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Bower 500mm f/8.0 Manual Focus T-Mount Lens for $79, Etc

As usual, the Fri-YAY B^H daily deals are good until Saturday at 11:59pm ET with the caveat that their website does not accept orders Friday PM to Saturday PM (check their website for exact hours):

And in a rarity for the Friday offernings, it’s a LENS DAY, hooray-hooray!

+ Bower 500mm f8 Manual Focus T-Mount Lens for $79
+ B&H Photo has T-mount adapters for just about any camera system, with the more popular systems obviously having more options (eg EF, F, M43) but you can also find options for the “Nu Mirrorless” (name I just came up for the new Nikon and Canon and Pana-Leica-Sigma full-frame mirrorless) and old rangefinders, and many things in between
+ B&H currently has adapters for 31 systems with a total of 144 options from 23 makers including KIPON, Fotodiox, Novoflex, Vivitar, lens-maker name-brand (Leica, Tokina, Schneider), astro-telescopy companies, etc…
+ prices range from $8 (Vivitar for M43rds) to $175 (Leica digiscoping adapter)
+ the T-mount adapters are not part of the daily deal, I’m mentioning them for anyone who may want to buy the lens at the sale price and pair them with their camera system(s)

+ Freehands gloves, 8 options, $10 to $18

+ Tamrac Arc Flash Accessory Pocket for $8

+ Apexel 4-in-1 Smartphone Lens with Tripod for $25

+ Nanuk 923 15″ Laptop Case for $140 after automatic in-cart $160 off coupon

+ MyGekoGear Orbit 122 1080p Dash Cam with 8GB microSD Card for $40
+ Dashography is the next big thing, trust me (not) I know (not) what I’m talking about 🙂

UPDATE #1: under “Electronics” at the Friday Woot daily deals they have a Parrot drones sale, $125 to $530, factory reconditioned, five options available, with a 90-day Tech Rabbit warranty, up to three per item per customer…

In-Stock Alert: Panasonic 85mm f1.8 S for $600 [L]

In-Stock come the camera gear and out of stock go the money in the wallet 🙂

This is the most affordable of this trilogy of in-stock alerts today, it is of interest to fans of the Panasonic-and-Friends L-mount, it is the Panasonic 85mm f1.8 S lens, in-stock and ready to ship at B&H Photo for its starting price of $598 with free US shipping…

In-Stock Alert: Nikon 58mm f0.95 Z lens

In our second of three back-to-back in-stock alerts, we have something very bright for Nikon Z shooters. F/0.95 is in town! That’s right, the Nikkor 58mm f0.95 Z lens is now in-stock and ready to ship for the very bright price of $7997 with free US shipping at B&H Photo… It comes with a 1-year warranty and a 4-year extension with online registration…

PS: for the speed-readers out there, there’s only one Z in the name, this is not a ZZ Top Fan Edition lens 😉

In-Stock Alert: Leica M10-P Reporter

How can you tell which reporters are telling the truth and which reporters are spreading myth-information, fake news and alternate facts? There’s only one way tell! The true reporters use the Leica M10-P “Reporter” digital rangefinder camera, which, as fate would have it, it is now in-stock and ready to ship for its starting price of $8795 at B&H Photo

The other two color options (Silver-Chrome, Black-Chrome) go for $1000 less…