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Wedn: Apple TV HD (32GB) for $75, Rokinon XEEN 24/T1.5 Cine for $1499 [C/E], Etc

Lensaholic fans, it’s your lucky day! There’s a lens at the Wednesday 7/19/23 Adorama daily deals as well!

+ Rokinon XEEN 24mm T1.5 PRO Cine lens for $1499 in Canon EF or Sony E, and $1599 in PL-mount

+ ASUS ROG Strix XG249CM for $230
+ 23.8″ 16:9 Full HD 270Hz HDR10 IPS LED Gaming Monitor

+ Apple TV HD, 32GB for $75

MEANwhile there’s a kitchen-y theme at the Amazon USA Gold Box as they have group sales of Instant Pot products, and De-Longhi products and Ninjas and Breville barista.

Wednesday: Tamron 35/1.8 SP Di VC USD for $399 [N], IDX, AAXA pico, SliK tripod, Etc

Yes dear readers, we have a proper lens day with a proper canon (the word, not the brand name) lens, not a baby of a lens! Good until Wednesday 7/19/23 at 11:59pm ET, or earlier if sold out, we can haz these B&H Photo daily deals:

+ Tamron 35mm f1.8 Di VC USD SP for $399 in Nikon F only
+ there is no Canon EF listing, neither at B&H nor at Adorama
+ mayhaps that’s why the used Canon prices are higher than the Nikon at KEH Cameras

+ SLIK Pro CF-734 Tripod (Black) for $170
+ thank the seven no more mail-in rebates 🙂
+ because some of us can’t resist the temptation of a $5 mail-in rebate and then suffer the logistical consequences of mail-in rebates 🙂

+ AAXA P7+ 550-Lumen Full HD LED Smart Pico Projector for $290

+ PortaBRACE Sandbag Transporter (Black) for $74
+ BAG the …SAND? 🙂

+ Inovativ Voyager 30 EVO Equipment Cart with X-Top Keyboard Shelf for $2699
+ testimonial: I use this to carry my Olympus Camedia C-100 digital camera with its 8MB Smartmedia card 😉

+ IDX 2 x DUO-C98P V-Mount Batteries & VL-2X 2-Channel Charger/Power Supply Kit for $497

Walgreens Photo coupons: 50% off Everything Photo, 60% Metal and TilePix, FREE two 5×7″

The saying goes, “if it’s free, I’ll take three” but in this case, you will take two 🙂

Good until 7/18/23 at 11:59pm central, Walgreens Photo is offering two 5×7-inch prints for FREE using coupon code 5X7FREE at Walgreens Photo.

The coupons below have a different expiration date, they are good until 7/22/23 at 11:59pm ET central:

+ coupon 60-DECOR is 60% off Metal Panels and TilePix

+ coupon 50MORE is 50% off Everything Photo

Tuesday: Zhiyun, Manfrotto, PlatyPod, FeelWorld, SYRP, Etc

Never fear, Tuesday is here to wash away the Monday blues! We start with a fresh six-pack of B&H Photo daily deals good until 7/18/23 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out. And please don’t forget to properly hydrate with proper beverages!

+ SYRP Genie Micro for $30

+ PlatyPod Platyball Elite Ball Head for $249
+ could also serve as a prop in scifi movies!

+ Manfrotto Blue Chroma Key FX Portable Background Kit (13.1 x 9.5′)
for $300

+ FeelWorld 10.1″ 4K HDMI Field Monitor for $219

+ Zhiyun FIVERAY F100 LED Light Stick for $145
+ with power adapter for $169

+ Oyen HDX Pro C USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 Hard Drive Enclosure (No HDD) for $90

MEANwhile the Meh daily deal is of interest to nature and extreme photographers but also studio photographers with rather wild and out of control subjects! A 2-Pack of Surviveware Survival IFAK Trauma & First Aid Kits. And the survival kits are inside red bags, so it’s another opportunity to BAG the BAGS 🙂

