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Adorama Black Friday Preview Sale (1200+ options)

It’s Friday, YAY and it also means we are just two weeks away from the actual Black Friday. And Adorama is running their Black Friday Preview sale featuring nearly 1300 items (1294 as of the time of writing ~ may fluctuate if items sell-out, etc, etc). There are too many to list here individually, but you can filter them based on your areas of interest (brands, product types, price ranges, etc) using the various filters on the aforelinked page…

PS: speaking of Black Friday, I have “digested” the various Black Friday ads (a tradition unlike any other ~ even though the Black Friday Ads are decidedly off their glory days), and will be organizing them into a humanly-readable post later today. It will be posted at the main blog (mainly because all previous versions got posted there). I will post a separate alert blog-post here when it goes up. SPOILER ALERT: the best offers are NOT at consumer electronics stores 🙂

$50 off each one of select Masters of Photography Bundles with CL coupon

Creative LIVE is back with a limited time COUPON promotion. Using coupon code MOP50 until 11/16/19 at 11:59pm, you can get $50 off each one of the three Masters of Photography Bundles. If you buy one, you get $50 off, if you buy two, you get $100 off, if you get all three, you get $150 off. In other words, $50 off each.

The bundles are of the following photographers: Steve McCurry, Albert Watson and Joel Meyerowitz. Clicking on each over there shows more details about the classes…

512GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC for $80

The lower capacities (from the highest available) often offer a better bang for the buck in memory cards, but if you must have a 512GB microSDXC memory card, Amazon itself is offering the new condition 512GB Sandisk Ultra (C10, A1, U1, UHS-I) for $80 with up to four per customer at the sale price from Amazon itself… But if you want better stats, the 512GB Extreme (V30, A2, U3, UHS-I) goes for $110…

These came up while price-checking the Friday Best Buy dailies which has the 512GB Sandisk Ultra Plus going for $120…

Sachtler Dr Bag #3, Cactus Wireless Kits, Etc (ends Sat PM)

FriYay is here with four B&H daily deals that as usual run until Saturday at 11:59pm ET (but B&H does not accept orders between Friday PM and Saturday PM):

+ SACHTLER Dr. Bag 3 for $100
+ no, this Dr.cannot write prescriptions but this Dr. can bag all your money 😉

+ Cactus Wireless Transceiver kits, three options, $75 to $100

+ RotaTrim Monorail Cutter (18″) for $127

+ various Swann security DVR cam systems

Humble Bundle has GIMP ebooks at $1+ and $8+ tiers

We haven’t visited Humble Bundle in a while but since one of the offers is of photography interest, the time is right to write about them right now! All the offers mentioned below are “Pay What You Want” and start at $1. If you pay that, you get the first collection of ebooks. Paying more at the designated tiers on each offer gets you additional ebooks. But for the first tier, $1 is enough! All these are DRM-free ebooks and they are typically offered in multiple formats (eg ePUB, PDF, etc).

The Linux and BSD bookshelf at the $1 tier includes, among others, the ebook “The Artist’s Guide to GIMP: Creative Techniques for Photographers, Artists and Designers”. Six more ebooks are there including Audacity, Firewalls, Debugging, etc… GIMP has another ebook in the $8+ tier, the “The Book of GIMP”, along with “The Book of Inkscape” (graphics editor), Blender, OpenBSD [the BSD vs Linux war is as ancient as time itself?] and more… The $15+ tier goes more hardcore Linux, no GIMP at that tier.

If you like food and wine and/or food-n-wine photography, there’s a Food and Wine bundle. No how-to-photograph-food ebooks however 🙂

Then there’s a confusing Music and Design bundle that has ebooks on how to learn music instruments and ebooks on design in general (not of music instruments)…

But if you want more design, they got you covered too with the Designers bundle that also has some money/marketing ebooks for the creatives. The $15+ tier has a “color combinations” ebook along with a scary sounding title “Self-Portrait As Your Traitor” by Debbie Millman… IF you want spoilers on what this ebook is about you can find them in the Amazon description [it’s probably not what you guessed?]

Each one of the bundles has its own expiration date. Sometimes they get extended, sometimes they don’t, so don’t delay if you see something you like. They take PayPal, you don’t have to give them a credit card. They also take AliPay.

Thursday: Nikon 18-140mm f3.5-5.6G ED DX VR for $200

The main Woot deal of the day is a “Woot Plus” Give the Gift of Technologie sale featuring 25 in-stock items (and one sold-out). One of the in-stock items is the new condition Nikon 18-140mm f3.5-5.6G ED DX VR lens going for $200 with free shipping for Prime members and a 90-day Woot warranty (not a 1-year Nikon warranty). Limit up to ten lenses per customer at the sale price. Sale ends at 11:59pm central time on Thursday 11/14/19 (or earlier if sold out)…