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197 posts from August 2012

August 31: Olympus E-PL2 w/14-42 for $345

August 31: (ENDED) Four major photography magazines for $5 per year (max 3 years) [no coupons]

August 31: (ENDED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals: Canon 510HS, Pana GF3 red, Vanguard, Gitzo, etc

August 30: Summary of current specials at the main blog

August 30: $15 off $150+ coupon at J&R (ends 9/4/12)

August 30: (DEAD) Canon G1x for $665 + S&H (under $10)

August 30: Pentax discounts go live on September 1st

August 30: (DEAD) Olympus E-P3 w/14-42 & 40-150 for $740

August 30: Heads up (Sept 2-8): 60pk Staples 4x6 photo paper free after rebate

August 30: NewEgg Labor Day Early Adopter specials: SZ1, Tripod/Monopod, storage, etc

August 30: Pentax K30 w/18-55 drops to $753 again

August 30: Panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancake for $350 at multiple places

August 30: (ENDED) Pentax Q w/prime for $350

August 30: (ENDED) Pentax RZ18/RX18 compact-zoom for $105 (Fri only)

August 30: (ENDED) Camera Flash Sale (ends Fri 11:59pm ET) [warranty situation uncertain]

August 30: (ENDED) 20% refurbished Canon D-Rebels (ends 8/31/12)

August 30: (ENDED) 64GB SuperTalent SDXC for $35 w/free S&H

August 30: (ENDED) Free Angry Birds (ad-free) [Android-ish] {Thur only}

August 30: (ENDED) Canon A3300 silver for $90 w/free S&H (Thur only)

August 30: (ENDED) Photoshop CS6 + Lightroom 4 for $390 (no rebates, no coupons)

August 29: Pre-order: Sony AS15 and AS10 action cameras and accessories

August 29: Pre-order: new Sony NEX-5R kits for $650 and $750

August 29: (DEAD) Sony NEX-5 w/16mm pancake silver for $380

August 28: (DEAD) Adobe Lightroom 4 Student & Teacher for $33 [updated]

August 28: 16GB Sandisk Extreme SDHC (45MB/sec) for $17 (no limits)

August 28: In-stock: Canon 1D X for $6800

August 28: (DEADish) Pentax K-30 w/18-55 black drops to $753~

August 28: (ENDED) 64GB Ridata SDXC for $37 w/free S&H

August 28: (SOLD OUT) Open-box Sony A35 w/18-55 drops to $398 w/free S&H

August 27: Refurbished factory demo Olympus E-PM1 w/14-42 II for $250

August 27: Buy Olympus E-M5 with up to three lenses (get $150 back via MIR per lens)

August 27: (ENDED) Pentax Q w/standard prime (black or white) for $350 w/free S&H [updated]

August 27: Nikon V1 w/10-30mm drops to $600 (both colors)

August 27: Buy Elements 10 or LR4, get coupon for $400 off CS6 [limited time]

August 27: Sony NEX-5n body down to $500 (w/18-55 for $600)

August 27: Nikon 70-300 and 85/3.5 join Nikon Instant Rebates

August 27: Nikon D7000 drops to $1000 (and free SLR backpack and 16GB Extreme)

August 27: (ENDED) Ends Tue 10am ET: Outdoor Photographer for $5 per year (max 3 years)

August 27: (ENDED) Refurbished Canon 7D body for $1050 (ends Mon night)

August 27: (ENDED) Last day for refurbished Canon DSLR gear specials

August 26: Ricoh GRD IV (white) for $450 w/free S&H

August 26: YMMV B&M: HP photo paper clearance

August 26: (ENDED) Canon D-Rebel w/18-55: T3: $420, T3i: $680, T4i $880

August 26: (OLDER POST) Open-box Sony A35 w/18-55 for $425

August 24: In-stock nao: Panasonic FZ200 (f2.8 zoom lens) for $600

August 24: (ENDED) Refurbished Kodak Z990 for $120 + $5 flat S&H

August 24: (EXPIRED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals: Sony Lorex, Lowepro (last two)

August 23: Refurbished Nikon D7000 for $950 w/free S&H

August 23: Refurbished Canon 7D body for $1050 w/free S&H

August 23: Refurbished Canon D-Rebel T3i w/18-55 for $540

August 23: Kata GDC Series R-101 for $50 w/free S&H

August 23: (ENDED) Free on iTunes: IncrediBooth app (iPhone/iPad/iPod-Touch)