ONE ITEM and it’s audio-related at the Adorama daily deal(s), it is the Turnstile TAC1100 Multi-Pattern Condenser Mic going for $99…

Monday: GVM, NANlite, SmallRiG, Lensbaby Obscura 50 [9o], Etc

Yes, Monday is here and it is indeed a LENZ DAYE (I’m alt-spelling both words to make sure the Grammar and Typos Police understands it is an intentional typo) at the B&H Photo daily deals good until 7/17/23 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out 🙂

+ GVM 7S RGB LED On-Camera Video Light with Wi-Fi Control for $25

+ Lensbaby Obscura 50 with Fixed Body for $100 in 9 options
+ DSLR: Canon EF, Nikon F, Pentax K
+ MirrorNYET: Sony E, Fuji X, Canon RF, Nikon Z, M43, Leica L

+ NanLite PavoTube 15C RGB LED Tube Light (2′, 2-Light Kit) for $189

+ SmallRIG VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery (99Wh) for $159

+ Gator 52″ Utility Cart Standard for $170

+ aLogic 20W Mini USB-C Wall Charger for $10

MEANwhile at the Adorama dailies we have a Sennheiser bluetooth headphone and Anton Bauer Titon SL 90 V-Mount Battery for $273~.

THEN at the Amazon Gold Box we find a sale on budget cables by JSAUX, there’s two pages of offerings. There’s USB-C, HDMI, audio, video, converted, Steam accessories and such.

Among the 110+ Kindle e-book daily deals for Monday there’s a Dummies ebook of canonical interest, the “Filmmaking For Dummies” for $3 by Bryan Michael Stoller, November 2019, Wiley, 421 pages, and it averages 4.6 out of 5 on 216 customer ratings as of the time of writing of this very post. On Goodreads, it averages 3.8 out of 5 on 198 ratings.

Sunday: Sirui 75mm f1.8 1.33x anamorphic lens for $329+ [m43/X/Z/EF-M]

Hooray-Hooray, it’s a LENZ DAYE at the Adorama daily deal, good until 7/16/23 at 11:59pm pacific or earlier if sold out:

+ Sirui 75mm f1.8 1.33x anamorphic lens for $329 in M43rds, $339 in Fuji X or Nikon Z, and $349 in Canon EF-M
+ not participating in the sale: Sony E, Canon RF, Leica L

Around the Interwebs
We start with a FREEBIE, if you are a member of the Lucky’s supermarket rewards program, this weekend you can score a FREE 16oz A-Game sports drink of sorts.

If you are a fan of the REI stores, good until 7/24/23 they are having a handpicked REI Outlet sale with 423 products participating as of the time of writing.

If you are fond of the Ninja kitchen gear, there’s such a sale at Amazon headlined by the Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill and Air Fryer for $130.

If you enjoy e-book e-reading, there’s over 110 e-book in the Sunday Kindle daily deals

And we close with something even more off-topic: I just can’t believe that the only email sitting in my spam folder comes from one of the biggest and oldest and most …respected spammers of the interwebs, IEEE 🙂 Yes, the concentric ironies of that!

Sunday: 256GB Stick, FLiR Mono, Lexar CF Typ B, Etc

Sunday is here and The Sun is making its presence felt all around the world!

We have a fresh six-pack of B&H Photo daily deals good until Sunday 7/16/23 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ 256GB Kingston DataTraveler Exodia Onyx Thumb Drive for $140
+ USB-A 3.2 G1
+ Moving Protective Cap Integrated Key Loop
+ stylish onyx-black looks!

+ FLiR Thermal monoculars, $1300 to $1700
+ yes, you too can see the secret UFOs flying above our friendly skies!

