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150 posts from October 2012

October 31: B&M (fashion/style/people photographers): Halloween clearance sale

October 31: (DEAD) Still good: 5DMk3 body only for $3000 (5DMk2 body only for $1700)

October 31: (ENDED) Refurbished Panasonic ZS19 for $150 (32GB Ultra UHS-I for $25)

October 30: More Canon specials at B&H Photo

October 30: Canon 40mm f2.8 STM EF pancake for $150

October 30: Lightroom 4 (full version) plus $25 gift card plus Training DVD for $130

October 30: (OLDER POST) Open-box Nikon D90 body for $641

October 30: (DEAD) Canon D-Rebel T3i w/18-55, 55-250, Pixma printer, $400 GC (via MIR) for $1000

October 30: (SOLD OUT) Fisher-Price Kid-Tough camera for $22 [Waiting List as of 12:26pm ET]

October 30: (ENDED) Canon 50mm f1.8 II drops to $92 w/free S&H

October 29: (ENDED) Rentals: 25% off Canon 85/1.2L II, Nikon 24-70/2.8, Sony A900, Sennheiser

October 29: (ENDED) Vanguard Tracker monopods and tripods on sale

October 29: (ENDED) 128GB Samsung 830 2.5" SATA III SSD for $90 (internal laptop)

October 28: (DEAD) Sigma DP1x drops to $300

October 28: Canon 5D Mark III body drops to $2994

October 28: Nikon D3200 w/18-55 drops to $600

October 28: Canon Instant Rebates extended to November 21, 2012

October 28: Sony NEX-7 drops $100

October 28: Legal: Supreme Court case may impact used camera market

October 28: Pay $16 + S&H, get 20-page 8.5x11 Classic Custom hardcover photo book with lay flat pages

October 27: Panasonic G3 body only drops to $330

October 26: In-stock: 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display

October 26: (SOLD OUT) Open-box Panasonic G3 w/14-42mm for $367

October 26: (ENDED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals (ENDED)

October 25: (DEAD) Olympus XZ-1 leather case with 4GB SD for $4.20 (limit 3)

October 25: In-stock: Pentax K-5 II (two kits) and K-5 IIs (body only)

October 25: In-stock: Sony A99 for $2800

October 25: Oct 28 - Nov 3: 60pk Staples 4x6 photo paper for $1 after rebate

October 25: (ENDED) Windows 8 $30 promotional credit promotion expires October 27

October 25: (DEAD) Canon Elph 520 HS blue for $150 (out of stock but orderable)

October 25: (OLDER POST) Reminder: Camera & Photo Lightning deals on Friday

October 25: (ENDED) 32GB Sandisk Mobile Ultra microSDHC for $25 w/free S&H

October 25: (ENDED) 5-hour Dell Flash Sale [ends 4pm eastern today (Thur)]

October 25: (IGNORE, Confusion) Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 (M43rds) drops to $1200

October 24: (DEAD) Still good: Olympus XZ1 black for $200 [white sold-out]

October 24: Canon 5D Mark II drops to $1700 (you also get 2% rewards)

October 24: Panasonic FZ47 superzoom for $215

October 23: Ricoh GRD IV white limited edition for $450

October 23: Section 179 deductions decreasing dramatically next year

October 23: Fuji X100 drops to $1000 [updated]

October 23: White Panasonic GF3 w/14-42mm for $300

October 23: (SOLD OUT) 4pm to 5pm: rechargeable batteries lightning deal

October 23: (ENDED) New Woot-OFF continues (started Tue 1am ET)

October 22: (DEAD) Olympus XZ-1 black down to $200 [updated]

October 22: Samsung EX2f drops to $400

October 22: (ENDED) Rentals: 25% off for Nikon D800, Canon 35/1.4L, C300 Cinema, Elinchrom

October 22: 30% off pre-order discount: Lomography Belair 6x12

October 22: Panasonic GF3 w/14-42mm for $287

October 22: Canon SX50 HS sliding towards $450

October 22: Refurbished Nikon D5100 w/18-55 for $465 [updated]

