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209 posts from July 2010

July 31: (DEAD) Panasonic GH1 w/14-140mm drops to $960 again (updated)

July 31: Open-box Fuji F100fd for $160 + S&H

July 31: (DEAD) Panasonic FH20 black (8X, LiIon) ships for $129

July 30: Deal round-up: Best of what's available now

July 30: Tamron Europe wins 2 million euro fine from grey market importer

July 30: Memory Cards: 16GB Sandisk Ultra II C4 for $45, 8GB C4 for $22

July 29: Free one-year of hosting (w/two-year contract) at 1&1 (ends August 31) [updated]

July 29: Refurbished Nikon DSLRs, lenses and P&S at Adorama

July 29: Refurbished Canon DSLRs and lens at Adorama

July 29: Refurbished Olympus Four Thirds DSLRs and lenses

July 29: Refurbished 16GB Microsoft Zune ships for $100 (Fri only)

July 29: Heads-up (August 1-7): 100pk Kodak 4x6 Premium Photo Paper (Gloss) for $1 after online rebate [in-store only]

July 29: Panasonic ZS7 (TZ10) drops down to $280 (black, blue, red)

July 29: Buy Phase One P65+ system for $40K, get any two lenses free (in-store only)

July 28: Pre-order alert: new 6-inch Kindles for $139 (Wifi) and $189 (Wifi + 3G)

July 28: Olympus E-P1 w/17mm f2.8 and VF1 ships for $600

July 28: Canon T1i w/18-55 & 55-250mm in-stock again for $729

July 28: Canon SD4000 IS (red) drops to $299

July 27: Panasonic GF1 w/20mm returns to $725

July 27: 16GB Lexar Platinum II (80x) for around $33 (no rebates) [updated]

July 27: Olympus E-30 body-only slides to $750 (w/lens for $830)

July 27: Pre-order alert: Panasonic TA-1 camcorder stick for $170

July 27: Samsung TL350 (WB2000) ships for $300 again

July 27: Free shipping specials at Tigerdirect (select items)

July 27: Deal round-up: Best of what's available now

July 27: Pre-order the new iMacs (Core i3, i5) and new Apple Magic Trackpad

July 27: (DEAD) Pixelmator software (Mac OS X) for $24.99 (ends 5pm EST)

July 27: Canon T1i w/18-55 & 55-250mm for $729 [updated: now shipping again]

July 27: Canon 7D w/18-135mm EF-S IS for $1776

July 27: Adorama memory card (CF, SDHC, MS, microSDHC) and storage specials

July 27: (SOLD OUT) Flip Ultra (60min, VGA, white) for $70 + $5 S&H (Tue only)

July 26: (SOLD OUT) Open-box Canon T2i w/18-55mm for $810 + S&H (limited quantity)

July 26: 4GB Kingston microSDHC (Class 4, w/SD adapter) ships for $8.95 (was $8/$9.74) [updated]

July 26: Olympus Stylus 7010 for $130 ($110 after OfficeMax Rewards) [xD/microSD only]

July 26: Refurbished Kindle DX (9.7", US Wireless) for $250

July 26: (DEAD) One or Two FREE backpacks w/OfficeMax Rewards (great for regular OfficeMax shoppers)

July 26: (DEAD) Refurbished Nikon 35mm f2 D for $275 + S&H

July 26: (ENDED) Kodak Z915 superzoom (w/charger & bag) for $99 (Mon only)

July 25: Pentax K-x w18-55/50-200 for $627~ in red, white or navy ($635 black)

July 25: Panasonic G2 w/14-42mm drops to $725

July 25: (DEAD) Panasonic GF1 w/20mm pancake drops to $725

July 25: (DEAD) Sony S2000 w/4GB SDHC, CycleEnergy charger and 2 AA for $80 (Sun only)

July 25: Sigma DP1s drops yet again, now $285

July 25: (DEAD) Panasonic FH20 (silver) drops to $129

July 25: Panasonic 45-200mm ships for $291

July 24: (DEAD) Refurbished Sony A550 body-only for $580 + S&H

July 24: Panasonic GF1 w/14-45mm OPEN-BOX for $650 + S&H

July 24: (DEAD) Panasonic GH1 w/14-140mm for around $965 (YMMV, updated)

