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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Now shipping: Nikon D3300 w/18-55 for $650

The new Nikon D3300 DSLR with the 18-55mm DX VR II kit lens is now in-stock and shipping at its starting price of $650 by various at Amazon along with OneCall.com (Huppin's) and Best Buy (online or store pickup). If you prefer to buy on eBay, you can get it for the same price from Cameta Auctions and BuyDig.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Pentax K500 w/18-55 and 50-200 for $505 (or w/18-55 for $405)

The Woot Plus Camera Sale is a Pentaxian gift that keeps on giving. For $500, you can get the new condition Pentax K500 DSLR with the 18-55mm and 50-200mm lenses (limit one per customer) or the new condition K500 with 18-55mm for $400 (limit one per customer). Shipping is $5 flat. Offer ends by 2/6/14 at 9am CT or earlier if sold out... Research with Pentax K500 reviews list...

Canon 70D body for $1100 (w/18-135 for $1300)

When you add it to your shopping cart, at B&H Photo, you can get the Canon 70D body only for $1100 with free shipping and the Canon 70D w/18-55 for $1200 and the Canon 70D with 18-135mm for $1300 with free shipping. You also receive 2% promotional rewards... Optionally you can buy it together with select lenses for a combined purchase discount. Click on the link below "Buy Together & Save" to see the options... Research with Canon 70D reviews list...

Thursday, January 30, 2014

(ENDED) Sony A58 w/18-55mm for $380 [assume import/gray-market]

This daily deal expired... Among the 1SaleADay daily deals that end by 11:59pm ET on Friday 1/31/14, you can get the new condition Sony Alpha A58 SLT dSLR with the 18-55mm kit lens for $380 with free shipping. It will ship in 3-4 weeks after purchase. The product listing says this is new condition, in retail packaging, with a one year warranty. However, as far as I can tell, 1SaleaDay is not an authorized Sony dealer, so this may be an import/grey-market item. To be safe, assume this is an import/gray-market. If this does not make you comfortable, or you don't know what this means, do not buy...... Research with Sony a58 reviews list...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Canon D-Rebel T3i w/18-55mm for $510

If you have a near-term buy interest in a Canon D-Rebel DSLR, the D-Rebel T3i w/18-55mm kit is down to $510 with free shipping at B&H Photo and Amazon and eligible for the optional combined purchase lens discounts.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Various Pentax K3 bundles on sale

Adorama has a variety of Pentax K-3 bundles. Look at all the kits with the price shown in red ink instead of black ink. Bundles include various lenses and accessories... Research with Pentax K-3 reviews list...

Monday, January 27, 2014

Canon D-Rebel T3 w/18-55 for $290 [assume import/gray market]

The current "Mystery" spotlight eBay Daily Deal is a new condition Canon D-Rebel T3 w/18-55 for $290 with free shipping, with a limit of five per buyer, offered by eBay seller "electronicsvalley" (99.7%). The listing states this is new condition and unopened but it does not mention Canon USA warranty, so assume this is an import/gray-market item. If you don't feel comfortable or don't know what this means, don't buy. As usual with eBay daily deals, this is a limited time offer, but the expiration date is not known ahead of time.

eBay should do a better job in making it easy for a potential buyer to figure out the warranty situation of a product. Some people are more than happy to take a risk with an import item, however, some people are not aware of this distinction and may end up getting "surprised" later on when they have to use the warranty or resell the camera.

Friday, January 24, 2014

(ENDED) Refurbished Nikon D5200 w/18-55mm for $585

This daily deal expired... The Tech.Woot.Daily.Deal is the refurbished black Nikon D5200 with 18-55mm for $580 plus $5 shipping. This offer ends by 1am ET on Sat 1/25/14... Research with Nikon D5200 reviews list...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Refurbished Nikon D3200 w/18-55 for $400

Groupon is offering the refurbished black Nikon D3200 w/18-55 for $400 with free shipping and free returns and a one year Nikon warranty. Limit three for yourself and an additional two units as gifts for other photographers. This offer expires by 1/27/14 at 1am ET... Research with Nikon D3200 reviews list...

If you are planning to buy this, the amount gets you free shipping at Groupon, so you can add any of the sub-$20 Groupon items that don't get free shipping on their own - check the Groupon Buying category to see what's available.

Keep in mind, the D3200 is no longer the "latest iPad". The latest model in the D3xx series is the new Nikon D3300 with 18-55 for $650 (currently in pre-order state).

Pentax K5 IIs body only for $700

The Pentax K5 IIs (without the low-pass-filter effects) is now on sale for $700 with free shipping and 4% promotional rewards (= $28 rewards) at B&H Photo... Optionally you can buy it together with select eligible Pentax K-mount lenses for additional discounts. Click on the link below "Buy Together & Save" at B&H Photo to see available options... Research the camera with Pentax K-5 IIs reviews list...