October 22: (OLDER POST) Open-box Panasonic G3 w/14-42mm for $397

October 22: (ENDED) Sandisk CF Extreme, SD Ultra etc specials (ends Tue 3am ET)

October 22: (ENDED) $50 iTunes gift card for $40 w/free S&H (Mon only)

October 21: In-stock: Sony NEX-5R kits for $650/$750

October 21: (DEAD) Panasonic LX7 white drops to $407 again

October 19: Olympus E-PM1 w/14-42mm for $350 (multiple colors)

October 19: (ENDED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals: Fuji Real3D W3, Gitzo, Tiffen, etc

October 19: (ENDED) Pentax Q two-lens kit for $505 (ends Sat 1am ET)

October 18: Canon D-Rebel T3i body drops to $485 (was $500)

October 18: Pre-order Windows 8 Pro for $70, get $30 promotional credit

October 18: Corel Paintshop Pro X5 Ultimate for $60 w/free S&H

October 18: In-stock: 16GB Eye-Fi Pro X2 Class 10 SDHC for $100

October 18: Pentax X-5 superzoom shipping for $262

October 18: (DEAD) Fuji X-Pro1 drops to $1530 [updated]

October 18: (DEAD) Fuji 60mm f2.8 macro drops to $585

October 18: (DEAD) Fuji 35mm f1.4 XF drops to $540

October 18: (DEAD) Samsung SSD specials (256GB for $155) [ends Fri 3am ET]

October 18: (ENDED) 25% off rentals of Sony NEX-7, Nikon 85/1.4G, D-Reb T4i, Zeiss 28/T2.1 EF

October 17: In-stock now: Lytro for $400

October 17: Invited eBay members only: 20% in eBay Bucks on NewEgg/Beach/MacMall

October 17: Canon 5D Mark II w/24-105L & Pro 9000 Mk II & extras & $400 AMEX via MIR for $2600

October 17: Panasonic G3 w/14-42 for $450

October 17: 8GB Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I (95MB/sec) for $17~

October 17: Coming October 21: Sony NEX-5R mirrorless

October 17: In-stock: Olympus 12mm f2 black limited edition for $1100

October 17: (ENDED) Refurbished MacBook Pros (17", 15.4") [ends Fri 1am ET]

October 17: (ENDED) Lightning Deals: software, etc [updated]

October 17: (DEAD) Canon SX260 HS pink compact-zoom drops to $208

October 16: Canon 5D Mark III w/24-105L for $3750 (and freebies)

October 16: (DEAD) Panasonic LX7 white drops to $410 (was $420) [updated]

October 16: Buy Canon 7D kit, get 70-300 for +$175 in same cart

October 16: Free Lowepro 350AW and other extras with Nikon D800

October 16: Olympus Tough TG-810 drops to $180

October 16: Pre-order: Windows 8 Surface RT starting at $500

October 16: (ENDED) Starting 11pm ET: Nikon shutter trigger item

October 15: In-stock: Canon 24-70mm f2.8L II for $2300

October 15: Nikon AW100 waterproof Camouflage drops to $225

October 15: Nikon Coolpix S01 Mini-me uni-drops to $150

October 15: In-stock estimate: Fuji XF1 for $500 on October 17

October 15: Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 DL macro (Canon) for $112~

October 15: (ENDED) 256GB Crucial m4 2.5" SSD SATA for $160 (Mon only)

October 14: Leica M9p and M9 price drops

October 14: (DEAD) Still good: Sigma DP1x for $350

October 14: Panasonic TZ20/ZS30 black drops to $218~

October 14: Windows 8 Pro pre-order for $60 w/coupon (ends tonight)

October 14: Nikon Coffee Cup Lens 24-70 with zoom for $14

October 14: (ENDED) 128GB PNY Class 10 SDXC for $100 w/free S&H (Sun only)

October 14: (SOLD OUT) Canon D-Rebel T2i w/18-55 for $480 (ends Sun night)

