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Sunday: Kodak, ONA, TriGyn, Etc

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, too late now to buy a big screen TV from the interwebs. And the way TVs are becoming more complicated, it might be too late to buy it from the B&M store too, because the setup, connections, calibration, optimization, etc take time and there’s not enough time to get it all done before the SuperBow festivities begin.

PSA: if you are using an old TV set to watch the SuperBowl and you think you see Tom Brady on your Superbowl television, don’t throw it away, it’s not ghosting from previous SuperBowls, it’s the Tampa Bay Brady!

Speaking of PSAs, here’s a real PSA, Google has patched an actively exploited zero-day issue with the Chrome browser version 88 and it recommends immediate updating. Details via Techmeme… The last time I checked this applied to the Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the web browser… Neither Google Play nor ChromeOS have shown me updates pending… Eric Lawrence did some digging on the twitter

And after that long and winding prologue of sorts, we are here with the B&H Photo daily deals good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Kodak 10″ Digital Picture Frame with Wi-Fi and Multi-Touch Display for $100
+ for our younger viewers, Kodak is not just a rapper but was also a company out of Rochester, New York that was big during the film photography years and during the very early days of digital

+ ONA The Leather Clifton Camera and Everyday Backpack (Camouflage) for $150

+ TriGyn 8″ Ring Light with Smartphone Holder and Desktop Tripod Stand for $35

+ Holmes Odor Grabber Air Purifier for $15
+ when people say their pictures stink, may be they are right? 😉