August 23: Used Panasonic GF3 black w/14mm pancake for $254~ (VG)

August 23: Coupons for Dell Precision M4600 and M6600 mobile workstations

August 23: Fuji XS1 superzoom down to $600

August 23: Aug 26 - Sept 1: 50pk HP 8.5x11 photo paper Free After Rebate (limit 2)

August 23: (ENDED) Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium Student and Teacher Edition for $270 (limited time offer)

August 22: Still good: Canon 5D Mark II body for $1980

August 22: In-stock nao: Panasonic LX7 (both colors) for $500

August 22: Pre-order: Pentax X-5 superzoom for $280

August 22: (ENDED) SLR hand strap for $4 w/free S&H from China

August 22: (SOLD OUT) Kodak rechargeable bundle: three chargers & 12 AAs for $20 + $5 S&H

August 22: (ENDED) Used Sony Cybershot H70 compact zoom for $75 (Wedn)

August 22: (ENDED) WOOT-OFF continues for Day #2 [updated]

August 22: (SOLD OUT) Used Samsung W200 waterproof camcorder stick for $35

August 21: Pre-order: Nikon Coolpix P7700 and S800c (Android)

August 21: In-stock: RED Nikon D3200 w/18-55 + free Sling &16GB for $700

August 21: Coupon: $20 off an order of $100+ at HP Home & Home Office

August 21: Pre-Order: Canon SX500 IS and SX160 IS superzooms

August 21: Audio-Technica two-person podcast bundle for $560

August 21: (ENDED) 48-hour computer sale at Dell with coupon

August 21: (EXPIRED) Sandisk Ultra SD/mSD, USB stick, Extreme SSD specials [updated]

August 20: In-stock again: Panasonic M43rds lenses: 20/1.7, 25/1.4, 12-35

August 20: (ENDED) 72pcs of Kodak Xtralife alkaline AA or AAA for $15 + $5 flat (limit 3)

August 20: (ENDED) Kodak Z5120 superzoom for $125 (multiple colors) [Tue only]

August 20: (ENDED) Refurbished Fuji S2940 superzoom for $105 (Tuesday)

August 20: (ENDED) 9am to 1pm ET: Olympus system camera special

August 19: Free Canon 13"x19" Luster paper with Canon Pro-1 printer purchase

August 19: 50pk Canon 13"x19" semi-gloss for $46 (out of stock but orderable)

August 19: The IN (1D X, D800, RX100) and OUT (D800e, LX7/FZ200) Report

August 19: (OLDER POST) New open-box arrivals at Vanns (A35, NEX-5, etc)

August 19: In-stock: Samyang T-lenses, Canon 24mm T1.5 CN-E (pre-order Sony NEX-EA50)

August 19: Free Sling backpack and/or 16GB and/or Training Credit w/select Canon and Nikon dSLRs

August 19: Sony Alpha and NEX Instant Savings promotions

August 19: (ENDED) 64GB SuperTalent SDXC for $35 w/free S&H

August 19: (ENDED) Canon Pixma MG5320 for $58 w/free S&H

August 19: (SOLD OUT) Canon Pixma MG6220 for $60 w/free S&H (Sun only)

August 17: (ENDED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals: Panasonic GF3, Fuji F770EXR, etc

August 16: 23-inch Dell UltraSharp U2312M for $215 w/free S&H

August 16: Corel Paintshop Pro X4 Ultimate Photo & Video for $70 (download)

August 16: In-stock again: Canon 1D X for $6800 [updated]

August 16: Aug 19-25: 50pk Staples 8.5x11 double-sided matte photo paper 50c AR (limit 4)

August 16: Pisen shockproof camera case for $4 w/free S&H (from China)

August 15: Slik Daiwa DST-33 tripod for $200 w/free S&H

August 15: Refurbished Nikon 12-24mm f4G DX for $800

August 15: Canon 5D Mark II body only down to $1980 w/free S&H

August 15: Used Olympus XZ-1 black w/6-month warranty for $290~

August 15: Kindle Fire (refurbished w/1-year warranty) for $159

August 15: Refurbished factory demo Olympus E-PM1 w/14-42 II for $280 (was $290)

