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240+ options in latest AWD Closeout sales

Amazon’s Warehouse Deals (AWD) latest “Closeout sale” (50% off or less sale) includes over 240 options, includlng some lenses and older digital cameras. These type of sales are more of a fishing expedition, so if you like those types of adventures, they are waiting for you…

Imported Nikon D850 body only drops to $3060

An update of the Stock Status Tracker has a new lower price of the imported gray market Nikon D850 body only, going for $3060 with free shipping with a 1-year seller warranty from the seller, 6ave… The new condition price at authorized Nikon USA dealers is $3300…

CreativeLIVE Photoshop Week 2018 starts Monday 12pm ET [pre-order for $299]

The 2018 Photoshop Week at CreativeLIVE starts on Monday at 12pm eastern at their website. It runs Monday through Friday with a total of 42 classes streaming LIVE for the first time! As part of the build-up, CL is offering a pre-order price of $299 that gets you all the 42 classes that will roll out during the week.

Meanwhile their Sunday ON-AIR schedule is currently streaming for FREE Jasmine Star’s “Wedding Photography”, and some non-photography classes.

(ENDED) KEH Flash Sale: 15% off Lenses until 6pm ET w/coupon [1500+ options]

This 8-hour flash coupon expired… KEH is back with an 8-hour flash sale! Good until 6pm ET on Monday 5/14/18, coupon code LENS5A gets you 15% off Lenses at KEH Camera. Over 1500 options are available. As usual, their shopping cart is the ultimate decider on what qualifies for the coupon promotion…

(ENDED) Tue (B&H): Magnus PV-7451M Tripod/Monopod with 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head for $50, Etc

These expired BUT for more action, check the B&H Featured Sales

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(SOLD OUT) Refurbished Olympus E-PL7 body for $200

As of a Tuesday 2:20am ET recheck, the refurbished E-PL7 body onlines for $200 sold out…

Refill time! The official Olympus USA outlet store has been refilled. As of the time of writing, it has a total 40 different refurbished listings! Among them is the refurbished silver Olympus E-PL7 body or the black Olympus E-PL7 body for $200 each with free shipping and a 90-day Olympus USA warranty. They are both shown as in-stock as of the time of writing.

(ENDED) YI 4K Action Camera Action Camera for $126

This lightning deal expired… Among the Monday Gold Box Lightning Deals running until 11:10pm ET (or earlier if sold out) you can get the new condition YI 4K Action Camera Action Camera for $143~ minus a $17 off green clip-off coupon, making it $126~. It is 60% claimed as of 6:16pm ET. The seller for this listing is Seeverything and Fulfilled by Amazon…