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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Samsung NX300 w/20-50 for $450

On the Samsung NX front, the Samsung NX300 with the 20-50mm zoom lens is offered for $450 with free shipping in either black or white at B&H Photo and Amazon. Samsung has an agreement with Adobe and the Lightroom software is included in the camera box by Samsung.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Refurbished Sony a3000 w/18-55 for $255 (and others)

Woot Plus has another round of cameras on sale, this round expiring April 3 at 9am Central time. Among the cameras remaining in-stock (as of the time of writing), they have the refurbished Sony a3000 w/18-55mm mirrorless for $250 and the refurbished white Samsung NX2000 w/20-50mm for $250. Limit one of each. Shipping is the usual $5 flat. The sale also includes about half a dozen of P&S cameras, some superzooms. These are cyclical sales at Woot, they keep returning one way or another until they sell out.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rokinon 16mm f2 for $300 in eight mounts (SLR & mirrorless)

The latest eBay Deals include the new condition Rokinon 16mm f2 prime lens offered for $300 with free shipping by eBay seller "bestpriceoptics" (99.8%). This is available in eight different mounts, four SLR (Canon, Nikon, Alpha, Pentax) and four MirrorNYETs (M43rds, Fuji X, Sony NEX E, Samsung NX). This is a manual focus lens. As with all eBay deals, this is a limited time offer.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Samsung NX1100 w/20-50mm for $275

If you are NX-system curious, you can now get the white Samsung NX1100 with the 20-50mm lens for $275 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself (limit 2)... Maybe Samsung needs to start giving these out for free when one buys a new flagship Galaxy Note superphone. That's one way to grab market share... Research with Samsung NX1100 reviews list...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Samsung NX2000 w/20-50mm (white) for $430

The white Samsung NX2000 with the 20-50mm lens is on sale for $430 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon herself. Limit two per shopping cart... Optionally you can get a $75 off combined purchase discount if you buy it together with the Samsung 10mm fisheye lens (exp. 2/1/14)... Research the camera with Samsung NX2000 reviews list...

Monday, January 13, 2014

Samsung NX300 (brown) w/20-50 for $500

B&H Photo is offering the brown Samsung NX300 w/20-50mm for $500 with free shipping. Optionally you can get combined purchase discounts if you buy this kit along with other NX lenses (click the link below "Buy Together & Save" over there for the details)... Research with Samsung NX300 reviews list...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Discount: Samsung Galaxy NX w/18-55 down to $1500

The Samsung Galaxy NX android mirrorless camera is having its first "down to earth" reality check discount. The NX with the 18-55mm kit is now down $200, selling for $1500 at Rakuten (Cameta) and OneCall on eBay and NewEgg on eBay and B&H Photo and OneCall and various at Amazon... Research with Samsung Galaxy NX reviews list...

Samsung 50-200mm f4-5.6 white for $265

The white Samsung 50-200mm f4-5.6 NX system lens is now down to $265 with free shipping at Amazon (limit 2) and at Walmart.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Samsung NX300 w/20-50 & Bag & Charger & Extras for $500

The Electronics Gift Guide Deal of the Day for Sunday 12/8/13 at Amazon.com are three different color options of this Samsung NX300 w/20-50mm and Extras Bundle offered for $500 each. The three camera colors are white, brown and black. The extras are an extra free bag, camera strap, charger and battery. This ends by 3am ET on Monday 12/9/13... Research with Samsung NX300 reviews list...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

(ENDED) Samsung NX300 brown w/20-50 & 50-200mm for $570

As of a 11/22/13 recheck, this ended: The brown Samsung NX300 with the 20-50mm and black 50-200mm lens is now going for $570 at B&H Photo (ends 11/23/13)... Research with Samsung NX300 reviews list...

On the other hand, if you want an entry-point into the Samsung NX system without breaking the bank or committing to the system, for $300 you can get either the black NX1100 w/20-50 or the white NX1100 w/20-50... Research with Samsung NX1100 reviews list (only one review as of the time of writing).

Both cameras come with Lightroom included in the box. This is a Samsung-Adobe deal. I don't know which version of Lightroom. Thanks to Diego for the reminder in the comments!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Samsung NX1100 w/20-50 for $300 (includes Lightroom by default)

A Samsung NX discount! The Samsung NX1100 with 20-50mm lens is now going for $300 with free shipping at B&H Photo in white or black. The camera box includes Lightroom on a DVD-ROM (a Samsung and Adobe agreement, similar to what Leica does with Adobe software). It does not state which version... Optionally, if you click on "Buy Together & Save", you can add the 50-200m f4-5.6 lens for +$115.