July 23: $10 off Roku boxes: HD model for $90 (+ $10 Amazon Video credit)

July 23: Refurbished: Canon A480 (blue) for $65, A1100 (green) for $85

July 23: Buy.com increases return policy from 30 to 45 days

July 23: Bower SFD290 digital flash for $44 to $50

July 23: (SOLD OUT) Now shipping: Nikon D3s for $5200 (updated)

July 23: New B&H Specials: Casio EX-FH100 for $277 and more

July 23: (DEAD) Targus universal camera starter kit ships for $5 (limited time offer)

July 23: (DEAD Now shipping: Samsung TL350 for $300 [pre-order only]

July 23: Pentax K-x white-body two-lens kit slides to $627

July 23: (DEAD) Canon imageCLASS MF3240 mono all-in-one laser for $90 (ends 5pm EST)

July 22: Deal round-up: Best of what's available now

July 22: (DEAD) 25% sale off at RitzPix.com w/coupon (ends at 10pm EST)

July 21: 4GB Sandisk Extreme III CompactFlash (30MB/s) ships for $25

July 21: Olympus E-P2 kits (pancake or zoom) w/free FL14 for $800

July 21: Kodak Z950 superzoom ships for $129

July 21: 250GB Seagate Expansion USB2 portable external drive for $50

July 21: (DEAD) Panasonic LX3 silver drops to $360

July 21: Meta-advice from Hogan on buying camera gear

July 21: Pre-order the new Panasonic LX5, FZ100, FZ40, FX700, TS10

July 21: Pre-order the new Fuji F300EXR, S2800, Z800EXR, JX280

July 20: Deal round-up: Best of what's live right now

July 20: Adobe Premiere Elements 8 OEM bundle (w/paper & card-reader) for $39

July 20: (SOLD OUT) Open-box Panasonic GF1 w/20mm pancake for $655 (open box!)

July 20: Canon T2i update: body-only $760-$800, w/18-55 $855-$900, w/18-135 $1100

July 20: (SOLD OUT) Open-box Sony Alpha A900 for $2025 (open-box clearance)

July 20: Panasonic FP1 w/free Lumix-branded case for $120

July 20: USB 2.0 SD/SDHC/MMC card-reader ships for $3 (updated)

July 20: Cullmann 34 AF-O digital AF TLL flash for Olympus for around $42

July 20: P&S round-up: Panasonic ZR3 for $205, Nikon S70 for $200 & more

July 19: Sigma DP1s drops again, now $313

July 19: (SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: Nikon D3s for $5200 [updated]

July 18: (DEAD) Nikon D90 body-only for $752 with free S&H [ships in 1-2 months] {updated}

July 18: Best Pentax K-x prices (white two-lens kit for $633)

July 18: Samsung TL320 (black) ships for $195 (has two analog gauges)

July 18: Pentax K-x white-body two-lens kit (18-55/50-200) for $632

July 18: (DEAD) Computer Sunday-only specials: 17" Apple MacBook Pro MC226LL/A for $1650+S&H (& more)

July 17: Panasonic LX3 (black or silver) ships for around $368

July 17: (DEAD) Kodak Z981 superzoom for $200 + S&H (weekend special)

July 17: (DEAD) Refurbished Canon SD1200 IS for $99 (Sat only)

July 16: In-stock alert: Ricoh GX100 for $300

July 16: Samsung NX10 two-lens kit for $700 (NX10 w/18-55mm for $570)

July 16: All ten NEX-5 and NEX-3 kits are in-stock (freebies, but no discount)

July 16: Samsung EX1//TL500 drops to $400

July 16: Canon T1i body-only drops to $580 (orderable but not in-stock)

July 16: Dell weekend specials w/free shipping (incl Sony HX5v for $330)

July 16: Free prints from RitzPix.com

July 16: (DEAD) Epson MovieMate 72 high-def projector, DVD and media player for $680 (Fri only)

July 16: Norazza TD140 monopod for under $13

July 16: Heads-up (July 18-24): 60pk Staples 4x6" photo gloss paper for 25c (after rebate, max 2, in-store only)

July 15: Canon T2i w/18-55 in-stock for $855 (body-only for $760 but not in-stock)

