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In-Stock at Two Authorized: Nikon D850 Filmmaker’s Kit

Another update from the Stock Status Tracker the official Nikon D850 filmmaker’s kit is now in-stock and ready to ship for $5550 at B&H Photo and Adorama… Note that both stores will be closed from Friday PM until Monday night, so if you need this to ship right away, order before the upcoming holiday closing!

Nikon D850 body available USED for $3150 and NEW for $3300

Today’s update of the Stock Status Tracker has an interesting development! The Nikon D850 is available for purchase in USED condition for $3150 or NEW condition for $3300 at KEH Camera. I don’t remember my KEH password, so I don’t know what the shipping estimate is for these two options…

KEH offers a 180-day warranty on used products in condition EX or better, so that’s half of a manufacturer warranty, so factor that in the price. The particular one offered at KEH is “LN -” condition (Like New Minus) and comes with a battery and charger.

PS: if you prefer imported grey-market in new condition, you can get it for $3050 by 6ave’s eBay store

(ENDED) Ends Sat PM: 20% off $150+ Monoprice orders

This coupon expired…

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