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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Canon 5D Mark III body with Pixma Pro-100 and 13x19 paper and 64GB Sandisk and $400 AMEX via MIR for $3300

This is an intermediate level deal, so please pay attention to the details. It also involves a mail-in rebate!

We start from the beginning. This Canon 5D Mark III bundle includes the 5D Mark III body only kit, along with the Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer, a 50pk of Canon 13x19 inch photo paper and a 64GB Sandisk SDXC C10 UHS-I memory card. When you add to the shopping cart and proceed to the Checkout page, the price you see and the price you pay is $3300! Taxes and shipping upgrades are extra if applicable.

After you place the order and receive all the items and after you make sure all is to your satisfaction, you can submit a mail-in rebate on this promotion. The PDF file is available at the B&H product page. After you submit the rebate by following the instructions and the deadlines, you will receive a $400 prepaid American Express gift card by mail. This is a gift card, it cannot be deposited to a bank account.

Because it is not cashable, we do not present this as "$2900 after mail-in rebate" but instead we include the gift card in the list of receivables.

I do not know when this promotion expires... Research the camera with the Canon 5D Mark III reviews list.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sony NEX-5R w/18-55 and 32GB Nexus 7 for $688

Adorama has an interesting bundle, for $688 with free shipping, you can get the Sony NEX-5R w/18-55 _and_ the 32GB Google Nexus 7 Android tablet. Just add the bundle to the shopping cart and the price will be adjusted in the shopping cart... Research the camera using the Sony NEX-5R reviews list.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Canon D-Rebel T3i w/18-55 & 55-250 & Pixma Pro 100 & photo paper & $400 AMEX Gift Card via MIR for $1000

This is an intermediate level deal, so please pay closer attention. Start at Adorama with the Canon D-Rebel T3i w/18-55 page. Locate the "Buy together and save" section in the middle of the page and click on the link right below. A window will pop within the page. Scroll down there until you see a bundle with three items: the Canon 55-250mm lens, a 50pk of photo paper and the Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer. Select the radio button for this set of three and add to cart. Your shopping cart total should be $1000 with free shipping.

After you receive your items, you can submit a mail-in rebate using the PDF form you can find at the aforelinked page. The mail-in rebate will after a few weeks get you a $400 prepaid American Express gift card delivered by mail. This PDF rebate promotion expires 6/30/13 but the product prices can change at any time.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Panasonic G5 w/14-42 & 45-150mm for $440

If you buy the Panasonic G5 with the 14-42mm lens kit together in the same shopping cart as the new Panasonic 45-150mm lens, you get a $200 off combined purchase discount. The current price of the G5 w/14-42 is $400, the current price of the 45-150 is $240, minus $200 = $440. Please note the prices of either the G5 or the lens can change at any time. The $200 off discount promotion expires 6/29/13. Limit two system kit discounts per household. Here is the page for this promotion.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Get 75-300mm for $50 more if you buy select Sony A77, A65, A58 kits

If you were planning to get one of the Sony A77, A65 or A58 DSLR kits, you can add the 75-300mm f4.5-5.6 lens for just $50 thanks to a new promotion at Amazon. You must use the coupon code shown at the aforelinked page in order to get the discount. Promotion expires 6/29/13 or earlier if soldout/etc.

Running for the same time period is promotion that lets you add the Sony 18-135mm lens for +$300 using the coupon code shown at the Sony 18-135mm promotional page.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Stackable Nikon Instant Rebates return - buy 1 body and up to 4 lenses and get up to 4 discounts

The stackable Nikon Instant Rebates have returned! Buy one eligible DSLR and up to 4 eligible lenses and get up to 4 eligible discounts. You can see the available DSLRs and lenses at Amazon in a single page. The most effective way to find it at B&H Photo is to look for your Nikon DSLR of interest and click on the link below "Buy Together and Save" to see the available options. In a couple of previous iterations, they did not have a limit on how many lenses, but this time, there is a limit of 4. If you need more, you can also start another shopping cart - but that's assuming you could use an additional DSLR body.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Olympus E-PM1 w/14-42 & Underwater Case for $500

This is a "stars align" type of a deal. If you want the Olympus E-PM1 with the 14-42mm kit lens and also want the Olympus PT-EP06 Underwater Case, you can get them together as a bundle for $500 with free shipping from the Olympus store [corrected link]... Research the camera using the list of Olympus E-PM1 reviews.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sony NEX-5R w/16-50mm Power Zoom for $650 [updated]

If you want to get the Sony NEX-5R, and don't want the standard 18-55 kit lens, but you do want the new 16-50mm Power Zoom NEX lens, there is an instant savings promotion in progress that lets you add the 16-50mm to a shopping cart that contains the NEX-5R body only for just +$150 more. At Adorama, click on the "Buy Together and Save" link in the middle of the page for the Sony NEX-5R body and page-down and down until you locate the 16-50mm offer. The NEX-5R body only goes for $500 on its own and comes with a free Lowepro, 16GB SDHC, card reader, Sony kids software and 2% promotional rewads. The offer is obviously not available for the NEX-3N w/16-50 PZ since it is already bundled with the aforementioned lens :)

Correction: there is a newer NEX-6 kit that comes pre-bundled with the 16-50mm power zoom and goes for the same price ($900), so this post was updated to reflect that.