July 15: In-stock alert: Zakuto Z-Finder Pro 3X viewfinder

July 15: Panasonic TS2 orange + ProMaster Elite 1 Pouch ships for $310

July 15: (DEAD) Leica Digilux 3 accessory kit (18664) for $20 + S&H (battery and bag)

July 15: Deal round-up: Best of what's available now

July 14: (DEAD) 12 Duracell pre-charged AAA batteries ship for $20 (limited time offer)

July 14: $100/$150 mail-in prepaid Visa cards w/select Zeiss binoculars, riflescopes or monoculars

July 14: Canon T2i w/18-55mm ships for $900 ($850 price is toast)

July 14: Panasonic GF1 w/20mm pancake drops to $770

July 14: Panasonic G10 w/14-42mm drops to $550 (updated)

July 14: Samsung HZ10w for $130 + S&H

July 14: Sony S2100 (all colors) ship for $100

July 14: (DEAD) Toshiba 15.6" 720p LCD monitor w/built-in DVD player for $140 (Wedn only)

July 13: Kodak Zx1 weatherproof camcorder stick for $66.50

July 13: Refurbished Smartparts 8-inch SP8MIX digiframe ships for $26

July 13: Panasonic GF1 w/14-45mm and LVF1 viewfinder slides to $730

July 13: Rokinon 85mm f1.4 manual lens for $250-$260 + S&H (all mounts)

July 13: Samsung HZ30w with extras (8GB, case, extra battery) for $230

July 12: Free one year of Amazon Prime for college students

July 12: (DEAD) Canon T2i w/18-55mm ships for $874

July 12: Used and refurbished DSLRs at B&H Photo

July 12: Refurbished Nikon DSLRs (D3000, D40X, D3000) for ($300, $330, $1190)

July 12: Canon T1i w/18-55mm with 55-250mm EF-S IS for $730 (new coupon code!)

July 12: Reminder: Panasonic G1 w14-45 for $500, Sigma DP1s for $378

July 12: Refurbished Nikon L100 superzoom ships for $135

July 12: 8GB Panasonic SDHC (Class 10) for $30 plus $3 S&H

July 12: (DEAD) Panasonic LX3 black ships for $366

July 12: Panasonic SDR-S26KC ships for $150 (SD/SD camcorder, Mon only)

July 12: (DEAD) Refurbished: 22" Philips 720p monitor/HDTV for $170, 16GB ZuneHD for $115 [Mon only]

July 12: 50pk Staples 8.5x11" Photo Supreme double-sided matte paper for $1 after online rebate (max two 50pks) [in-store only, July 11-17]

July 11: 64-inch Canon brand monopod 500 w/ball head for $40 (VidPro photo-wand for $9)

July 11: Fuji Z70 (5x folded-optics) for $116

July 11: Costco stores only: Samsung HZ30w for $200

July 11: Olympus 9-18mm (M43rds) drops to $600

July 11: Olympus 14-150mm (M43rds) drops to $520 [but out of stock]

July 11: (DEAD) Popular Photography for $5 per year (up to 3 years) [limited time offer]

July 11: (DEAD) Fuji S1800 superzoom for $150 (Sun only)

July 10: Sigma DP1s drops to $378

July 10: Vivitar 85mm f1.4 manual lens drops to $300 (Canon, Nikon)

July 10: Kodak ZX1 weatherproof camcorder stick for $70

July 10: Kodak Z812 superzoom for $100 w/free S&H

July 9: Pentax K-x w/18-55mm for $500 or slightly less (all four body-colors)

July 9: Canon G11 w/extra case, SDHC, 3-year Mack warranty for $500

July 9: Panasonic G1 w/14-45mm (black) remains at $500

July 9: (DEAD) Sony Bloggie HD camcorder stick (blue, MHS-PM5) ships for $133

July 9: Nikon Coolpix S70 red for $200 (limited time offer)

July 9: Cameras and gadgets under $200 round-up

July 9: Ricoh GX100 + VF1 viewfinder ships for $300 [ships 1-2 months, updated]

July 9: Ricoh P10 sensor+lens block drops to $300 (no camera body!)

