including three name-brand lenses

FREE to Watch (starts Thur 12pm ET): 14-hour Food Photography Class

If your interests intersect at food x photography, you are in luck, because the headliner class at the Crative LIVE On-AIR, starting at 12pm ET on Thursday September 7 in 2023 is the “Food Photography” class with Andrew Scrivani with a total runtime of 13 hours and 44 minutes, which means it will only free-stream once in full length since the free-streaming window is 24 hours. So set your alarm clocks and reminders!

Chapter #7 of the class is already free to watch, think of it as the “Kindle sample” equivalent, if you want to see whether the instructor’s style and presentation and such are a good match for you!