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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Meta: Price Chart of APS-C DSLRs

If you want to get a quick snapshot of the prices of the various APS-C DSLRs, we just posted the APS-C DSLRs Price Chart at the main blog. If you missed them, last week we also posted price snapshots Compacts with RAW and Mirrorless Cameras and 35mm full frame cameras.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Stock status page updates (T3i, T3, 60D, D90, D700, D7000, K-5, K-r, GH2, GF2, M9, S95, LX5, X100)

We have just finished updating a handful of stock status pages. You can find all the available stock status pages in the middle of the right sidebar of this blog. The ones in bold are typically updated more often. The theme of this update was decidedly price increases! Cameras are listed alphabetically within each subgroup below...

Fixed Lens Cameras
+ Canon S95: prices stable, lowest $390 with coupon LOYALTY10 at Abe's of Maine

+ Fuji X100 - two retailers accept online pre-orders nao: OneCall and J&R World

+ Panasonic LX5 - lowest price for black LX5 remains $400 at J&R World and Amazon. White LX5 harder to find, creeps up to $433~

Mirrorless + RF
+ Leica M9: black M9 for $7000 by third-parties at Amazon including Ace Photo, Willoughby's and 17th Street

+ Panasonic GF2: prices remain the same, supply also the same

+ Panasonic GH2: black w/14-140 for $1500 at Adorama

+ Canon T3i/600D and T3/1100D: the baseline prices have remained the same, however, the organic prices have increased since the T3i and T3 kits are harder to find in-stock

+ Canon 60D: prices increase by $100 across the board ($1000 body, $1300 w/18-135, $1400 w/18-200)

+ Nikon D700: prices steady, supplies slowly running out

+ Nikon D7000: body only sold-out, while D7000 w/18-105 has one discount left, $1480 + S&H at Abt Electronics

+ Nikon D90: body only jumps from $750 to $900 at many, w/18-105 jumps from $960 to $1200 at many; Target.com saves the day by offering the D90 w/18-105 for $1050

+ Pentax K-5: body only prices go up to $1500, except for Abe's of Maine where you can get it for $1395 with coupon LOYALTY15... Silver Limited edition sells out

+ Pentax K-r: all kits have gone slightly up at B&H/Adorama/Amazon except for the K-r w/35mm; there, the 18-55/50-200 remains the best-bang for $700, w/18-55 for $650, body for $600, zoomier two-lens kit (18-55/55-300) for $800, w/35mm for $770 at B&H/Adorama/Amazon. However, Abe's of Maine comes to the rescue: w/18-55 & 55-300 for $747, w/18-55 & 50-200 for $644 with coupon LOYALTY15, and $600 for the w/18-55 kits

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stock Status Page updates (14 cameras updated)

We have refreshed some of the many stock status pages. This update is now completed. We have grouped the cameras in four categories to make it easier to scan them through. Please note prices are as of the time of writing (or the "Latest Update" date) and they are not updated automatically...

35mm full frame sensors
+ Nikon D700 - $2325 at Abe's of Maine w/LOYALTY15, $2400 by Amazon itself, B&H/Adorama jump up to $2700

+ Canon 5DMk2 (right sidebar): body only for $2500, w/24-105L for $3300

+ Nikon D3s (left sidebar): $5000 at Cameta, $5200 elsewhere

+ Leica M9: black in-stock for $7000 at B&H Photo

+ Canon T3i/600D: prices steady at $800/$900, with T3i w/18-135 in-stock for $1100 at J&R World

+ Canon 60D - prices steady at $900, $1200 and $1300

+ Nikon D7000: body only for $1182~, w/18-105 for $1445 at Amazon and eligible for Nikon Instant Rebates

+ Pentax K-5: body-only for $1350~, w/18-55mm for $1500~

+ Sony A55/A33 - all kits in-stock for $750/$850 and $600/$700

+ Panasonic GF2 - more kits in-stock, prices steady

+ Panasonic GH2 - not in-stock

Fixed Lens Cameras
+ Canon S95 for $370 at Amazon and J&R World

+ Fuji X100 - in pre-order status at some places

+ Panasonic LX5: $400 either body color

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Canon 60D stock status page launched (60D w/18-200 in-stock for $1300)

The Canon 60D received the most requests for a new stock status page, so we launched a Canon 60D stock status page. You can also find the link to it in the right sidebar of this blog and the main blog under the "Stock Status" section. As of this update, the prices are fixed across most of the major retailers, $900 for the body-only, $1200 w/18-135mm and $1300 w/18-200.

