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B&H Depth of Field Deals: Cameras, Lenses, Accessories, Etc

In parallel to the previously mentioned Depth of Field Conference, B&H Photo is also running an assorted set of Trade Show deals. Among them you can find:

+ 124 Camera offers including Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Panasonic and a hint of Sigma too

+ 307 Lenses of DSLR and Mirrorless kind from the camera manufacturers mentioned above along with 125 lens options from Sigma [keep in mind many of their lenses are available in different mounts, each one counts as a separate option] and 25 from Tamron [not Tokina]

+ 279 Photo Accessories including battery grips, flashes, bags, memory cards, stabilizer-y things, etc, etc, etc

+ 219 options under Computers which includes actual computers, hard drives, software, tablets, etc, etc, etc

+ 212 Lighting options including strobe, on-camera, triggers, backgrounds, LEDs, etc, etc, etc

+ 32 options under Video which includes camcorders, drones, and stabilizer-y things among others

+ that’s over 1200 options out there, I can’t possibly summarize them all here – head on over to the Trade Show offers pages to see and filter and sub-filter them based on your areas of interest…

FREE to Watch (starts Sunday 11:30am ET): B&H Depth of Field Day #1

If you have time and bandwidth to spare, starting on Sunday March 7 at 11:30am eastern time (aka New York time) is the 4th annual B&H Photo Depth of Field Conference, Day #1 of 2. Each day has a schedule of speakers who will be talking about photography-related things, one at a time. This is what I call the “main stage”.

In addition to the main stage, thanks to the miracles and wonders of Zoom, they have three different virtual ballrooms, each one having its own day-long schedule running in parallel.

Gear-heads may be very interested in the “Grand Ballroom” where the talk focuses on cameras and lenses including Nikon Z-series, Sony Alpha 1 and A7s III, Canon R5 and RF/EF lenses, and more…

More gear-talk but not camera/lens-centric can be found in the “Crystal Ballroom”…

Then to the “B&H Expert Room” you may want to head on if you are fond of Q&A on various photo-related and tech-related topics and such…

And if you want more, in the runup to the show B&H had previously scheduled various webinars and you can rewatch them now or in the future for free.

You can also find the stream of the “main stage” YouTube-embedded below. If you feel like joining the live chat, you have to head on over to the YouTube live-streaming page…

So to summarize, you have four options to watch at any time. The “main stage” YouTube-live stream [embedded-above] and three Zoom seminars [think of this a little bit like watching a presentation at a manufacturer’s booth]

Enjoy! 🙂