Archives for January 3, 2023

Adorama Year End Clearance Sale

Adorama is currently running a Year-End Clearance Sale with over 5000 items participating. The Photography category alone has over 2000 items.

Needless to say, these are too many to list here individually, but you can use the various filters at the Adorama sales pages to filter by various options (brand, type, price range, etc, etc, etc)…

Godox RX1 Dual-Channel Camera-Mount Wireless Receiver

The one-item practice for 2023 so far continues at the Adorama daily deals, this time around you can have the new condition Godox RX1 Dual-Channel Camera-Mount Wireless Receiver for $29 until Wednesday 1/4/22 at 10am ET or earlier if sold out…

And for the health-conscious bunch, one of the Amazon Gold Box deals du jour is a collagen and peptides sale. Yes, this is becoming a keto and low-carb eating blog 😉