Stock Update: Fuji X-T2 goes IN and OUT, Everything Else In-Stock

The Stock Status Tracker has just been updated. There was one Fuji X-T2 when I did the update, but by the time I wrote an alert-post here, it got scooped up (for reference, this is the now sold-out listing).

For some reason PopFlash lists their X-T2 cameras one at a time instead of all of them at once, so they may list more (if they have more). This pre-filled eBay search query searches for Fujifilm Cameras only in their eBay store.

Price-wise this kit is the same as buying the items separately, the X-T2 body only goes for $1600 on its own, while the VPB-XT2 Battery Grip goes for $329 on its own. The only difference is that they charge shipping and handling.

The IN (Canon 5D Mark IV, G7 X II) and OUT (Fuji X-T2) Report

I just updated the Stock Status Tracker and as of this update, the Fuji X-T2 remains out of stock at the places we track, while the Canon G7X II and 5D Mark IV remain in-stock at a rotating list of retailers. As of this update, Amazon itself has the Canon 5D Mark IV body only in-stock for $3500 with a limit of three units per customer. The Sony RX10 III has been retired from tracking since it has been in-stock steadily for many days in a row.

Stock Update: IN (Canon 5D Mark IV, G7X II), OUT (Fuji X-T2)

As of a 9/17/16 1:27pm ET update of the Stock Status Tracker, all Fuji X-T2 kits are out of stock, while the Canon 5D Mark IV and G7 X II remain at multiple retailers. Meanwhile the Sony RX10 III remained in-stock steadily for many days in a row, so it has now been removed from the Tracker…

With this latest Stock Status update, we have more Canon 5D Mark IV options, including the body only option now in-stock with free 2-day shipping for $3500 at Adorama. Meanwhile the Fuji X-T2 is going in the other direction, the only in-stock option as of this update is the X-T2 body only by Unique Photo via Amazon for $1600.

Stock Updates: IN (Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon G7 X II, Sony RX10 III) and OUT (Fuji X-T2)

I just updated the Stock Status Tracker and the situation as of this update is this: the Fuji X-T2 kits are now out of stock, Pop.Flash ran out of their one-at-a-time inventory. The Sony RX10 III is now steadily in-stock, so it will probably get removed from the Stock Status Tracker. The Canon 5D Mark IV remains in-stock on eBay at authorized dealers as body only, and at many more places in the $4400 w/24-70mm kit. The 24-105 kit has a late October release estimate. Last but not least, the Canon G7 X II is now in-stock at Adorama with free overnight shipping.

Stock Status Tracker Reloaded, Now Tracking Fuji X-T2, Sony RX 10 III, Canon G7X II, 5D Mark IV

It took me over a month *sigh* but the Stock Status Tracker is finally reloaded with newer cameras that are not, as of the time of writing, in-stock at the major retailers we track. The new cameras are *drum roll*, the Fuji X-T2, the Sony RX10 III, and the Canon G7 X II and 5D Mark IV.

All four of the previously tracked cameras are now steadily in-stock at their normal prices at multiple retailers, so they have been retired from the Tracker (Pentax K-1, Nikon D5 and D500, Canon 1D X II). You can see all the retired cameras at the bottom of the Stock Status Tracker.

Stock Update: All Tracked Camera Kits In-Stock at Normal Prices: Pentax K-1, Nikon D500, Canon 1D X II

We just updated the Stock Status Tracker and the situation remains good for photographers looking for the Pentax K-1, Nikon D500 and Canon 1D X II official kits. All of them are in-stock at their normal prices at multiple authorized dealers.

Since these are now steadily available, they will be removed from the Stock Status tracker and get replaced with new currently-unreleased cameras. If you would like us to add specific cameras to the Tracker, please let us know in the Comments or Online Contact Form or Twitter. As a refresher, these are the Interesting Cameras of 2016.

Stock Status Update: ALL Tracked Camera Kits IN-Stock

Mission accomplished for the current set of cameras tracked at the Stock Status Tracker. All camera kits tracked, the Pentax K-1 body, both Nikon D500 kits and both Canon 1D X II kits are currently in-stock and ready to ship, at their normal prices, from at least one authorized dealer each.

So it is time to start thinking of which next group of unreleased cameras to start tracking. If there are any cameras you want us to track, please leave a comment or use the online contact form.

In-stock Now at standard prices: both Canon 1D X II kits for $6000, both Nikon D500 kits, and the Pentax K-1

After a week of letting it breathe, we just updated the Stock Status Tracker and we have good news, all the cameras tracked are in-stock at their regular prices at at-least one authorized dealer!

The Canon 1D X II body only kits are back in-stock finally, both going for $6000. The C-FAST kit (which includes a memory card and card reader on top of the standard DSLR kit) is in-stock at Adorama, while Amazon itself expects it to arrive July 8-ish. Meanwhile the standard 1D X II body only kit (no CFAST extras) is in-stock at Amazon itself.

The Nikon D500 body only continues to be in-stock for $2000, but it’s now trying to be usurped by the Nikon D500 with 16-80mm kit, dropping from the crazy price of $3067 to the more realistic price of $2567, at Amazon and Adorama and B&H Photo.

Meanwhile the K-Unicorn, the first full frame Pentax 35mm DSLR remains in-stock for $1800 at Amazon itself and Focus Camera and Adorama.

Stock Update: Pentax K-1, Canon 1D X II, Nikon D500 BO Out Of Stock

We just updated the Stock Status Tracker and the Pentax K-1, Nikon D500 body only, and Canon 1D X II kits continue to be out of stock. The only one of the tracked cameras that is currently in-stock is the Nikon D500 with the 16-80mm lens kit.

Stock Update: SOLD OUT Pentax K-1 and Nikon D500

We just updated the Stock Status Tracker and this update is an out of stock cycle, both the Pentax K-1 and the Nikon D500 body onlies are out of stock at their regular prices of $1800 and $2000 respectively.

(ENDED) In-Stock Again: Pentax K-1 Body Only for $1800, Nikon D500 Body Only for $2000

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(SOLD OUT) In-stock now: Pentax K-1 for $1800

As of a 6/15/16 at 5:39pm ET recheck, this sold out… For future updates check the Stock Status Tracker

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