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Sunday, November 27, 2011

(DEAD) Canon D-Rebel T3i w/18-55 & 55-250 & Red Giant software for $807

This promotion has ended! (This is a duplicate post) Adorama is offering the Canon D-Rebel T3i w/18-55 & 55-250 along with the Red Giant production software bundle for free for $807 $850 with free shipping as of Nov-28-2011 1:23am EST check.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best prices of hot digital cameras

We have fallen behind on the stock status updates but the time of reckoning has arrived. We have now completed this mega update. The best prices among the reputable retailers we track for each hot camera are listed below. For all the nitty-gritty, or to do your own DIY-price-checks, be sure to check the individual stock-status pages.

Interchangeable lens cameras
+ Canon 5D Mark II (right sidebar)
+++ body-only: $2500 with free 16gb CF, bag, LP-E6 at Adorama
+++ body-only: $2500 with free 16gb CF, bag at B&H Photo
+++ w/EF 24-105L: $3300 with free 16gb CF, bag, LP-E6 at B&H Photo, Adorama

+ Canon 7D
+++ body-only: $1690 with free 16gb CF card with coupon code LOYALTY10 at Abe's of Maine
+++ body-only: $1700 with free 8gb CF at OneCall
+++ w/EF28-135: $1890 with free 16gb CF card with coupon code LOYALTY10 at Abe's of Maine
+++ w/EF28-135: $1888 at Beach Audio
+++ 100mm f2.8 hybrid IS lens: $944 at J&R World

+ Olympus E-P1
+++ E-P1 w/14-42: around $675 at most places (+$25 since January 31st)
+++ same (silver/silver): $672 at Calumet (search for OM05003)
+++ E-P1 w/pancake: $726 by OneCall on Amazon
+++ 17mm pancake: $278 at Amazon and B&H Photo

+ Olympus E-P2: remains at/close to opening prices ($1100)

+ Panasonic GF1/GH1
+++ GF1 w/14-42: $800 pre-order at Vanns.com, $830 to $860 elsewhere
+++ GF1 w/pancake: $900 at Amazon
+++ GH1 w/14-140: $1190 at Amazon, B&H and Adorama

+ Pentax K-x
+++ with 18-55/50-200: $600 at B&H Photo
+++ with 18-55 (white): $490 w/coupon LOYALTY10 at Abe's of Maine (similar prices for other colors)
+++ with 18-55 (red): $503 at Amazon

+ Pentax K7
+++ body-only: $990 with coupon LOYALTY10 at Abe's of Maine, $1000 at B&H and Adorama
+++ w/18-55 WR: $1070 with coupon LOYALTY10 at Abe's of Maine
+++ D-BG4 grip: $200 at Amazon

Fixed lens cameras
+ Canon G11: $450 pre-order at Amazon, $460 + S&H at Adorama
+ Canon S90: $390 at B&H Photo and Amazon

+ Panasonic LX3
+++ silver: $355 by Willoughby's on Amazon ($362 by Amazpn itself); $363 at OneCall
+++ black: $382 at Abe's of Maine using coupon code LOYALTY10

Not shipping yet
+ Nikon D3s (left sidebar): pre-orders only
+ Canon 1D Mark IV: pre-orders only
+ Leica M9: not shipping, some accept pre-orders

Monday, January 04, 2010

Stock-status update on hot cameras

Now that things got relatively quiet, it is time to refresh all the stock-status pages.

+ Pentax K-x: 1-lens kits for $550 with freebies, 2-lens kits for around $640 (see matrix for details)
+ also check the weekly Kx-themed B&H Specials
+ also Yvon's K-x eBook is out for $11

+ Olympus E-P1 - zoom-kit around $675, pancake-kit around $750

+ Panasonic GF1 kit - pancake kit gone, zoom kit at $900 ($850 preorder)
+ GH1 kit: $1250 at Amazon and Adorama
+ 45mm f2.8 Leica macro shipping from multiple places at $900

+ Pentax K-7 - w/18-55 WR for $1095 before $100 VISA rebate by Willoughbys on Amazon

+ Canon 7D - some free CF card promos, best kit price $1872 at Beach Audio
+ 100mm f2.8 hybrid IS macro - now $1000 at multiple places
+ LP-E6: best price $67 with free shipping by B&H and AMZN