October 13: Pentax K-30 bundle returns to Costco for $850

October 13: Rokinon D980AFZ-PK digital PZ flash (Pentax) for $117

October 13: AGFA Universal Macro Ringlight Flash for $40

October 13: Selling your gear: KEH Photo travels coast to coast

October 13: (ENDED) Free 16GB SDHC C10 with select Sony Cybershots (RX100 included)

October 12: Holiday Shopping 2012: Best Buy will price match online stores

October 12: Canon D-Rebel T4i w/18-55 & 55-250 for $860

October 12: (ENDED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals: Lowepro (last item)

October 12: (ENDED) Canon Pixma MG8220 for $140 (ends Sat 3am ET)

October 12: (ENDED) PC Components and Accessories (build your own desktop specials)

October 12: (ENDED) Canon D-Rebel T3i w/18-55 for $605

October 11: Panasonic ZS15 compact-zoom down to $166

October 10: Panasonic GF3 w/14-42mm black for $290

October 10: Amazon offers new Kindle Fires without Special Offers out of the box

October 10: Fuji X100 Limited Edition drops to $1400

October 10: (ENDED) Pogoplug for $24 (ends Thur 3am ET)

October 9: 32GB Sandisk Extreme SDHC UHS-1 (45MB/sec) for $32~

October 9: Panasonic GH2 body slides to $680 (and eligible for instant rebates)

October 9: (ENDED) Autodesk Sketchbook Pro (Windows/Mac) for $29

October 8: Panasonic M43rds Camera & Lens Instant Rebates

October 8: Panasonic G5 w/14-42mm drops to $700

October 8: Sony NEX-F3 w/18-55 for $500

October 8: In-stock: Leica M-E rangerfinder for $5450

October 8: (DEAD) Computers: Buy Acer Ultrabook, get free Netbook

October 8: (ENDED) Panasonic LZ20 superzoom for $180

October 8: (DEAD) Panasonic TZ30/ZS20 travel-zoom drops to $220

October 8: (DEAD) 32GB Transcend Class 10 SDHC for $20

October 8: (ENDED) Canon Pixma MG6220 for $60 w/free S&H (also Lightning Deals)

October 8: (ENDED) Fotopro 2ft tripod self-shot kit for $12 w/free S&H

October 7: Pre-order: 16GB Eye-Fi Wireless Class 10 Pro X2 SD for $100

October 7: (DEAD) Sigma DP1x drops to $350

October 7: $50 off select Canon Pixma printers when purchased together with PC/tablet/laptop

October 7: (DEAD) Panasonic TS4/FT4 drops to $240 (select colors)

October 5: Adobe Students & Teachers: Creative Cloud for $20/month (1-year contract)

October 5: Panasonic 45-175mm X black drops to $280

October 5: Panasonic GF3 w/14-42mm black for $311

October 5: (DEAD) Open-box Nikon D90 w/18-105 kit for $770~

October 5: (EXPIRED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals: three items left

October 5: (ENDED) Nikon D3000 w/18-55 for $405

October 5: (ENDED) Canon D-Rebel T4i w/18-55 for $705

October 4: Ritz/Wolf brick and mortar clearance continues with remaining stores

October 4: Oct 7-13: Duracell batteries w/100% Rewards, HP photo paper, etc

October 3: Canon G1x w/free 32GB SDHC for $650 w/free S&H

October 3: 64GB Transcend Class 10 SDXC for $50 w/free S&H (FF)

October 3: Buy Olympus VF3 together with OMD/E-Pen/XZ1, get $80 GC via MIR

October 2: (SOLD OUT) Kodak Z5120 purple superzoom for $113 (ends Thur 1am ET)

October 2: (ENDED) 32GB RiData Class 10 SDHC for $18.50 w/free S&H

October 2: (ENDED) Canon SX230 HS superzoom for $195 (ends Wedn 1am ET)

October 1: Sunpak PZ40X II power zoom flash (Nikon) for $70 w/free S&H

October 1: (DEAD) Nikon V1 w/10-30mm for $380 w/free S&H (with coupon!)

October 1: (DEAD) Sony NEX-5n body down to $370

October 1: (OLDER POST) Nikon V1 w/10-30mm for $445 [and 2% rewards]

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