128GB Delkin 1050X UDMA 7 CompactFlash for $100

Vroom-vroom with a 1050X Compactflash, the 128GB Delkin 1050X UDMA 7 Cinema (model DDCF1050-128 GB) is on sale for $100 with free shipping at B&H Photo and Amazon itself.

Speaking of storage-related items, Amazon itself offers this 128GB SanDisk CZ48 USB 3.0 Flash drive (model SDCZ48-128G-U46) for the very specific price of $24.31. This is not a lightning deal.

Speaking of Amazon, if you are close to the $25+/$49+ limits, $2 is all it takes to get the new condition “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” DVD. Not sure how they can afford to sell it for $2 and not even have a quantity-limit per customer. But what do I know? I’m just a blogflower 😉