The offer is also available at Amazon which shows a June-29-2013 expiration date.

On the strategery front, there are multiple NEX options. There's also the NEX-F3 w/18-55 currently for $380 and some NEX fans recommend the NEX-5N over the rest of them - if you can find it in-stock new or refurbished at a reputable dealer at a good price.

You can research all them NEXxxies by starting with the list of Sony NEX e-mount camera reviews.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Canon 60D w/18-135, Pixma Pro 100 printer, $400 AMEX GC, accessories for $1300

This is a mail-in rebate promotion. You pay $1300 at B&H Photo and you receive the Canon 60D with the 18-135mm lens, the Pixma Pro 100 printer, 50 sheets of Canon 13x19 photo paper, DSLR shoulder bag, 16GB SDHC, and extra battery. Once you receive your items and make sure everything is working, you submit the mail-in rebate. After a few weeks, you will receive a $400 prepaid American Express gift card by mail. You do not receive a cashback check.

We don't write this as "$900 after rebate" because you don't receive a cashable check as the mail-in rebate. For some, this distinction may be a non-issue, however, for others, there is a big difference between a $400 cashbable check versus a $400 gift card.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pay $450 (was Pay $415), Get Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer and 50pk Canon paper and via MIR a $300 AMEX Gift Card

UPDATE (4/11/13 at 10:32pm ET): The price of the Pixma Pro-100 increased from $365 to $400... The photo paper remains at $50.

If you are not afraid of mail-in rebate promotions and if you can spend a $300 American Express prepaid gift card, B&H Photo has a great promotion for you. Buy together, in the same shopping cart, the Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer and this 50pk Canon 13x19 inch photo paper. After you receive your order and make sure all is working to your satisfaction, and before the filing deadline, submit the mail-in rebate form following the instructions. After a few weeks, you will receive by mail a $300 prepaid American Express gift card. The PDF form for this promotion can be found at the aforelinked B&H Photo product pages.

Strategery: even if you don't want the photo paper, you save more by buying the photo paper. Without the photo paper, the AMEX prepaid gift card is $200. If you buy the printer together with the photo paper, the AMEX is $300. The photo paper price is $50. So you save $50 and you get the photo paper.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Samsung NX1000 w/20-50 and 7-inch Android tablet for $500

If you happen to want both the Samsung NX1000 with the 20-50mm and a 7-inch 8GB Samsung Galaxy Tab2 Android tablet, Adorama is offering both together for $500 with free shipping. This price is good if you want to buy both from authorized and reputable dealers. If you want to buy only one of the two, you can get them for a better price.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fuji X-E1 with four lenses (18, 35, 60, 18-55) and filters for $2720 total

If you are planning to dive into the Fuji XF system, click on "Buy Together and Save" at B&H Photo and you can get the Fuji X-E1 body along with the 18mm f2, 35mm f1.4, 60mm f2.4 and 18-55mm f2.8-4 lenses for $2720 total. The camera is $1000 and the bundle is +$1720 for a total of $2720. Included for free are four Fuji branded protector filters (one for each of the four lenses).

Monday, March 11, 2013

Pentax PrePaid VISA mail-in rebate offers for 645D and K-5 IIs when purchased together with lens(es)

Pentax has launched a new prepaid VISA gift card mail-in rebate promotion. There are two promotions, one for the 645D and one for the K-5 IIs.

You can find the PDF rebate form at the Pentax 645D body page at Adorama on the right side of the page, right above the green "Add to Cart" button, it is the "view rebate" link. You will receive a $500 prepaid VISA gift card via mail-in rebate if you purchase the 645D together in the same shopping cart as the 25mm f4 645 lens and a $500 prepaid VISA gift card via mail-in rebate if you purchase the 645D together in the same shopping cart as the 90mm f2.8 645 lens. Maximum rewards $1000 if you purchase the 645D body and the two lenses together in the same shopping cart. Check the terms and conditions in the PDF file for more details.

The promotion also includes the Pentax K-5 IIs, you can find the same PDF file at the Pentax K-5 IIs body only page. You must purchase the K-5 IIs body only with one, two or three lenses from these choices: 31/1.8 Ltd, 43/1.9 Ltd, 77/1.8 Ltd. You are eligible for a $250 prepaid VISA gift card via mail-in rebate for each lens. Maximum is $750, which means you can buy one, two or all three of the participating lenses.

Please note this is a mail-in rebate promotion. You must first purchase the eligible cameras and lenses. Wait to receive them. Make sure all is well. Fill up the mail-in rebate forms before the expiration date. Include all required items. Make copies of everything you submit. Submit your rebate. After about 8 weeks, you will receive your rebate amount in the form of a prepaid VISA gift card.