August 15: Canon D-Rebel T3i w/18-55 & 55-250 for $750 (or w/18-135 & 55-250 for $930)

August 15: (DEAD) Dell UltraSharp U2412M for $283 w/free S&H

August 15: (DEAD) Nikon Coolpix AW100 waterproof (camouflage color) for $251

August 15: (SOLD OUT) Olympus VR320 silver compact-zoom for $75 (ends Fri 1am ET)

August 15: (SOLD OUT) Sony NEX-C3 w/18-55 red for $400 (Wedn only)

August 15: (ENDED) 32GB Transcend Class 10 for $18 (limit 3) [& other Transcends]

August 14: 64GB Lexar Professional Class 10 (400x) for $63 w/free S&H

August 14: Camera Strap sale (ship from China)

August 14: (ENDED) Photoshop Elements 10 for $50 (bundled with Premiere Elements for $70)

August 14: (ENDED) Flip-Pal 100C Mobile Scanner for $130 + $5 S&H (limit 3)

August 14: (ENDED) Adobe CS6 Extended Student & Teacher for $125 (Tue only)

August 14: (ENDED) Adobe CS6 Design & Web Premium Student and Teacher for $225 (Tue only)

August 14: (ENDED) Outdoor Photographer for $5/year (max 3 yrs)

August 13: AppZilla 3 for 99c includes 17 camera/photo apps (no ads) [iTunes]

August 13: (DEAD) 64GB Lexar Class 10 Professional (133x) for $100 w/free S&H

August 13: (ENDED) Crucial M4 and V4 2.5" SSD specials (64GB to 512GB) [Mon only]

August 12: (DEAD) Canon D-Rebel T3 w/18-55 down to $425 [corrected link]

August 11: In-stock again: Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 for $1300

August 11: College students: six months of free Amazon Prime shipping

August 11: (ENDED) Sony W560 silver for $80 w/free S&H (Sat only)

August 10: In-stock for rental: Nikon D800e ($210 + $30 S&H for 1-week)

August 10: Stock Status updates: IN (D800, 1D X, D4, E-M5, RX100) & OUT (D800E)

August 10: Panasonic GF2 black body: $200 (used), $300 (new)

August 10: Fry's Weekly specials: Samsung WB150F: $100, NX1000 kit: $500, 60D w/18-135: $1000, etc

August 10: (ENDED) Merax One Shot portable studio for $28 w/free S&H w/coupon

August 10: (ENDED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals: Manfrotto, Vanguard, etc

August 9: $30/month Creative Cloud 1-year contract special ends 8/31/12

August 9: $100 off Adobe CS6 Student and Teacher editions with coupon

August 9: 256GB Transcend 2.5" SSD720 solid state drive for $200

August 9: Nikon D7000 w/18-105, Vello battery grip, 16GB Extreme, Lowepro for $1400

August 9: Vellco battery grip discounts (for Canon/Nikon DSLRs)

August 9: In-stock alert: Voigtlander 40mm f2 SL-II (Canon, Nikon)

August 9: Ends August 15: 40% select Kindle e-Ink ereaders and accessories with Amazon Chase Visa

August 9: Heads up (Aug 12-18): 100pk HP 4x6 photo paper gloss for $1AR [limit 4]

August 9: Pre-order: Nikon J2 w/10-30mm for $550 in multiple colors

August 9: Pre-order: Nikon Coolpix L610 AA-compact-zoom for $250

August 9: Pre-order: Nikon 11-27.5mm f3.5-5.6 (CX) for $190

August 9: (ENDED) Fotopro Monopod and Ball Head w/QR for $28 w/free S&H (limited time)

August 9: (ENDED) 12-count Duracell AAA Stay-Charged batteries for $15 + $5 flat S&H (limit 3)

August 9: (DEAD) Panasonic GF3 black body down to $278

August 8: Best Buy Premier Silver increases Return Policy to 60 days

August 8: Free Exhibits pass for 2013 PMA and CES (get it by 8/31/12)

August 8: YMMV B&M clearance: Kodak Z990 for around $100

August 8: Olympus E-P2 black body (outfit box) for $230

August 8: Refurbished factory demo Olympus 40-150mm for $150

August 8: E-Pen (E-PL1, E-PL2, E-PL3) specials continue at Cameta

August 8: ACDSeePro 5 (full version) for $70

August 8: Nikon DSLR Instant Rebates at B&H Photo

August 8: Panasonic GX1 w/14-42mm black for $480 w/coupon

August 8: (ENDED) 64GB SuperTalent SDXC for $35 w/free S&H

August 8: (ENDED) Shutterbug magazine subscription by mail for $10 per year (max 4 years)