Canon 6D body with lots of extras for $1750

If you need the Canon 6D body only right now, B&H Photo is offering it with lots of free extras for $1750 with free shipping after you add it to the shopping cart. The free extras (included automatically by B&H) are 1) Oben 4-section monopod, 2) 16GB Extreme SDHC, 3) extra Watson brand battery, 4) Canon 200DG gadget bag, 4) 2% promotional rewards (= $35 in rewards)... Optionally you can get combined purchase discounts if you buy select Canon SLR lenses with it. Click on the link below "Buy Together & Save" over there to find them... Research the camera with Canon 6D reviews list...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pentax K3 with 50mm f1.8 DA and 32GB Extreme for $1300

If you are a believer that a prime lens is a proper lens to come bundled with a DSLR, B&H Photo is offering the Pentax K-3 with 50mm f1.8 DA and 32GB Extreme SDHC card for $1300 with free shipping... Research with Pentax K-3 reviews list... Typo corrected: 32GB, not 326GB memory card! Thanks to one of our readers for the email alert!

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Pentax K3 with 50mm f1.8 DA and extras for $1300

In a limited time offer, B&H Photo is offering the Pentax K3 body only with a nice surprise free bonus item, the Pentax 50mm f1.8 DA lens along with a 32GB SD card and 4% promotional rewards (4% of $1300 = $52 rewards) and eligible for optional combined purchase discounts. The lens currently goes for $180~ on its own, so it's like getting the body only for $1120~. It is in-stock and ready to ship... If you don't want the 50/1.8 DA lens, and don't mind waiting "1-4 months", you can get it for $1150 at Amazon by Amazon herself... A similar promotion is available for the K-3 w/18-135mm kit (with free 50/1.8 and 32GB card but no 4% rewards) for $1650... Research with Pentax K-3 reviews list...


Pentax K500 w/18-55mm for $450

B&H Photo is offering the Pentax K500 w/18-55 DSLR kit for $450 with free shipping and optionally it is eligible for the combined purchase lens discounts. Click on the link below "Buy Together & Save" over there to see all available options... Research with Pentax K500 reviews list...

Pre-order: Nikon D3300 w/18-55, 35mm f1.8 SLR lens, 18-55 II kit, Coolpixies

The newly announced Nikon gear is now available for pre-order at Amazon as follows:

+ D3300 w/18-55 II for $650 in black or red or grey

+ 35mm f1.8G SLR lens for $600

+ 18-55mm II kit lens on its own for $200

+ various Coolpixies led by the L830 midsize superzoom for $300

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Canon D-Rebel T5i w/18-55 & extras for $700

If of all the Canon Digital Rebels and APS-C DSLRs the T5i w/18-55mm kit is the one you want, it is currently going for $700 with free holster and 16GB SD at B&H Photo (offer ends 1/4/14) and at Amazon (no freebies)... Research with Canon T5i reviews list...

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Canon f2.8 workhorse zooms for $2100 and $2000 after MIR

Two of the Canon workhorse f2.8 zooms are on sale and with a mail-in rebate offer at B&H Photo that expires 1/4/14: the Canon 24-70mm f2.8L II is $2100 after a $300 mail-in rebate while the Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS II is $2000 after a $300 mail-in rebate (MIR). You see the sale prices (before the MIR) after you add them to the shopping cart

Monday, December 30, 2013

Pentax K500 w/18-55mm for $450

The black Pentax K500 with 18-55mm DSLR kit is currently going for $450 with free shipping at B&H Photo... Research with Pentax K500 reviews list...

(ENDED) Buy Canon DSLR kit, add 75-300mm lens for +$10 more

As of a 12/31/13 at 11:54am ET recheck, the price of the lens is $188, making it a +$38, which is in line with what was previously offered... The price of the Canon 75-300mm f4-5.6 III lens is currently down to $160~ at Amazon, so if you buy it together with an eligible Canon DSLR kit, you can get it for only $10 more thanks to the $150 off combined purchase discount. Eligible DSLRs for this promotion are the SL1 kits, D-Rebel T5i, T3i and T3 kits. All items must be sold and shipped by Amazon herself, not third-party sellers. When all is well, the discount is automatically applied at the top right corner of the Amazon checkout page. The price of the lens can change at any time.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Refurbished Nikon D800 body for $2400

B&H Photo is offering the refurbished Nikon D800 body only for $2400 with free shipping. Refurbished products are sold through the B&H Used department... Research with Nikon D800 reviews list...

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