Friday, November 23, 2012

Stock up on Duracell AA alkalines with 100% Rewards back (Saturday and next week)

This week is not dead yet. You have Saturday November 24, 2012 to take advantage of Duracell AA/AAA single-use alkaline battery free-after-100%-rewards promotions at Staples and Office Max brick and mortar stores. At each store, the limit is two for the shopping week (Sunday open until Saturday close). Your two can be two AA or two AAA or one of each. Two total for the shopping week per store. A total of 4 for this week (two at Staples, two at Office Max)

The sneak peak ads for next week (Nov 25 to Dec 1) are out at the Staples and Office MAx websites respectively, and next week they will both have 100% Rewards on Duracell AA/AAA single-use alkalines once again. Again, the limit will be two for the shopping week (Sunday open to Saturday close). In previous years, Staples had this promotion continue for weeks and weeks...

Please note, at both stores, what you are getting back is NOT cash. It is Rewards. Think of it along the lines of Store Credit. Each program is different with different rules and dos and donts and different strategies on how to make the most of it. If you are not sure how they work, don't jump in. First make sure you understand how they work! Look for detailed FAQs explaining everything at the FatWallet forums and the Slickdeals forums assembled and maintained by uber-super-power-user "bvph". And make sure you give him lots of "Reps" for his work!


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