Archives for February 9, 2021

DJI Ronin-S Essentials Kit down to $348

DJI fans, the Ronin-S Essentials Kit is now down to $348 with free US shipping at B&H Photo and Amazon itself and the official DJI USA store

This costs less than the Ronin-S standard kit. As you can see from above, it is a limited time manufacturer-blessed promotion that is part of the President-Valentine shopping season…

IF you are interested in DJI items, check their other products at the aforelinked stores for more offerings. Too many to list here individually. After all, I may be droning on but this is not a drone blog 🙂

PS in case the joke-attempt above is creating confusion: the Ronin-S is a single-handed stabilizer for “real cameras” (DSLRs, mirrornyets, etc)…

Wedn: GVM, NiSi, Zeiss 25mm T2.9 Cine CP.2 for $1990 [EF], Etc

It feels like yesterday when I wrote “Hump Day is here again” and just like that, Hump Day is here once again 😉

We have a new round of B&H Photo daily deals good until 11:59pm on Wednesday 2/10/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ put on Vanilla Ice, it’s Zeiss-Zeiss Baby!
+ ZEISS Compact Prime CP.2 25mm/T2.9 Cine Lens for $1990 in Canon EF only
+ this is only available in Canon EF
+ the only other version listed at B&H is the PL-mount which is marked discontinued
+ discontinued at B&H means it is not orderable and there are no plans for more of it to arrive (you can of course always look for it in the USED department, eBay, KEH Camera, etc, etc, etc)

+ GVM On-Camera RGB LED Video Light with Bluetooth App Control and Power Supply for $99

+ AmazFIT Bip S Multi-Sport GPS Smartwatch in two color options for $70 minus 28% off in-cart automatic coupon, which should put it, per my head-math, around $50 (because 30% of $70 is $21)…
+ all this extra text because I was too lazy to open the Calculator app or at least open a new browser tab for in-search calculator 😉

+ AuRay MXB-1515B Padded Nylon Bag for Mixers & Accessories for $23
+ for the speed-readers out there, this is for Audio Mixers, not Kitchen Mixers

Meanwhile the current iteration of the Adorama daily deals [changes Wednesday 10am ET] includes a …Valentine’s Day filter kit, the NiSi V5 Pro Rose Gold Edition 100mm Filter Holder with Enhanced Landscape CPL going for $80… Also something that may look like a monopod on a smaller screen but it is not: the H&A Carbon Fiber Telescoping Boom Pole with Internal Coiled Cable & Side Exit XLR Base (9′) – Neutrik Connector – Carrying Case Included goes for $200…

In a sign of the COVID times mayhaps, the Wednesday Meh daily deal is a 54-pack of single-serve Jim Bourbon flavored (three flavors of 18 per box) K-cups for $19 + shipping… Keep in mind coffee purists freak out about flavored coffee the same way photographers freak out about digital zoom in digital cameras 😉

UPDATE #1: lots of action at the Wednesday Best Buy daily deals including:

+ 256GB Sandisk Extreme Plus microSDXC for $58

+ 256GB PNY Elite Pro USB 3.0 Type A flash drive for $40

+ C by GE lighting kits, three options, $25 to $28

+ Energizer battery-powered LED motion sensor
+ move over car-dash-ography, here comes motion-senso-graphy!

+ 16TB WD EasyStore HDD for $280
+ 1TB WD MyPassport SSD USB-C for $140

+ Vankyo wireless mini projector for $100