15% off on PocketWizard (70 options)

Adorama has a 15% off sale on Pocket Wizard products with 70 items participating, with five pages of search results over there. Or change the results per page filter over there to see more of them on a single ever-scrolling page. No coupon needed, the price you see is the sale price.

PS: while trying to figure out which href link I mistyped, I changed some of the timestamps of today’s posts while troubleshooting. There is no method to the madness, just live troubleshooting. Side-effects of handwritten HTML and bursts of posts I’m afraid 🙂

PS2: if you missed yesterday’s burst of posts, many of them are already on Page #2. Or you can check them by date, eg the August 11 posts. You can find ready-made links to the first five pages under the HOME button on the leftmost side of the main menu. And you can find the Calendar widget (to check posts by specific day) towards the middle of the right sidebar.