Archives for September 12, 2021

Monday: Lexar SDXC, PadCaster, FLIR One PRO, GVM slider, EdelKrone, PadCaster, Falcon Eyes, Etc

Are you ready for a new Mon-Fri workweek some football? We start Monday 9/13/21 with a new set of B&H Photo daily deals running until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out)… NOTE that B&H will be closed Wedn and Thursday so if you need something yesterday, you’d better order it ASAP!

+ Lexar SDXC card sale
+ golden 2000x: 64GB for $70, 128GB for $116
+ silver 1066x: 64GB for $15, 128GB for $25, 256GB for $46
+ spoiler alert: the higher capacity cards win on GB/$

+ PadCaster Green Screen Kit for $69 after automatic in-cart coupon
+ because we are all YouTubers and Twitchers 😉

+ Falcon Eyes PockeLite F7 Fold RGB/HSI Light with Honeycomb Grids for $169
+ Falcon Eyes also sounds like some cryptic spying program ran by shadowy spy agencies deep underground 😉

+ EdelKrone Pan PRO for $399

+ GVM Professional Video Carbon Fiber Motorized Camera Slider (32″) for $229
+ this slider is not legal in the MLB 😉

+ FLiR One Pro Thermal Camera for Smartphones (Micro-USB) for $199