July 9: 58mm 8-point star filter ships for $5

July 9: Free 16GB Zune HD player with select Dell computers (3-day special) [updated]

July 9: (DEAD) Refurbished Olympus Tough 6000 waterproof (blue) for $100 (Fri only)

July 9: (DEAD) 12 Duracell AA (2000mah, pre-charged) batteries for $20 [ends Fri 9pm EST]

July 8: Samsung TL500 in-stock again but for $450

July 8: Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 ships for $100 (1080p video, Zeiss lens)

July 8: (DEAD for now) Canon T1i with 18-55mm and 55-250mm for $730 again

July 8: July 11-17: 50pk Staples 8.5x11" Photo Supreme double-sided matte paper for $1 after online rebate (max two 50pks) [in-store only]

July 8: (DEAD) Gadget fail: Laptop lap desk with cup-holder

July 8: (DEAD) Olympus FE-3010 orange for $90

July 8: Phase One specials with "Photokina Insurance"

July 8: Olympus clearance at Fry's brick and mortar (YMMV)

July 8: Panasonic LX3 (both colors) drop to $380 or less

July 8: Aiptek 3D HD camcorder stick gets August 15 release date ($200 pre-orders)

July 8: In-stock alert: New Graphite Kindle DX 9.7" for $379

July 8: (DEAD) Roku HD XR (extended wireless) for $100 w/$10 free video (Thur only)

July 7: (DEAD) Nikon S1000pj (w/projector) for around $220 via 3rd party sellers

July 7: Canon T1i two-lens kit (18-55/55-250) for $730 again

July 7: (DEAD) Canon T1i w/18-55mm and bonus LowePro case and 8gb Ultra II for $700

July 7: HP PB360 w/3-inch touchscreen for $79

July 7: (DEAD) Kodak C182 camera + ESP3250 printer for $110

July 7: Smartparts 7-inch SP70BRS digiframe for $15 + S&H after $10 MIR

July 7: Samsung TL220 blue for $184

July 7: Refurbished Tamron 60-300mm f3.8-5.4 Adaptall for $160 + S&H

July 6: (DEAD) Canon T2i body-only for $761 via 3rd-party seller

July 6: Sony Cybershot W370 (7X, SDHC) for $180

July 6: 10% off at ScanDigital with coupon

July 6: Canon mail-in rebates for Pixma Pro 9000 and 9500 extended until Sept-30-2010

July 6: Lenses: Canon instant rebates end on July 10

July 6: Pentax K-x w/18-55 kits return to $500 (but two-lens kits go up again)

July 6: Ricoh GXR + S10 sensor+lens block for $600

July 6: (DEAD) 250GB Hitachi SimpleDrive (red) for $40 plus $3 S&H (Tue only)

July 6: In-stock alert: Sony NEX-5 w/16mm pancake (silver) for $650

July 6: (DEAD) Olympus E-PL1 w/14-42mm (gold) drops to $513

July 6: (DEAD) Sony S2100 (orange) for $80 (Tue only)

July 5: Canon T2i body-only in-stock at $800 at over a dozen retailers

July 5: Canon fanboys only: Canon DK-10i II USB calculator for $19 [updated]

July 5: (DEAD) Olympus E620 w/14-42mm for $530 (+ two sub-$60 P&S/stick) [Mon only]

July 4: (DEAD) Samsung TL205 (front and back LCD) for $135

July 4: AMEX Daily-Wish heads-up: Nikon S8000 (20 units) for $168 on July 8

July 3: Kodak Z915 compact-zoom for $110 (black or red) [blue for more] {updated}

July 3: Fuji F80-EXR drops again, now $228

July 3: Roku HD for $100 (with free $10 worth of video rentals/purchases)

July 3: Small things for under $35 (mostly daily deals)

July 2: In-stock alert: Olympus 14-150mm f4-5.6 (M43) lens for $600

July 2: Calumet Portacube 40 for $23 (Portacube 50 for $35) [plus S&H]

July 2: Panasonic 45-200mm returns to $281 [corrected link]

July 2: (DEAD) Olympus E-P2 w/14-42mm and EVF drops to $800

July 2: Freebies with Sony NEX-3 kits [discount is over] {updated}

July 2: (SOLD OUT) Leica D-Lux 4 w/free case and extra battery ships for $800

July 1: Rounding up the best deals right now

July 1: Canon Instant Rebates: T1i, 50D, 7D (hard to get: T2i, XS)

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