Panasonic GX8 with 12-35mm f2.8 and $100 Gift Card OR Rode Mic and 32GB Extreme SD for $1795

Bundle time! The Panasonic GX8 body only is bundled with the Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 lens along with a [$100 B&H Photo Gift card] OR a [Rode VideoMic Pro Compact Directional On-Camera Microphone and a 32GB Sandisk Extreme SDHC card] for $1795 with free shipping.

CORRECTION: you have to chose either the [$100 Gift Card] or the [Rode Mic with the 32GB Sandisk Extreme SDHC card].

The GX8 body only goes for $1000 on its own. The 12-35mm f2.8 lens goes for $800 on its own.

You select the free item after you add the GX8 kit to the shopping cart. It pops from underneath and asks you to click on one of the two gift options. If you want to see the gift options without adding to the shopping cart, look at this section of the B&H product page (annotated screenshot right below):