+ Canon G11 - best price $441 at Amazon, trending towards $450

+ Canon S90 - $400 everywhere, with freebies (4gb or mini-tripod)

+ Panasonic LX3 - $400 everywhere

+ Canon 5D Mark II (right sidebar) - body-only $2684 at Beach Audio

+ Olympus E-P2 - both kits ship from Amazon for $1100 each

+ Nikon D3S (left sidebar) - pre-order everywhere

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Four Thirds price-check: 12-60mm SWD, E3, E30, E620 and E520

Time for a Four Thirds price-check. The Olympus 12-60mm f2.8-4 SWD lens sold out at under $700 at B&H Photo and J&R World, the price went up to $770+ at Amazon, however, Adorama saves the day as they have it in-stock for $692. As we mentioned J&R World sold out, but you can still order it if you want to lock the $692 price.

E30 and E3
On the E30 front, the body only goes for $900, but so does the E30 + 14-42mm kit from Amazon. So you are getting the lens for free, which you can always sell, trade, donate or gift if you don't want.

The E3 body-only remains at around $1050, or if you are not afraid of refurbished, Adorama has the refurbished E3 body for $950.

One more thing - if you were considering the E3 or E30 bundled with the 12-60mm SWD lens, be sure to do the math - with the lens on its own under $700, you are likely to get a better price if you buy them separately!

E620 and E520
As usual with Olympus DSLR kits, the E620 two-lens kit at $639 at Adorama and B&H Photo is the bang for the buck. The one-lens kit goes for around $75 less, so it makes more sense to get the two-lens kit. Unless you already have a set of 4/3rds lenses and don't want to deal with selling/trading kit lenses, in which case, you can get the E620 body only for $491 from B&H Photo.

The E520 has four main retail kits. The body-only goes for $400, but for $20 more, you can get the one lens kit. Yes, $420 :) But as usual, the best bang for the buck is the two-lens kit going for $484 by Beach on Amazon. There is also the zoomier two-lens kit (14-42mm, 70-300) and that one goes for around $650.

As usual...
Please note that prices and availability are as of the time of writing and they are not updated automatically. A blog is a snapshot in time, not a permanent tracker of everything ever mentioned...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Stock-status update on hot cameras

Now that we have some break in the action, it is time to do a massive refresh of all the stock-status matrix pages. We will do this in live-blog-update format, and add each one to this post as it is completed. We summarize the best price or current prices for each camera:

+ Panasonic LX3 - its stock-status page now relaunched; best price $390 for silver

+ Pentax K-x - too many to list here - check the stock-status page

+ Olympus E-P1 - w/14-42mm: $674 via Adorama, w/pancake: $729 via Beach on Amazon

+ Panasonic GF1 - with 14-42mm for $850 at Vanns
+ ... also GH1 w/14-140mm: $1300 or less by 3rd-party sellers at Amazon

+ Pentax K-7 - if not afraid of rebates, K7 + 18-55mm WR for $1015AR

+ Canon 7D - $1700 for BO with freebies at Abe's and NewEgg
+ ... also Canon 100mm f2.8 hybrid IS macro for $1007 by Amazon itself

+ Canon S90 - $400 with bonus 4gb SD card at Amazon and Abe's

+ Canon G11 - $438 with free ship at J&R World

+ Olympus E-P2 - both kits at $1100 (opening price)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Nikon DSLR Price check

Another feature that might be helpful to our readers now that we are using special-interest sub-feeds is Price Checks. Check the bottom of this post for a poll asking whether you like "price checks".

With prices going up or trending sideways, this is a good time to take a "snapshot" of the latest prices, if nothing else, for reference purposes. So here we go, we'll present the best 1-2 prices for each DSLR among the reputable retailers we track. Unless otherwise stated, free shipping is included, although for a camera like the D700, you may want to get it right away, instead of having it float in UPS or USPS space for days :)

Due to time constraints, we were not able to price-check every available Nikon-mount DSLR model.

