Archives for January 22, 2022

YMMV: Buy $25+ in Kindle ebooks, Get $6 promotional eBook Credit (exp 1/28/22)

This recurring offer is …recurring at Amazon. Running until January 28 in 2022, if you buy $25+ in Kindle ebooks during the promotional period, you will earn a $6 promotional eBook credit. The offer needs activation by either clicking on the banner of the offer or the button on the page. Needless to say, you must needs be logged on to the Amazon account that will be using this promotion.

Here are the details of the promotion… As usual, the offer may be YMMV depending on how the big AI machine in the Bezosverse decides to offer the promotion…

Sunday: Benro, Moza, Flash Softbox, 32GB flash drive

And we are back after a brief unplanned break with the Sunday January 23 in 2022 B&H Photo daily deals as follows:

+ Moza Slypod E Motorized Monopod for $199
+ once you go motorized monopod…

+ Tilta Sony F970 Battery Plate for Half or Full Camera Cage (Tilta Gray) for $17.50

+ BenRo S6Pro Fluid Video Head for $200

+ Oyen Lync USB Type-C to SSD Camera Drive Dock for $30

+ Vello Flash Softbox with Cinch Band (Large) for $14

+ 32GB Kingston Data Traveler 100 G3 USB 3.0 Flash Drive for $3.50
+ back in our time, we paid $350 for a 32MB SmartMedia memory card #NotTrue

Meanwhile the Adorama daily deals running until Sunday at 10am ET are house-brand drumsticks from $3 to $4…

PRO TIP: perfect gift for parents you don’t like: buy their kids a drum set 🙂

UPDATE: running until Saturday at 11:59pm pacific time is the “Picture This: How Pictures Work” (Kindle Edition) by Molly Bang for $3. As of the time of writing (aottow) it averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 727 customer ratings…