The promotion is good from March 11 to 31 in 2013 for USA shoppers only.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fuji X system stackable discounts with X-E1 and X-Pro1

Fuji has launched stackable discounts on top of the lens bundled discounts. This is of interest if you are interested in loading up on multiple XF lenses with one purchase. Here they are:

+ Fuji X-Pro1 w/18-55 f2.8-4 OIS for $1800. Optionally add the 18/2 for +$450 or the 60/2.4 for +$467 or both for the sum

+ Fuji X-E1 w/18mm f2 for $1300. Optionally add the 18-55 for +$500 or the 60/2.4 for +$467 or both for the sum

+ Fuji X-E1 w/35mm f1.4 for $1300. Optionally add the 18-55 for +$500 or the 60/2.4 for +$467 or the 18/2 for +$450 or any combination of two or three for their sum

+ promotion ends 3/31/13 or earlier if sold-out/cancelled/changed or later if renewed

+ no coupons needed, just add to cart and proceed to Checkout. If all is well, the discounts will be automatically applied at the top right corner of the Amazon checkout page

+ you can find a more detailed/long-winded write-up on these at the main blog

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Fuji X-E1 with either 18/2 OR 35/1.4 XF for $1300

The second Fuji X system special at B&H Photo starts at the Fuji X-E1 body only which goes for $1000. Just like the X-Pro1 special, locate the text: "Buy Together & Save" and right below it click on the link. This will bring up a pou-under browser window with two options, either the 18mm f2 XF or the 35mm f1.4 XF. You can add your choice to the cart for +$300. So to summarize, you pay $1300 and you get the Fuji X-E1 body only and EITHER the 18mm f2 XF OR the 35mm f1.4 XF. Not both :)

For a refresher on the camera, check the list of completed Fuji X-E1 reviews.

Fuji X-Pro1 w/18-55mm f2.8-4 OIS for $1800

We have another wave of specials from B&H Photo. Please note that B&H Photo does not accept orders between Friday evening and Saturday evening so be sure to plan your purchases with that in mind.

In the first of two Fuji X system specials, B&H Photo is offering the Fuji X-Pro1 body only for $1400. That's the normal price. Then, look towards the middle of the page there, looking for this text: "Buy Together & Save" and right below it a link that says: "Click Here To Save $300 On Fujifilm XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 R LM OIS Lens". Click on that, and a browser window comes up. Select the 18-55mm f2.8-4 OIS XF lens from there, which will be added to your cart for +$400. So you pay a total of $1800 for the X-Pro1 body and the 18-55 lens. The items may also be eligible for the 2% promotional rewards.

For a refresher on the camera, check the list of completed Fuji X-Pro1 reviews. We don't have a category for the lens, but you can find its reviews through the Lens Reviews stream. A recent one was published at Photozone.de.

Monday, January 14, 2013

$100 off Sony telephoto zooms when purchased with Alpha APS-C DSLRs

Good until February 2, 2013 (unless renewed/cancelled) is a new Sony Alpha combined purchase promotion: buy one of these Alpha APS-C SLT dSLRs together in the same shopping cart as one of these three Sony telephoto zooms, and get $100 off the total price. See aforelinked pages for details, terms, conditions, etc. As usual, only products sold and shipped by Amazon itself are eligible!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Add 40-150mm to Olympus E-M5 zoom kits for just +$100

If you are determined to buy one of the Olympus E-M5 zooms kits at their "Black Friday" prices of $1200 [corrected] for the E-M5 w/12-50mm (black kit or silver kit) or the E-M5 w/14-42mm black for $1050, you can optionally add the Olympus 40-150mm f4-5.6 M.Zuiko M43rds lens for an extra $100. Look for the link right below "Buy Together & Save" at the aforelinked B&H Photo product pages. The E-M5 kits are also eligible for the 2% promotional rewards which will be activated forty days after your order ships.

For a refresher on the camera, check the list of completed E-M5 reviews (38 as of the time of writing).

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Sony NEX-F3 w/18-55 & 55-210 & extras for $650

If you are interested in the Sony NEX-F3 standard kit (with 18-55mm) and also the 55-210 NEX lens, you can get them together in the NEX-F3K/BBDL bundle for $650 at Amazon by Amazon which also includes a Sony-branded soft bag and 8GB SD card. The standard NEX-F3 kit goes for $500 on its own, and through the instant rebates, adding the 55-210mm lens is +$250. So the bundle is a $100 discount.

The above assuming you want the NEX-F3. On the NEX value frontier, the NEX-5N with the 18-55mm and a $50 plastic B&H Photo gift card remains at $500 at B&H Photo.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Nikon V1 w/10-30 & 10-100 & FT1 adpater & SB-N5 flash & case for $800

The black Nikon V1 with the 10-30mm lens continues to be offered for $300 at B&H Photo, however, if you are interested in making a Nikon CX 1-System photographic investment, you may be interested in taking a look at the Nikon V1 super-bundle at B&H Photo. For $800 with free shipping, you get the Nikon V1 camera, the 10-30 and 10-100mm (yes, 10-100) lenses, the Nikon 1 SB-N5 Speedlight, the FT-1 mount adapter, and a camera case. Thanks to one of our readers for the alert!

For a refresher on the camera, check the list of completed Nikon V1 reviews.

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