+ 128GB LEXAR Professional CFexpress Type B Card SILVER Series for $80

+ TriGYN NANO-Lite Pocket Bicolor LED Light Smartphone Kit for $58
+ because you can’t resist stocking up on all kinds of accessories? 🙂

+ PeerLess PJF2-UNV Universal Projector Mount for $70

+ TetherPro Micro-HDMI to HDMI Cable (10′) for $12

SmallRig fluid head, Bushnell Binos, Raya LED, Etc

And just like that, the Prime party is over and FRIDAY is back again! And as usual, the B&H Photo dailies run until Saturday at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ SmallRIG DH-01 Fluid Head for $59

+ BushNell 10×42 Trophy XLT Binocular (Green) for $70

+ Raya 60W LED Daylight Studio Bulb for $24

+ PortaBRACE Padded Nylon Pouch for PTZ Camera for $29
+ buy the camera, just so you can BAG its custom BAG!

+ Kensington StudioDock iPad Docking Station for $100
+ more expensive than half the Android tablets 😉

+ IPEVO TOTEM 120 Conference Camera for $149
+ yes, conference call photography is all the rage now that everyone’s gotten tired of light painting 😉

+ flash deal: Xcellon CR-X10 XQD 2.0 Card Reader for $35

Adorama: FREE 2-day shipping on $50+ (xp 7/14/23 at 2pm ET)

Now that the Prime Dayz e-dust has e-settled, Adorama decide to bring back the focus on its FREE 2-DAY shipping promotion on orders of $49.99+ and extend it until 7/14/23 at 2pm eastern.

Thursday: PROGRADE CFExpress, Pixel 7 & 7a

Thurs-day is PRO-Grade day at the Adorama daily deals:

+ 160GB Prograde CFexpress Type-A 2.0 for $249

+ 2pk of 325GB Prograde CFexpress Type-B 2.0 for $540

MEANwhile the headliner of the post-Prime-Dayz Amazon Gold Box is a Kindle ebook sale with nearly 200 options, because Amazon wants you to start e-filling-up your new Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets 🙂

Of Google Pixel interest, the Pixel 7a goes for $450, while the Pixel 7 goes for $500 (128GB) or $600 (256GB). These are for all shoppers, not Prime-exclusive.

The Pixels are eligible for Amazon’s optional Trade-In promotion that can get you up to $400 in Amazon gift card credit, depending the old device you are trading in, its condition and things like that.

Thursday: Hiking Photo Backpack, Product Photography Kit, iHome Smart Light Bulbs, Etc

And just like that, the Prime Dayz of 2023 [CORRECTED, I still live in 2013 apparently] are over, and we are back to the daily grind with a fresh set of B&H Photo daily deals running until 7/13/23 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ Ruggard FotoTrek PKR-723BL Hiking Photo Backpack (Blue) for $50
+ Bag the Blue Bag!

+ Studio Essentials Product Photography Kit with 2 Fluorescent Lights & 2 Magnetic Tables for $44

+ Inovativ Pro Monitor Mount for $169

+ also Roland video thing, Vertiv UPS thing and Hollyland intercom thing

MEANwhile light arrives at the MEH daily deal, a 4-pack of iHome Smart Dimmable Lighting can be had for $20 plus shipping. Five different type of light bulbs are participating in the sale. Note that these smartypants light bulbs only work with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi net-works, and they use the Geeni app!

PS: the next Samsung Unpacked event has been scheduled for July 26 (2023), and other things equal we will be live-tweeting it, assuming Twitter is still around by then 🙂

Prime Dayz Top Buzzworthy deals

We are outsourcing discovery to Amazon’s AI and algorithms! If you are looking for unusual or unexpected offerings, these are the Top Buzzworthy Deals of this year’s Prime Day.

PS: I’m not posting a link to Day #2 because it’s currently underwear and chicken wings sauce! LOL

Amazon Fire 11 MAX tablet for $150+ [save extra 20% off w/eligible trade-in]

I’m really posting this deal just so I can say that Amazon takes tablets more seriously than Google itself, who is supposed to be the Mother and Guardian of All Things Android 🙂

As part of the Prime Dayz festivities, Amazon is offering its brand new Fire MAX 11 tablet for $150 for Prime members. Or you can buy a bundle with the official Keyboard Case for $240, or for $10 more, you can get it with Keyboard Case + Stylus. This has 64GB with Lockscreen Ads.

