Archives for November 4, 2023

Sat: Godox Knowled M600* Bi Color LED Video Lights

The lighting theme continues at the Adorama dailies for November 4 in 2023 as follows:

+ Godox Knowled M600D Daylight LED Light for $899

+ Godox Knowled M600BI Bi Color LED Video Light for $999

ON the LEARNINGz front, free-streaming on Saturday at 12pm ET at creative LIVE on-AIR you can watch “Get Started with Lifestyle Family Photography” with Elena S. Blair, 4 hour and 43 minute runtime, so it will repeat multiple times during the free-streaming window.

ON THE FREEBies front, this weekend, through the Lucky-SaveMart-FoodMaXX rewards program, you can score a FREE 5-8oz Stella cheese type thing.

Daily Cheese reminder: what is sold in the US as Parmesan cheese frequently has almost nothing to do with the authentic Italian Parmigiano!