(ENDED) 1-Year Dropbox Plus Subscription with $25 Promo e-Gift Card for $60

This sale expired…

Dell Small Business is off to the Black Friday races with a cloud-busting deal. They are offering 1-Year Annual Dropbox PLUS subscription for $60 and with that you also receive a $25 promotional Dell e-Gift Card within 20 days after purchasing.

Dropbox Plus gets you 1TB of storage for one year for one user. They support all the major platforms including Linux. I do not know if this offer can be appended to an existing Dropbox paid subscription.

The $25 promo e-gift card can only be spent at Dell, and usually within 90 days upon receipt. That’s why it’s a promotional e-gift card instead of a regular gift card.

This is the headliner offer of a brand new 48-hour, you guessed it, pre Black Friday sale. You are going to hear and read this term every ten milliseconds this month 🙂