But Wait, You Pay Even LESS
But this is actually an even better deal if you are willing to make a trade-in. Amazon offers a 20% off trade-in credit on the purchase price of an eligible trade-in, plus the trade-in value. If you have connected Amazon devices on your account, it will automatically show you the trade-in price. For example, it showed me $5 for a prehistoric Kindle with Keyboard. You can also search for eligible devices in the Trade-IN box over there.

The benefit of this offer is not the trade-in value, but the extra 20% off on the purchase price of the new MAX 11 tablet. The MAX 11 becomes $120, while the Keyboard Case + Stylus bundle becomes $200! Minus the trade-in value of your device as well.

In other words, if you have any old(er) Amazon hardware you don’t need, you can turn it into a solid discount!

DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone with RC Remote Controller, Bundle with 128GB Memory Card, Shoulder Bag, Landing Pad for $829 AC

Don’t you forget about us sing the Adorama daily deals for Wednesday 7/12/23:

+ DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone with RC Remote Controller, Bundle with 128GB Memory Card, Shoulder Bag, Landing Pad for $829 after instant coupon

+ 160GB Prograde Digital Cobalt Series CFexpress Type-A 2.0 for $365
+ 2-pack of 325GB Type B 2.0 for $800

Day #2 (and last) of Prime Dayz 2023 is here: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for $850+

Day #2 aka the last day of the 2023 incarnation of Prime Dayz is here! As one of the Amazon website banners says, shop now, sleep later 🙂

One of the headliners of the sale at this very moment is a big Samsung phone sale with over 120 products, headlined by the new condition US version factory-unlocked Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (S-Pen included) going for $850 in the 256GB variant and $980 in the 512GB variant. Available in multiple color options.

Please feel free to send me an S23 Ultra or two as an early XMas present 😉

The big Samsung sale also includes the Flips and Folds (if you like to pay big bucks to beta test Samsung’s R&D LOL {but please feel free to send me one of each!}), some of the budget A-series phones, and a variety of Samsung-branded “canon” accessories.

Prime Dayz: Rokinon and Samyang Lens sales

One of the stables of Prime Dayz and Holiday shopping deals and Lightning Deals at Amazon are Rokinon and Samyang lenses. And like clockwork, there’s a 4-page sale of Rokinon/Samyang lenses.

Separate from the above, there’s another Rokinon lens sale, this one with 11 participants.

Too many to list here and too many to price-check here individually. You can price-check them at Adorama and B&H Photo if you like…

Fuji Instax Mini exposures: 60 for $34

And now something for fans of instant cameras!

As part of the B&H Photo not-Prime sale, which is of course open to all, not just Prime members (LOL), they have price-matched on a per-print basis one of the Prime Dayz offers.

B&H offers this 60-exposure FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI Value Pack for $34.

Which is exactly half the price of the Prime Dayz 120-pack of Fujifilm for $68.

Speaking of instant, the recurring Kodak Instant Cameras & Printers sale is back for Prime Dayz with 22 options. Yes, they can divide up and play a full soccer game 🙂

Prime Dayz Storage options

And now lettuce take a look at some of the storage-related sales during Prime Dayz of 2013!

The WD – Sandisk grouping includes Sandisk Extreme and Lexar SD and microSD memory cards, USB flash drives, Lexar card readers, WD and Synology NAS options, internal HDDs from WD Red and such, external HDDs from WD, LaCie and such, external SSDs from Crucial, Seagate, Sandisk and such, and internal SSDs from WD and friends.

