Friday, November 09, 2012

In-stock: Canon EOS-M, EOS M mount adapter, 90EX flash

Finally some of the Canon mirrorless body parts have began shipping! As of the time of writing, the following items are in-stock and shipping:

+ Speedlite 90EX for $150
+ Canon EOS M Mount Adapter for $200
+ Canon EOS-M with 22mm STM pancake for $800

CORRECTION: There is no Canon EOS-M two-lens kit at the moment for $850. There was some confusion. This is actually the EOS-M with 18-55mm kit going for $850. All apologies for the confusion....

INCORRECT: The Canon EOS-M two-lens kit for $850 turns out to have been an error. It turns out to be the Canon EOS-M with the 18-55mm kit lens... This is the Canon EOS-M with 18-55mm kit, not a two-lens kit! The price is $850. HOWEVER, unless you want to receive the EOS-M right now or you hate zoom lenses with a passion, if you are willing to wait, you can get the EOS-M two-lens kit (22mm pancake and 18-55 zoom) for $850. They are available for pre-order at $850 at Adorama and B&H Photo.


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