The kit with the 18-200mm is in-stock for $1300 at Target, and Sears itself. (As of March-11-2011 12:18am EST, Vanns has sold out.)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nikon D700 stock status page launched

With the Oscars and all being today, we issued a "life time achievement" award to the Nikon D700. We couldn't afford a gold statue, so instead we launched a D700 stock status page :)

As usual, you can find all the stock status pages towards the middle of the right sidebar of this blog, and also the main blog. You can also get a list of the stock status pages at the main blog at the stock status page archives.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Canon S95 stock status page launched (best price $368 w/free S&H)

As mentioned earlier on, we have now just launched a Canon S95 stock status and price-checker page. You can find this and all the other stock status pages in the right sidebar of this blog and the main blog.

As of this update, the lowest prices among the retailers we track are $368 with free shipping at Abt Electronics and $369 with free shipping at Adorama.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stock status pages updated (D7000, K-5, A55, X100, GH2, and more)

We have just refreshed the stock status pages of the following cameras, with these being the lowest prices as the time of writing (prices in the blog-posts are not updated automatically - check the retailers for the most current updates):

New Stock Status pages
+ Canon T3i and T3: both DSLRs in pre-order status
+ Panasonic GF2: w/14-42mm shipping for $600 in red or black

35mm Full Frame
+ Nikon D3s (left sidebar): $5000 by Cameta Camera
+ Leica M9 - in-stock for $7000 at B&H Photo in black or gray

+ Alpha A55: w/18-55 in-stock for $850 at various authorized retailers
+ Canon T2i: $657 body, $769 w/18-55, $980 w/18-135mm
+ Canon 7D: body for $1460~, w/28-135 for $1625, w/18-135 for $1694 (Amazon)
+ Canon 1D Mark IV - $4740 via special order at OneCall
+ Nikon D90: $750 body at J&R World, w/18-105: $900 at Amazon and NewEgg
+ Nikon D7000: $1185 body w/coupon LOYALTY15 at Abe's of Maine; $1410 w/18-105mm at Cameta
+ Pentax K-5 - body only around $1450, w/18-55 around $1580
+ Pentax K-x: w/18-55: $470 (green), w/18-55/50-200: $600 (white, red), w/18-55/55-300: $650 black (B&H) - lots of discontinued K-x kits

+ Panasonic GH2: not in-stock

Fixed Lense
+ Fuji X100 - waiting Amazon is taking pre-orders
+ Panasonic LX5 - around $400~, black or white
+ Samsung EX1/TL500: $300 by Beach Camera at Buy.com

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pentax K-5 price-check: $1579 w/18-55 ($1420 body only ends) [updated]

We have just refreshed the Pentax K-5 stock status page and as of the time of this update, the best prices among the retailers we track on a regular basis are:

+ body-only for $1470~ $1420 w/free S&H at B&H Photo
+ w/18-55 WR for $1579 at Adorama

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Price-check: Canon S95 for $370~

After a quick price-check, it looks like the current price of the Canon S95 is around $370~ at Amazon by Amazon and Best Buy which also offers a free 4GB SDHC card and a photo book thing. Not the lowest prices as this camera appears to be popular so there is not as much incentive to discount it much. As you may recall, it almost crashed NewEgg during Black Friday Madness when it was offered for $300 as a true e-doorbuster - it sold out within a few seconds.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Price-check: Pentax K-5: $1494 bo, $1590 w/18-55

Time to price-check the other "DxO darling" camera, the Pentax K-5. We have just refreshed the K-5 stock status page and the lowest prices among the retailers we track are:

+ body-only: $1494 at Adorama
+ w/18-55WR: $1590 at Abe's of Maine w/coupon ABESAVES, $1620 elsewhere (Amazon, B&H Photo, Adorama)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stock Status and Price Check updates

Things have finally quieted enough so we can refresh some of the Stock Status pages. We will try to get to as many as we can, but we probably won't be able to refresh them all. UPDATE: This edition is now final! We will get to the rest of the updates at another day.