The Samsung storage sale includes similar as above products but of the Samsung branding. Including a 256GB PRO Plus SDXC (V30, UHS I, U3, 180, 130) bundled with a Samsung USB 3.0 card reader. You can never have too many of those 🙂

AND if you want to build a computer, they have a Components sale headlined by Ryzen (Or Die Tryin’).

Because photographers spend a lot of time in the studio or in nature or in the mean streets of cities big and small, a cold or hot beverage is quintessential, which is why there is this YETI drinkware sale featuring all kinds of things, starting at $12.50 for can-style cups.

Because photographers have to eat too, Amazon is having a GrubHub promotion. In addition to getting a FREE 1-year GrubHub+ subscription as a Prime member, they have a one-time-use coupon code GRUBPRIME that gets you $15 off a purchase of $25+ at/via GrubHub.

Top Trending Deals of Prime Dayz 2023

I can’t chase all the Prime Day deals. That’s what Amazon’s AI bots and infinite servers and bloated software are for 😉

These are the Top 350+ Trending Electronics according to their computers. The #1 is the Fire Stick 4K for $23, followed by the Galaxy Watch 5 40mm for $160.

There’s plenty of AirPods – actual Apple Airpods, not 3rd-party clones! High in the charts is the Kindle Paperwhite (8GB, 6.8″, Lockscreen Ads) for $90. As y’all know, I’m a champion of e-ink e-book e-reading 🙂

There’s the 9th generation iPad for $250, a $90 10-inch Fire HD tablet (2021 model), Razer charging stands for gaming consoles, and such.

If you prefer a more standard way of browsing the top sellers, here is a conventional page-by-page list of the Trending Electronics.

Because there’s so much noise in the “Cameras” Amazon category (security cameras, crappy P&S, etc, etc), we have to dig into the Mirrorless sub-category and the DSLRs category and the Instant category to find actual name-brand cameras 🙂

If you are fond of Amazon’s own brands, this is the Top 120+ of Amazon branded products. Yes, we have reached peak Amazon, #5 in the chart is a 30-pack of 2-ply toilet paper for $23, followed for a 12-pack of paper towels for the same price 😉

Interested in other product categories? Check the Best Sellers and Movers and Shakers in the central Best Sellers page

And because I can’t be a proper troll without doing this, these are the top trending products of super-star influencer Paris Hilton 🙂

Wedn: B&H Not Prime Sale, Nanuk, Atomos, Etc

Today is the second (and last) Prime Day but it is also the last day of the B&H Photo Summer Sale, totally not an answer to Prime Day!

As such, the regular B&H Photo dailies for Wednesday 7/12/23 take a backseat:

+ Nanuk wheeled hard cases, further discounted in-cart

+ Blizzard LB-Par Quad RGBW LED Light for $130

+ Atomos Shogun Studio II Rackmount 4K Dual Recorder & Monitor (3RU) for $2499

+ also Polsen headphones, Tether cables, GVM teleprompter

Become a Lifetime REI member kinda FREE (you need to make two purchases, total $80+)

Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime and Creative LIVE that have monthly and annual subscriptions, the Hippies Collective that is REI has a lifetime membership. You pay once, and you are a member for life!

And through July 13 in 2023, they have a promotion that gets you an REI membership kinda free if you are willing to shop at their website at least two times. Let me explain:

+ make a purchase of $50+ at the REI website by the end of day 7/13/23

+ in the same order, add the $30 REI lifetime membership card

+ after your purchase, receive via email a $30 REI Bonus Card to be spent on a future purchase, within 30 days of receiving the $30 REI Bonus card.

In addition to becoming a lifetime REI hippy, they have plenty of other members-only benefits, such as free US shipping, free labor on bicycle flat tire repair, different kinds of special offers, REI member rewards program, extended returns, and lots more. Especially if you are the outdoorsy kind.

