Archives for January 30, 2023

Tue: Nanuk, SmallRIG, 256GB Stick, PortKeys, E-Image, Etc

Tuesday is here and yes, it’s two weeks until Valentine’s Day, have you stocked up on chocolates and long-lasting flowers? And don’t forget, since this is a deals type of a blog after all, chocolate sales and clearance offers begin on February 15!

Back to the topic at hand, the 1/31/23 B&H Photo daily deals ~ yes, we already ate up the first month of 2023, time sure does fly fast, whether you are having fun or not ~ good until 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ NaNuk 925 Case with Foam for $80 after in-cart coupon
+ five color options, and bonus organization points, match the color of the camera company to the color of the case, eg yellow for Nikon, etc, etc
+ yes, we cover advanced topics here!

+ SmallRIG Star-Trail Lightweight Multifunctional Modular Matte Box Basic Bundle (95mm Back) for $89
+ Small Rig, Long Product Name!

+ E-Image GH06 Head with 2-Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs for $599
+ or buy 59 budget tripods 😉

+ PortKeys BM5WR 5.5″ HDMI Touchscreen Monitor with Camera Control for $479
+ it’s not just FeelWorld (no, they are not a Depeche Mode cover band!)

+ 256GB Kingston DataTraveler Max USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A Flash Drive (Red) for $27
+ more of a wine-red? ~ depending on the wine and the quantity and the glass 😉

+ Klipsch KD-400 2-Way Active Wireless Bookshelf Speakers for $139
+ nothing irritates hard-core audiophiles more than Bose, Beats and Klipsch, so for just $139 you can troll them all 😉

PS: this being the 31st, you get 31% off at Baskin Robbins. Sadly the calories are not 31% off!