+ Canon T2i:
+++ body-only: $720 at Sears, $725 at NewEgg, $750 elsewhere
+++ w/18-55mm: $850 just about everywhere
+++ w/18-135mm: remains at $1100
+++ w/18-55 & 55-250mm for $877 at the Amazon Canon Instant Rebates [HOT DEAL ALERT!]
+++ previous best deal of above kit was $929 at Adorama and B&H Photo

+ Canon 5D Mk2 (right sidebar): $2480 body-only, $3210 w/24-105L at B&H and Amazon

+ Canon 7D:
+++ refurbished body only: $1400 at Adorama
+++ body-only: $1550 at Best Buy, $1600 w/free 16GB Extreme CF at Abe's of Maine
+++ w/28-135mm: $1800 w/free 16GB Extreme CF at Abes' of Maine
+++ w/18-135mm: $1900 w/free 16GB Extreme CF at Abe's of Maine

+ Canon 1D Mark IV: $4896 at B&H Photo

+ Nikon D90: best deals are through the Nikon Instant Rebates

+ Nikon D7000: accepting pre-orders at $1200 (BO) and $1500 (w/lens)

+ Nikon D3s (left sidebar): nobody at $5200, $5500 at Cameta

+ Pentax K-x: w/18-55 for $500~, w/18-55/50-200 $600 at Adorama, 18-55/55-300 $650 at Adorama

+ Pentax K-7: kit w/18-55mm WR is $925 at Adorama. Body-only $880~ at J&R

+ BIGMA OS - all five mounts are in-stock and shipping at $1600

+ Canon S90: $337 at B&H Photo and Adorama; GONE at J&R, Abt, Vanns, Best Buy and NewEgg

+ Canon G11: $429 at Adorama , open-box $352 + S&H at Vanns

+ Panasonic LX3 - $350 for silver at Adorama (add to cart)

+ Panasonic LX5: black LX5 for $449 at OneCall.com, white LX5 for $460+

+ Samsung EX1/TL500: $370 at Tigerdirect, the rest are $410+

+ Leica M9 - black M9 shipping for $7000 at B&H Photo

+ Olympus E-PL1: $510 w/free shipping at B&H in gold, black or blue

Monday, June 28, 2010

Price-Check and Stock-Status updates of hot cameras

Shocking as it may be for a Monday, things have quieted down, which means it is time to start going through our never-ending ToDo list! We have refreshed all the stock-status pages except for the E-P1, which is painful to update and doesn't change much... Cameras are listed alphabetically within each sub-group below...

Fixed-lens digital cameras
+ Canon G11 - lowest price remains $450

+ Canon S90 - $344 w/free S&H at Abe's of Maine

+ Panasonic LX3 - black for $373 at Abe's of Maine (silver $370 w/coupon ABESAVES)

Mirrorless cameras
+ Olympus E-PL1 - $450 body-only, $525 with 14-42mm kit lens

+ Olympus E-P2 - kits (zoom or pancake) start at $800 - not very price-competitive now with NEX and NX. Olympus wake up and smell the discounts?

+ Panasonic GF1 and GH1 - GF1 w/14-45mm for $744 includes free LVF1 EVF at Amazon & B&H Photo

+ Samsung NX10 - $650 for the standard kit w/18-55, two-lens kits for $800/$850 (added more system accessories to the table)

DSLRs (APS-C sensors)
+ Canon T2i - $800 body-only, $850 w/18-55, $981 two-lens kit (55-250), $1100 w/18-135mm

+ Canon 7D - status quo at $1600, $1800 and $1900

+ Nikon D90 - D90 w/18-105 DX VR for $1019 from Amazon itself - also qualifies for instant rebates w/70-300 VR

+ Pentax K-x - two-lens kits disappearing, standard kit $497 to $525 depending on body-color and seller

+ Pentax K-7 - body-only for $819, w/18-55 WR for $928 (prices up since Father's Day discounts)

Cameras with 35mmFF and APS-H sensors
+ Canon 1D Mark IV - $4783 w/free S&H from OneCall

+ Canon 5D Mark II (right sidebar) - $2400 for body-only, $3200 w/24-105; both qualify for printer mail-in rebates

+ Leica M9 - not in-stock at $7000

+ Nikon D3s (left sidebar) - none in-stock at $5200, but 17th Street on Amazon has three for $6000 (OUCH!)

+ BIGMA 50-500mm OS - Canon, Nikon ship for $1430; Alpha and K-mount in pre-order

Monday, May 31, 2010

Hot Camera Stock Status updates [update completed]

The update of the stock status pages is finally complete. We are now seeing stars for sure :) We managed to finish them all, so there is no need for part #1 and part #2. Since this is completed, we have re-arranged them alphabetically-within-group by camera type to make it easier to scout for cameras you might be interested in.