Bower 35mm f1.4 manual lens for $330 (C/N/A/P/FT/NX)

B&H Photo is offering the Bower 35mm f1.4 manual lens for $330 with free shipping in the Canon, Nikon, Alpha, Pentax K, and Four Thirds SLR mounts, along with the Samsung NX mirrorless. The NX version gets 2% promotional rewards. This is one of the many names of Samyang lenses. Promotion ends by 11/19/13.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bower 8mm f3.5 fisheye for $209 w/free S&H (C/N/A/P/NEX/NX)

Fisheye temptations now at B&H Photo where they are offering the Bower 8mm f3.5 fisheye lens for $209 with free shipping and 2% promotional rewards in the Canon and Nikon and Alpha and K-mount SLR mounts and the Sony NEX and Samsung NX mirrorless mounts. NOTE: the Nikon chipped version and Four Thirds SLR versions go cost more! Bower is one of the many brands Samyang uses to market their lenses.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Samsung NX2000 w/20-50 & 50-200 for $500 (was $550)

B&H Photo is offering the Samsung NX2000 with 20-50mm and a free 50-200mm lens for $500 $550 with free shipping. Keep in mind when price-checking online, if you find it at < href='http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-EV-NX2000BFWUS-Wireless-Digital-3-7-Inch/dp/B00D5N67T2/?tag=noisydeals10-20'>crazy prices, those are probably not authorized Samsung dealers, and not B&H level quality of service... Research with Samsung NX2000 reviews list... Blog-post updated 10/25/13 at 12:13pm ET...

Friday, October 11, 2013

Woot refurbished camera sale: Samsung NX200, Sony HX20, Samsung WB250, WB150, etc

The rolling camera gear sale at Tech Woot Plus includes the factory refurbished Samsung NX200 w/18-55 for $400 [see reviews list], along with the refurbished Sony DSC-HX20V/B superzoom for $190, the refurbished Samsung WB250 and WB150 for $100 each, a couple more P&S models, a trio of LED lights, a couple of tripods, and a 16GB Class 4 SD. Limits vary from 1 to 3 per item.Whatever doesn't sell out will likely roll over into a future Woot offering. This sale ends by October 11 at 9AM CT.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Samsung NX300 with 20-50mm white for $525

As a limited time offer, OneCall at the Rakuten marketplace is offering the white Samsung NX300 with 20-50mm lens, model EV-NX300ZBFUUS, for $525 with free shipping. Ends by 10/7/13 or earlier... Research with Samsung NX300 reviews list...

Meanwhile good for today only, get 7% Back in Rakuten Super Points Rewards on Computers & Electronics when you enter Promo Code TECH7 during your purchase. This is valid on 10/1/13 only!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Refurbished Samsung camera sale returns: NX100, NX10, NX200 and superzooms

The usual assortment of Samsung cameras at Woot have now moved to the Woot Tech Garage Sale, good until September 23 at 9AM CT in 2013. These include:

+ refurbished NX100 w/20-50 for $220 (limit 3)
+ refurbished NX10 w/18-55 for $310 (limit 3)
+ refurbished NX200 w/18-55 for $400 (limit 1)
+ various Samsung superzoom P&S cameras
+ various accessories
+ shipping is $5 flat regardless of what or how many you buy
+ this sale ends 9/23/13 at 9am central

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Woot Camera Sale headlined by Samsung NX-series cameras again

Woot Plus has launched yet another Camera Sale featuring more or less the same group of refurbished and new Samsung NX system cameras and point and shoots, with a Panasonic compact-zooms thrown in for good measure. Some are new condition, some refurbished - check the listings of each individual item for details. Also part of the sale are some accessories. This round expires by 9/6/13 at 9am CT, but any unsold items will likely be recycled in a future Woot deal.

Monday, September 02, 2013

New arrivals and discounts at B&H Photo (round-up)

This blog-post is a round-up of new arrivals and discounts at B&H Photo!

+ white Samsung 30mm f2 NX pancake for $200

+ Nanoha Auto Extension Tube Set for either NEX or M43rds for $160 + S&H per set

+ various Case Logic bags in-stock ranging from $20 (mirrorless day holster) to $100 (DSLR and iPad backpacks)

+ various Cobra power inverters from $29 to $103

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Samsung NX camera sale again: Refurb NX100 w/20-50 for $225 or new NX1000 w/20-50 for $285 [and more]

Another wave of Samsung cameras is on sale at Woot Plus. This promotion expires 8/27/13 at 9am central and includes:

* refurbished Samsung NX100 w/20-50 (NX100ZBABC) for $220
* new condition Samsung NX-1000 w/20-50 (EV-NX1000BABUS) for $280 [limit one!]
* refurbished Samsung NX10 w/18-55 (NX10ZZBABC) for $310
* refurbished Samsung NX200 w/18-55 (NX200ZBSBC) for $400 [limit one]
* six refurbished superzooms from $100 to $110
* one $65 P&S camera
* a handful of non-Samsung accessories that refuse to sell out
* limit 3 of each model per customer
* shipping is a flat $5 for all your single-day purchases

Research the above using the Samsung NX Cameras Reviews Lists and the Samsung NX Lenses Reviews Lists.

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