B&H launches 2-Day Summer Tech Sale

On a totally unrelated note to Amazon’s Prime Dayz, B&H Photo has launched a 2-Day Summer Sale running until 7/12/23 at 11:59pm eastern time featuring a variety of products from the world of camera and photo and technology and such. As usual, you can use the various navigation options on their website over there to filter them by brand, product category, price range and such…

Prime Dayz: Zeiss Prime Lens Sale (8 options)

Zeiss-Zeiss Baby! As of the time of writing there are eight lens options that participating in the Zeiss Prime Dayz sale at Amazon, along with one Terra pocket bino.

I price-checked about half of the participating lenses, and the Amazon price beats the B&H/Ado price.

+ Batis 18mm f2.8 for Sony E for $1317

+ Touit 12mm f2.8 for Sony E for $849

+ Batis 40mm f2 for Sony E for $1147

+ Milvus 21mm f2.8 for Nikon F for $1534

+ Milvus 18mm f2.8 for Canon EF for $1899

+ Milvus 15mm f2.8 for Canon EF or Nikon F for $2219

+ Milvus 35mm f2 for Nikon F for $954

+ I do not know why only some mount-options of each lens are participating in the sale, and others are not

Prime Dayz Pentax Lens Deals: 50/1.8 DA for $92, 55-300/4-5.8 ED WR DA for $230

Pentax fans have a couple of Prime deals, and as of the time of writing, Amazon beats the B&H and Adorama prices, as only Amazon has discounted these two Prime-participating lenses:

+ Pentax HD DA 55-300mm f/4-5.8 ED WR for $230

+ Pentax DA 50mm f1.8 lens for $92

B&H handily beats Prime Day offer on Sony A7 III w/two solid freebies: ThinkTank and 64GB Extreme

Amazon’s Prime Dayz of 2023 are goofiy advertising the new condition Sony a7 III body only as a Prime Deal, but apparently Amazon’s own AI pricebots did not check the internet prices…

… because B&H Photo beats them by a lot, they offer the Sony a7 III body only with TWO FREE solid accessories for the same price of $1498:

+ 64GB Sandisk Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC

+ Think Tank Photo Retrospective 7M Shoulder Bag for DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras (Pinestone)
+ goes for $130 on its own

+ needless to say, you don’t have to be a Prime member to buy the B&H Photo deal 🙂

UPDATE: Adorama beats them too!
It turns out Adorama beats Amazon as well, as Adorama offers a variety of freebie options. You have to check the “Product Options” section of their listing over there to see the freebie options:

+ two Sony NP-FZ100 batteries, OR
+ Flashpoint R2 TTL on-camera flash for Sony systems, OR
+ accessorapalooza including 64GB Extreme, Takama tripod, and lots more, OR
+ Corel bundle with 32GB Extreme and various other accessories, separate options for PC or Mac

For the speed-readers out there, note the “OR” above. You only get ONE set of freebies, not all sets of all freebies. You can look them up at the Adorama product page 🙂

Prime Day 2023 is here starring iPad 10, Apple Watches, Etc

If you are a paying Amazon Prime member, or on a free trial, or you do not object to starting right now a 30-day FREE TRIAL, you can participate in the two day festivities for Tuesday and Wednesday July 11 and 12 in 2023 that are the …

… the Prime Dayz Deals of 2023

Too many to list here individually, but we’ll start with a pointer to the Camera and Photo sub-category with seven pages of offerings!

Some of the early stars of the sale are Apple products:

+ iPad (10th generation) for $380 (64GB) or $530 (with cellular) or $680 (256GB with cellular)

+ Apple Watch Series 8 starting at $280 and going up up and away depending on options

+ Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) for $200

+ all sorts of Amazon and Amazon-related and six degrees of Amazon separation hardware and services and such

+ most of the Prime Dayz offers are for Prime members!
+ if you see something you must have, you can 30-day FREE TRIAL and shop shop shop 😉

+ if you signed up for any of the “By Invite” offers, and you want to buy them, don’t forget to follow up on them!!!

