Archives for September 30, 2022

SYRP, Benro, Paper Camera, Falcon Eyes, 72mm NiSi, Etc

Not of photographic interest, but of kitchen-o-graphic interest, the Friday Meh daily deal is a Cuisinart-athon, it’s a Meh-a-thon/Woot-OFF but only with Cuisinart products. If nothing else, they make good subjects to test/check your lighting setups 😉

Now to the B&H Photo deals we geaux, and as this is Friday, they run until Saturday at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out) with the usual caveats:

+ Falcon Eyes PockeLite F7 mini RGB & Variable Color LED Light with Diffuser & Grid for $44
+ neither a falcon, nor a pair of eyes are included 😉

+ Paper Camera Summer Bloom Quiet for $89
+ because normies digital cameras are boring?

+ USA Gear S17 DSLR Camera Backpack (Black/Purple Interior) for $40
+ Deep Purple soundtrack NOT included 🙂

+ Benro FGP18A Go Plus 4-Section Aluminum Travel Tripod for $120 after coupon
+ yes, our favorite emo jedi, Ben Ro, is back with another adventure

+ 72mm NiSi Natural Night Filter for $70

+ Mount-IT MI-2762 Dual-Monitor Desk Mount for $73

+ also Polsen microphones

+ flash deal: SYRP Magic Carpet Carbon Slider Kit with Short Carbon Track Extensions (72″) for $600 after in-cart coupon

UPDATE: Monoprice is running a limited time OverStock Sale featuring all kinds of tech items, including plenty of cables and chargers and power banks and such… Too many to list here individually…