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Friday: refurbished Canon SX720 HS compact-superzoom (40x) w/1yr warranty for $150

It’s not often we find a digital camera in the daily deals, but for Friday 7/17/20 we do so at the B&H daily deals [CORRECTED LINK]. It is red and refurbished and superzoom. It is the Canon SX720 HS going for $150. It comes with a 1-year parts and labor warranty per the listing [under “Specifications”]…

It has a 40x optical zoom and it is a DiGiC 6 era camera. As the “HS” in the model name suggests, this is a CMOS camera, while the “IS” for those too young to have lived through CCD sensor P&S Canon cameras, was used for CCD Powershots.

It is fascinating how camera size is relative. A compact superzoom like this, yet one of the reviewers complained it was “too heavy” and “bulky”. Mayhaps they didn’t try the focal range with DSLR lenses? 🙂

New round of B&H daily deals and this being FriYAY, they last until Saturday at 11:59pm ET, but as usual B&H does not accept orders Friday PM through Saturday PM [check their website for exact times]:

+ Impact 5-in-1 Collapsible Oval Reflector with Solid Gold (42×72″) for $50
+ why buy 5 when you buy 5-in-1? 🙂

+ Porta Brace AH-2.5 Padded Audio Harness for $109

+ Ikan Carbon Fiber Camera Slider with 19mm Track Rails (31″) for $129
+ unless you a surgeon or a dentist as your camera man, you need this 😉

+ Gabor Fixed Wall Mount for 42-65″ Flat Panel Screens for $20

128GB Samsung EVO Select microSDXC for $20

If you are a fan of the Samsung microSD cards, the new condition 128GB Samsung EVO Select microSDXC with full-size adapter (U3, UHS-I, model MB-ME128HA) is on sale for $20 with free shipping for Prime members or a $25+ order. You can buy as many as you want. This is not a lighting deal…

Speakin gof storage, for a limited time, Amazon Germany is offering the new condition 4TB Seagate Expansion Desktop External HDD for 80 euro-dollars…

CreativeLive Sales: Top 5 Instructors, 60% site-wide [and stackable $10 off coupon]

Creative LIVE has launched another sale, all classes from their Top 5 instructors are on sale for $29 or less. The Top Five [not to be confused with the Cylon Final Five] is Sue Bryce, John Greengo, Lindsay Adler, Ben Willmore and Andrew Scrinivari…

Separately, they are running a limited time 60% off site-wide sale. You see the price on the individual class page. No coupon needed…

… but if you want to save an extra $10, a coupon is needed, use coupon J4X79 and this can be stacked with the above discounts [in most cases I think]…

OR if you prefer to pay $0, do keep up with the free-streaming daily classes at the ON-AIR schedule. Note that these stream straight through, you don’t have Netflix-style DVR features while they are free-streaming…

Thursday: Polaroid Originals OneStep V2, ASUS PROART PA90 Mini Workstation, Vello Remote Shutter Releases, Sirui Tripod, NanLite, Etc

Never fear, Thursday is here and with it we have a utilitarian 4-pack of B&H daily deals, good until 11:59pm ET [or earlier if sold out]:

+ Vello FreeWave Plus Wireless Remote Shutter Releases for various systems, six options, $30 each

+ SirUI T-2004SK T-S Aluminum Travel Tripod for $86 after mail-in rebate
+ mail-in rebates and cockroaches will be the last ones standing on Planet Earth 😉

+ NanLite MixWand 18 RGB Hard and Soft LED Light Painting Wand Battery Kit for $159

+ SaraMonic VMIC Pro Super Directional Video Condenser Microphone for $79

A camera is leading the way at the Best Buy daily deals, it is the new condition
Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 VF Analog Instant Film Camera going for $60 and it comes with the Shutterlag coupon…

To the NewEgg dailies we go now where they have, among others, the following potentially interesting items:

+ 512GB Team microSDXC card for $60

+ 6TB Seagate Expansion external USB drive for $105 after coupon but the reviewers are not very happy with it (3 out of 5 based on 300+ ratings as of the time of writing)

+ ASUS ProArt PA90 Mini PC Workstation for $1500 with add to cart
+ Core i7-9700K, Nvidia Quadro P4000, Thunderbolt 3, 16GB DDR4 [supports up to 64GB], 512 GB M.2 SSD + 1 TB HHD. bluetooth 5.0, Advanced Cooling features, etc

Meanwhile Amazon has a digital magazine sale [with auto-renewals] with the first year of National Geographic going for $9 in Kindle format. The print edition is for six months with auto-renewal. Auto-renewal will be at the futurely current price…

And for those in the EU, Amazon Germany has a Nikon Z summer sale with 16 options…

And we close with the Adorama daily deal, going with a $99 webcam with auto-focusing, the Green Extreme T300 HD…