Tuesday: GoPRO 10 Black Action Camera Holiday Bundle PLUS two extra freebies (Chesty, Battery) for $279

It’s camera day at the Adorama daily deals running until 7/11/23 at 11:59pm pacific or earlier if sold out!

+ GoPro HERO10 Black Action Camera with Holiday Bundle, Extra Battery, Chest Mount for $279
+ the Holiday bundle itself has extra items over the Base kit: Shorty (tripody thing), extra Enduro battery, swivel clip, adhesive mount
+ you also get the two freebies included by Adorama during this promotion, another Enduro battery and a Chesty (do not blame me for this name, it’s a GoPro name!)

+ H&A USB mic for $39

+ 128GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC w/SD adapter for $8
+ UHS-I, Class 10

Around the Internets
+ coupon code SUMMER10 gets you $10 off a $50+ order at the Monoprice website
+ terms, conditions, restrictions, etc, apply

+ Buy 1 Get 1 FREE at the RX Bar website
+ no coupon needed, offer applied auto-magically in the shopping cart
+ expires 7/20/23

+ in-stock alert at Trader Joe B&M stores, Instant Boba Kit
+ yes, Trader Joe is still old school, no internet shopping!

+ if you are an EFF Internet Hippy, for a limited time, they offer TWO freebies with a donation of $20+
+ various options of freebies, including t-shirt OR hat as the headliner

+ more Prime Day deals have surfaced at the Amazon Gold Box

Tuesday: Quasar, Softbox, SmallHD, CFX Type B, Etc

Everybody loves Raymond [not really, it was a boring sitcom #HotTake] and everybody loves Tuesdays (and Fat Tuesdays), and so does B&H because their 7/11 B&H Photo daily deals have returned to six offerings instead of four:

+ Raya Octagonal Collapsible Softbox for LED Bulbs with Socket (27.6″) for $35 with FREE Raya LED Light Bulb (45W)

+ Quasar Q25 Crossfade Linear Bi-Color LED Tube Light (2′) for $89

+ Philips party speaker for $150

+ SmallHD ULTRA 5 Bright 5-inch Touchscreen Monitor for $1499
+ you can buy a LOT more inches for the same price with 23″ monitors 😉

+ 325GB Delkin BLACK CFexpress Type B Memory Card for $200

+ Anton Bauer Titon SL 90 95Wh 14.4V Battery (Gold Mount) for $243~
+ in case you have triplets, these are good names to give them 😉

Tuesday: 11×14″ Same Day Poster for $2 w/coupon [WP]

Good until 7/11/23 [yes, Happy 711 Day, check your local 711s for special offers and potential freebies!] at 11:59pm central time, coupon code POSTERFUN gets you 11×14″ Same Day Poster Prints for $2 each at Walgreens Photo. Coupon valid for one use per customer. Terms, restrictions, conditions, etc, etc, etc, apply…

Good until 7/15/23
+ coupon code 15PRINT gets you 15c 4×6 prints IF you order 75 prints or more. Offer also works on 4×5.3 inch prints.

+ coupon code HOTCARD50 gets you 50% off on Photo Cards and Premium Stationery

+ coupon code BOOK50 is 50% custom photo books

+ coupon code B1G2ENLRG is Buy 1 Get 2 FREE on Enlargements

Semi-Annual Adorama House Brand sale! (Lighting, Flashes, Monolights, Etc)

If you are a fan of the Adorama house-brand camera products and accessories, you are in luck because they are currently running their semi-annual sale featuring lighting gear, flashes, monolights, modifiers and reflectors, stands, tripods, BAGS (needless to say, BAG the BAGS!), and audio gear!

I do not know when the Adorama semi-annual sale ends…

The Adorama daily deals are back, this duo good until Monday 7/10/23 at 11:59pm pacifica or earlier if sold out:

+ Anton Bauer Titon SL 150 14.4V 143Wh Lithium Ion V-Mount Battery for $479

+ Yamaha RX-V6A 7.2-Channel AV Receiver with 8K HDMI and MusicCast for $600