Nikon D3 [reviews]
+ Body-only: $4200 at Amazon (sold and shipped by Amazon itself) and BuyDig.com (with bonus 8gb Extreme III 30MB/s CF card), $4350+ at most other places

Nikon D90 [reviews]
+ Body Only: $890 at most places
+ with 18-105mm DX VR: $1135 with free 8gb SD card at BuyDig.com, $1150 at most of the other places

Nikon D700 [reviews]
+ Body Only: $2350 at Amazon and BuyDig.com (includes bonus 4gb CF card), $2400 at B&H, Adorama, Calumet
+ with 24-120 VR: $2852 at Amazon, $2875 at Adorama, $2900 at B&H and Calumet

Nikon D60 (regular edition) [reviews]
+ Body Only: $471 plus $9 shipping by Cameta on Amazon. Black Gold is cheaper (see below)
+ with 18-55 DX VR: $519 with free card at BuyDig.com, $530 at B&H Photo and Adorama, around $540-$550 at most places
+ two-lens kit (18-55, 55-200, both DX VR): around $700 at most places including all that sell it at Amazon

Nikon D60 (Black Gold edition)
+ Body Only (Black Gold): $425 at Adorama, $430 with 2gb SD card at BuyDig.com
+ with 18-55 DX VR (Black Gold): $530 at B&H Photo, Adorama, $540 to $550 at most other places

Nikon D40 [reviews]
+ with 18-55 DX (non-VR): $410 at Amazon, Calumet (plus S&H), B&H Photo, Adorama, etc
+ two lens kit (18-55 DX, 55-200 DX): $500 plus S&H at Calumet, up to $550 at most places
+ two lens kit (18-55 DX, 55-200 DX VR): $550 at B&H Photo, Calumet, etc
+ with 18-135 DX lens: $640 at Adorama
+ there are way too many kit combinations for this model

1. Prices are as of the time of writing and may change by the time you read this
2. With an extensive post like this, the possibility of typos increases. Please let us know if you notice any errors
3. Because everyone can sell at Amazon.com, we recommend only buying from Amazon itself and well-known 3rd party sellers (J&R, Adorama, Crutchfield, Vanns, OneCall, 17th Street, Norman, etc, etc). If you are not familiar with a 3rd party seller, be sure to research them in-depth, especially if the price is "great"
4. Some retailers also offer their own kits that include extra items and may be better bang for the buck if you need the extra items. However, if we take into consideration every single independent kit, this post would turn into a 20-page post that wouldn't be particular helpful to anyone except for hard-core number geeks :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

DSLR Price snapshot (at BuyDig.com)

Now that we have finally found some free time, it is time to take a snapshot of the latest DSLR prices so we can properly frame the state of the market-prices. For this snapshot, we are using BuyDig.com as the data source.

Canon DSLR prices
+ Digital Rebel XTi (400D) body only (refurbished): $340
+ Digital Rebel XS (1000D) with kit lens: $529
+ Digital Rebel XSi (450D) body only: $650
+ Digital Rebel XSi (450D) with kit lens: $700
+ 40D body only: $900
+ 40D with EF 28-135 lens: $1035
+ 50D body only: $1200
+ 50D with EF 28-135 lens: $1450
+ 1D Mark III body only: $4000
+ 1Ds Mark III body only: $7000

Nikon DSLR prices
+ Nikon D80 with both DX VR kit lenses: $850
+ Nikon D300 body only: $1500
+ Nikon D700 body only: $2600
+ Nikon D700 with 24-120 lens: $2850
+ Nikon D3: $4350
+ Nikon D3X: $8000

Olympus DSLR prices
+ E420 body only: $369
+ E420 with 14-42 lens: $469
+ E420 with pancake lens (25mm f2.8): $525
+ E520 body only: $419
+ E520 with 14-42 lens: $550
+ E30 with 14-42 lens: $1300 after rebate
+ E3 body only: $1265
+ E3 with DZ 12-60 SWD and FL-50R flash: $1940

Panasonic M4/3rds prices
+ G1 with 14-45 kit lens (all colors): $670

Pentax DSLR prices
+ Pentax K200D body only: $519
+ Pentax K20D body only: $700
+ Pentax K20D with 16-45 DA lens: $1100

Sony DSLR prices
+ Fixed :(

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