+ Canon T2i stock status - T2i with 18-135mm at $1100 (if you want/need the 18-135mm lens)

+ Canon 7D - prices as expected at $1600, $1800 and $1900

+ Nikon D90 - best body-only for $760, kit with 18-135mm for $1038

+ Pentax K-7 - $864 body-only, $980 with the 18-55mm WR

+ Pentax K-x - prices climbing up, especially the two-lens kits

35mm full frame and APS-H

+ Canon 5D Mark II (right sidebar) - $2400 for body-only, $3200 with 24-105, with bonus 8GB CF

+ Canon 1D Mark IV - $5000 with bonus 32GB Delkin Class 6 SDHC

+ Leica M9 - not in-stock

+ Nikon D3s (left sidebar): pre-order only


+ Olympus E-P2 - E-P2 with 14-42mm and EVF kits getting discontinued, they go for same price as without EVF - around $900

+ Olympus E-P1 - body-only for $490, with 14-42mm for $600, with 17mm and VF1 for $680

+ Olympus E-PL1 - $542 for the black kit, gold/blue at/near $600

+ Panasonic GF1 and GH1 - the GF1 kits have dropped to $750 and $800, GH1 stable at $1190

+ Samsung NX10 - the NX10 with the 18-55m lens drops $50 to $650 (thank you Sony!)

Fixed-lens Compacts

+ Canon S90 - best price $356 with free mini-tripod

+ Canon G11 - steady at $450 at multiple places

+ Panasonic LX3 - lowest $374 for silver, $389 for black

And a lens

+ Sigma 50-500mm OS (BIGMA) shipping for $1430 in Canon and Nikon

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Price-check and stock-status update of hot cameras (part #1)

All apologies for the big delays in-between refreshes of some of the stock-status pages. We updated about half of them tonight, and hopefully we can update the rest Monday night.

+ Canon G11: $450 at Amazon and NewEgg

+ Canon T2i/550D: $850 at Adorama and Best Buy

+ Canon 1D Mark IV: shipping for $5000 at multiple retailers (free 32GB Delkin Class 6 SDHC at OneCall)

+ Leica M9 - the black M9 is shown as in-stock at Adorama for $7000

+ Nikon D90: Body-Only for $770 (B&H, Adorama); w/18-105mm DX VR for $1030 (B&H, Adorama)

+ Nikon D3s (left sidebar): pre-orders at $5200

+ Olympus E-PL1: $550 with the 14-42mm at multiple retailers, $500 body-only

+ Panasonic LX3: around $385 with coupon ABESAVES at Abe's of Maine (black or silver)

+ Pentax K-x: $500 for single-lens, $588 and $680 for the two two-lens kits

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Price-checks of some of the hottest cameras (completed)

Time to refresh the stock-status pages of some of the hottest cameras du jour. Check the stock-status pages for each individual camera for all the details. We also spotlight some of them here for the speed-readers.

+ Canon T2i w/18-55mm for $900 at J&R World et al
+ 1D Mark IV for $5000 at OneCall et al
+ Canon S90: $367 w/coupon ABESAVES at Abe's of Maine
+ Canon G11: $449 by Amazon itself and Nuevo Huevo
+ Canon 7D - use coupon ABESAVES, with free 16GB CF at Abe's of Maine (body only ($1590), w/28-135 ($1790)

+ Leica M9: pre-order only

+ Nikon D90 body-only for $767 w/coupon ABESAVES and free 8GB SDHC card at Abe's of Maine, $774 at Amazon
+ D90 w/18-135mm: $1020 w/coupon ABESAVES & bonus 4gb SD at Abe's of Maine, $1024 at Amazon
+ Nikon D3s: Pre-order only - see top-left corner of D3s reference page

+ Olympus E-PL1: $600 everywhere in all three colors
+ Olympus E-P2: $999 w/14-42mm by Beach on Amazon, $1069 w/17mm by 17th on Amazon
+ Olympus E-P1 - disappearing from stores, price dropping, $530 body-only, $630 with zoom-lens, $700 with pancake

+ black LX3: $380 w/coupon ABESAVES at Abe's of Maine, $400 elsewhere
+ silver LX3: $370 w/coupon ABESAVES at Abe's of Maine, $378 at Amazon
+ Panasonic GF1 and GH1: GF1 with 14-42mm for $746, GF1 w/pancake for $900, GH1 w/14-140 for $1190

+ Pentax K-x: single-lens kits for $500~, two-lens for $590~ and $690~
+ Pentax K7: body-only just under $900, kit with 18-55mm WR just under $1000

+ Samsung NX10: $700 with the 18-55mm by various at Amazon et al

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