August 7: Canon Pixma Pro 9000 specials heat up at B&H Photo

August 7: Used Panasonic LX3 black for $205 (Very Good condition)

August 7: (ENDED) Refurbished Sony Bloggie Touch for $45 (ends Thur 1am ET)

August 7: (ENDED) Olympus SZ20 for $95 after $40 MIR (Wedn)

August 7: (ENDED) 1TB Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex USB2/3 for $75 (Tue only)

August 7: (SOLD OUT) Panasonic TS20 waterproof orange for $99 (ends Wedn 3am ET)

August 6: (ENDED) Free premium-app: 360 Panorama (iTunes)

August 6: Panasonic GH2 w/14-42 slides to $730

August 6: 64GB Transcend Class 10 SDXC for $50 w/free S&H (FF)

August 6: 32GB RiData Class 10 SDHC for $18.75 w/free S&H

August 6: Stock Status recap at main blog

August 6: (DEAD) Used Panasonic LX5 black for $237 ("Very Good")

August 6: Missed Opportunities: used Panasonic GF2 w/14-42 for $180

August 6: (ENDED) OCZ Vertex 4 SSD specials (128GB, 256GB, 512GB) [ends Tue 3am ET]

August 6: (ENDED) 4pk Eneloop XX 2500mah AA rechargeables for $15 w/free S&H [limit 5]

August 6: (ENDED) Corel PSP X4 Ultimate for $35 (last item)

August 5: eBay testing $5 same-day delivery for local purchases

August 5: $100 gift card w/select Ultrabooks (ends 8/11/12)

August 5: (ENDED) Pentax RZ18/RX18 compact-zoom for $105

August 5: (ENDED) 5pm to 9pm ET: Tripod special (Sunday only)

August 4: Sony RX100 for $643 w/free S&H (with general-purpose coupon)

August 4: Olympus E-M5: all kits in-stock (except for silver w/12-50)

August 4: Free 50-200mm lens with either Samsung NX20 or NX210

August 4: Pre-order: Samyang 8mm f2.8 fisheye (Fuji X/XF) for $350

August 4: Corel Paintshop Pro X4 (full) for $30 [and other options]

August 4: (ENDED) Canon SX150 HS red w/16GB card and warranty for $140

August 4: (ENDED) Refurbished: 4GB EyeFi Connect X2 for $20 (8GB Pro X2 for $50) + $5 S&H

August 4: (SOLD OUT) In-stock: Canon 1D X for $6800

August 4: (ENDED) 64GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC Class 6 for $50 (Sat)

August 4: (ENDED) 64GB Patriot LX Class 10 SDXC for $40 w/free S&H

August 3: (ENDED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals: Rokinon, Gitzo, Manfrotto, Canon A810, Sony WX70

August 2: (DEAD) Used Panasonic GF3 black w/14mm pancake for $261~

August 2: Pentax K-5 body down to $825

August 2: New Sigma lenses join the Sigma Lens Instant Savings

August 2: Adobe Lightroom 4 Student & Teacher edition w/free Kelby DVD for $56

August 2: Heads up (Aug 5-11): 60pk Staples 4x6 glossy for $1 AR (limit 4)

August 2: In-stock again: Panasonic 20mm f1.7 for $360 [updated]

August 2: Lexar Compactflash and SDHC specials

August 2: (ENDED) 64GB Ridata SDXC for $37 w/free S&H

August 1: Free 1-day shipping on select items if you buy with a Discover card

August 1: Pentax Q silver w/8.5mm prime drops to $400 as well

August 1: Sony Cybershot HX200v for $403 w/coupon

August 1: New J&R coupon for August: $5 off $75+

August 1: Coupons for OCZ Revo Drive 3 Solid State Drives

August 1: (ENDED) 32GB Patriot Class 10 SDHC for $18 w/free S&H (no limits)

August 1: (ENDED) Samsung DV300F for $120 + $5 S&H (ends Fri 1am ET)

August 1: (ENDED) Goal Zero Guide 10 Solar Charging Adventure Kit w/batteries for $76~

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