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Mitakon Zhongyi Creator 85mm f2.8 1-5X Super Macro Lens for $349 [C/N]

It’s a LENS DAY at the current incarnation of the Adorama daily deals good until Tuesday at 10am ET (or earlier if sold out)

+ Mitakon Zhongyi Creator 85mm f/2.8 1-5X Super Macro Lens for $349 in your choice of Canon EF or Nikon F
+ the Pentax K is not on sale ($449)

+ Nanuk Large Series 925 Lightweight NK-7 Resin Waterproof Case with Cubed Foam for $75

+ Moza Mini-MI 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer with Wireless Phone Charging for $29

+ KODAK 10″ Touch Screen Rechargeable Digital Photo Frame Wi-Fi Enabled for $100

Monday: FLIR One, Peak Design CaptureLens (EF, F, E/FE options) for $45, Tamrac, GVM, SYRP, Manfrotto

Today’s theme song is “(It’s Just Another) Manic Monday” which begins with a customary 7+1 in new B&H Photo daily deals good until Monday 5/10/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ FLIR One Pro Thermal Camera for Smartphones (Micro-USB)
for $220 with FREE cable adapter (USB-C to micro-USB)
+ now you too can be a Paranormal/UFO hunter!

+ Peak Design CaptureLens for $45 in your choice of Canon EF, Nikon F and Sony E/FE
+ this allows you to do it single-handedly
+ “it” refers to changing lenses on a camera body just so we are not misunderstood 😉

+ Sunpak DigiPro Ultra 63 Reverse Folding Aluminum Tri-Monopod for $60

+ Manfrotto Gimbal 220 Pro Kit for $250

+ Tamrac Professional Series: Anvil 17 Backpack for $90

+ GVM RGB LED Studio Video Bi-Color Soft 1000D 3-Light Panel Kit for $399

+ Syrp Slingshot 1-Axis 328′ Motion-Controlled Cable Cam Time-Lapse Kit for $899

+ flash deal ends 12pm ET: Oben TS-20 Tripod Strap with Two Quick Release Loops for $10

UPDATE: among the Monday Woot daily deals there’s yet another iPhone/iWatch sale ($120 to $800), t/shirts of the COVID vaccination kind, and such… Meanwhile a Prime-members only offer is a 2-pack of AmazonBasics Lightning cables ranging from $10 to $12 total depending on color and size (with a 1-year Amazon warranty)…

It’s The Return of The Ringlight at the Monday Best Buy dailies with the Sunpak 12″ Rainbow Vlogging kit going for $80…

Considering the current demand vs supply Ryzen curve, I suppose a $5 off limited time coupon is considered a big discount these days [HA!], on the Ryzen 7 5800X desktop, going for $424AC at the NewEgg daily deals

How the mighty have fallen. Intel was on the verge of being a monopoly and now it’s getting its silicon rearend kicked from all directions from AMD’s Ryzen to Apple’s home-cooked recipe to Snapdragon and mayhaps the rumored future Samsung thing…