Archives for July 7, 2021

Thursday: Meh-a-thon, 256GB Lexar 3500x CFast 2, SYRP Genie One, Etc

The day you have all been waiting for with a giant MEH waiting to form on your face, it’s a brand new Meh-rathon (aka Woot-OFF) at the Meh website. Items change every few minutes but unlike Woot, you can also purchase any and all previous offers, as long as they have not sold out…

NEXT UP, to the B^H Photo daily deals we geaux, goode until Thirst-DAY at 11:59pm ET (or earlier IF sold-out):

+ 256GB Lexar Professional 3500x CFast 2.0 Memory Card with CR2 Thunderbolt 2 Reader for $280
+ Vroooooooooom at 3500X

+ InoVativ Pro Monitor Mount & QR Pro VESA System Kit for $300

+ SYRP Genie One Motion Control Pan Head/Linear Drive for $250 after an automatic $280 off in-cart coupon

+ refurbished 2-pack of Deco W2400 AC1200 Wireless Dual-Band 100/10 Mb/s Mesh Wi-Fi System for $55
+ that’s $27.50 per thing

UPDATE: very busy tech day at the Woot daily deals including refurbished MacBooks ($510 to $1480), Vankyo projectors [because every wall is a TV screen!], origami racks, while the main daily deal is a 19-item Tech Favorites sale that includes three different bundles of single-use AC Delco batteries, AirPods PRO, a mega 44K powerbank, TVs, cables, refurbished iPhone 12 PRO & Mini and mo(i)re…

UPDATE #2: the current Adorama daily deal (changes Friday 10am ET) is the Polar Pro LiteChaser Pro Filmmaker Kit for iPhone 11 (PRO or “Regular”) going for $40 to $60…

Arista CS41, Silk PRO Tripod w/PanHead {end Thur 10am ET}

Two items are among the current iteration of the Adorama daily deals which run until Thursday at 10am ET {or earlier if sold out} and one of them is for …film fans!

+ Slik Pro AL-324DX Tripod with SH-705E 3-Way Pan Head for $50

+ Arista CS41 Liquid Developing Quart Kit for Processing C-41 Color Negative Film for $28

Wedn: Manfrotto-Ultrasone bundle, Zhiyun Crane 2S bundle, Neewer Party, Etc

Oooops, we missed a couple of days of dailies, including the all-important “Interdependence Day”, the 5th of July, because you can’t have Independence without Interdependence [Not to be confused with Scalzi’s Interdependency scifi book series]. A 10,000 word bloviating essay on the topic is in the works 🙂

We start with the B&H Photo daily deals, this lot good until Wednesday 7/7/21 until 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ crazy bundle time!
+ Manfrotto 504X Video Head & 2-Stage Tripod with Ground Spreader & Ultrasone Ed. M Black Headphones, for $750 after giant automatic in-cart coupon

+ Zhigun CRANE 2S Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Combo Kit for $419

+ AutoCueQTV 19″ Ultra Lite Teleprompter Kit for $699

+ Avaya Webcam/Huddle Camera HC020 with HDMI for $130
+ this was a spin-off of one of the name-brand telecom companies, I am now forgetting which one

MEANWHILE at the Amazon USA Gold Box there’s another Neewer Photo Accessories sale featuring 24 products with prices ranging from $7.60 to $260. This is a daily deal, not lightning deals, so the offers are good for the whole day {or earlier if sold out}. Products include:

+ backdrops
+ on-camera flashes
+ lighting kits
+ umbrellas
+ tripods and stabilizery things
+ camera backpacks
+ ringlights
+ and mo(i)re