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Deal History: List of all 100+ Tuesday Woot-Off deals (for Reference Only)

Now this paragraph is of historic interest. The Tuesday Woot-OFF is OVER. But during the Woot-off on Tuesday there were some technical difficulties. To counter that, for a few hours, Woot launched all the Woot-OFF deals at once. This is a list of 100+ items. If you were always curious to see what items are offered in a Woot-OFF but didn’t want to sit through it throughout the day, this list is a pretty good indicator of what they offer. This was the “Clearance/Sellout” sub-Woot Woot-Off…

Yes, this is the launch of our new “Deal History Channel” 🙂 We’re also planning a “Deal Shark Week” and a “Mega Deal Twilight Zone Marathon” 😉

Wedn: Meh-a-Thon, Nanlite, Zhiyun, Manfrotto Nitro, Etc

Countering the Tuesday Woot-Off (more on that in the next post above this), Meh is running its own variant of the Woot-off, a Meh-a-thon at the Meh website. One deal at a time, with a visible countdown clock on it. I have no clue what is in the pipeline, so YMMV…

No flash deals today either, but there are four items in the B&H daily deals for Wednesday 1/20/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Nanlite MixPad 27 Tunable RGB Hard and Soft LED Panel for $219

+ Manfrotto 612 Nitrotech Fluid Video Head and Carbon Fiber Twin Leg Tripod with Middle Spreader for $800 after a whooping $500 off in-cart automatic coupon

+ Zhiyun Crane-2 3-Axis Stabilizer with Focus Motor for $359 with FREE Zhiyun-Tech Remote Control for Crane 2

+ Pelican 1637 Air Case (Orange) for $200
+ neither vitamin C nor beta-carotene are in it 😉

UPDATE #1: among the Woot daily deals for Wednesday there’s a random accessories sale which includes a variety of self-rings, power banks, and, well, accessories of all kinds 🙂