Archives for June 6, 2021

Sunday: 96pk AC Delco single-use AA/AAA for $15

Countering the trend of recent battery price increases, among the Sunday 6/6/21 Woot daily deals they are offering 96-pack AC-Delco single-use batteries for $15. You can choose either AA or AAA. Up to three per customer. These are marketed for low-drain devices. They come with a 90-day Woot warranty…

Free shipping for Prime members, otherwise you pay a flat shipping fee for all purchases made during the calendar day (in this case, Sunday 6/6/21).

This comes out to almost 7 batteries per $1. But note that caveat of low-drain devices…

Sunday: GVM, Tamrac, Spider, Sachtler, 512GB Silicon Power, Etc

Sunday is here, and as always, if it’s not sunny, you can get your money back!

We now haz the latest B&H Photo daily deals round good until 6/6/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Tamrac Tradewind 18 Photo Backpack (Dark Gray) for $30
+ BAG the BAG!

+ 512GB Silicon Power microSDXC for $57

+ Sachtler SR415 Rain Cover for Medium-Sized Video Cameras for $89
+ yes, there is a human head behind all that (in the product’s main picture)

+ Spider Spiderlight Hand Strap (Light Blue) for $10

+ MagNus Tablet/Smartphone Tripod Mount for $8

+ GVM G169 CARBON FIBER 4-Section Monopod with Video Fluid Head for $119

BUSY DAY at the Sunday Woot daily deals with Lenovo 11e Chromebooks ($80 to $90), PAR38 LED light bulbs ($10 to $37), XBox accessories, Xiaomi Scooter, “Dad Vader” [Father’s Day is Coming Ned!], Smoking Aces coffee and the deal of the day is an assortment of electronics including projectors, Pixel 4, Fire TV Cube, Samsung OLED Frame, etc…

MEANWHILE the latest Adorama daily deal [changes Monday 10am ET] is the new condition Glow EZ Lock Wing-Like Parabolic Fiberglass Umbrella (60″) going for $40…

DIGGING into the Sunday Amazon USA Gold Box we find Fangor projectors, electric lightning lanterns, NiteBird lighting products, Toshiba Smart Wifi Purifier [just so we are clear, this purifies the air, not the Wifi LOL] and such… Toshiba TV deals for Prime members only…