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226 posts from March 2010

March 31: New HP Home Store specials (18.4" quad-core laptop for $1100+)

March 31: Sony W370 with free Body Glove for $220

March 31: Now shipping: Kodak Slice (silver, magenta) for $350

March 31: Refurbished Pentax K100D for $225 (+ S&H)

March 31: (SOLD OUT) Canon 1D Mark IV T2i BO both sold-out

March 31: Hogan updates on new Nikon Instant rebates

March 31: Canon T2i w/kit-lens remains in-stock (body-only harder to find)

March 30: Dell value meals: desktop + netbook, or computer + e-reader (ends 4/1)

March 30: 8gb Kingston MicroSDHC (class 4) card with adapters ships for $18

March 30: (SOLD OUT) Panasonic LX3K for $342 (ships in 1-2 weeks)

March 30: Creative Labs Vado (pink) for $40

March 29: Cosina 28-80mm f3.5-5.6 (Canon) ships for $58

March 29: Two 2GB Kingston microSD cards and SD adapter ship for $10

March 29: Now shipping: Samsung HZ35w for $300 (updated)

March 29: Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 for $60 (or $40 after mail-in rebate)

March 29: Panasonic LX3 silver $355 to $362

March 29: Storage specials at Amazon (Monday)

March 28: Refurbished Sony S930 for $65 headlines Outlet Specials

March 28: Sony A230 w/18-55 + 75-300 + extras for $550 (Costco)

March 28: Fuji F70EXR for $180 (after mail-in rebate) [three days left]

March 28: (BACKORDERED) Canon T2i body-only in-stock for $800

March 28: Olympus E620 two-lens kit for $626 (via 3rd party seller)

March 28: Open-Box Leica D-Lux2 for $500

March 27: Two-day spring sale at Best Buy (ends Monday night)

March 27: Olympus E-P1 stock clearing out

March 27: (EXPIRED) Nikon 70-300 VR in-stock again - Instant Rebates ON again!

March 27: Price-checks of some of the hottest cameras (completed)

March 27: (SOLD OUT) 42-inch generic aluminum tripod with bubble ships for $12

March 27: Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG9 hybrid for $100 (Sat only)

March 27: Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) ships for $350

March 26: Canon 50D body-only drips to $890

March 26: Pentax WS80 ships for $100 (waterproof)

March 26: Panasonic TS2 (FT2) drops closer to $350

March 26: Now shipping: Olympus SP600uz for $250

March 26: Retail rumors: Radio Shack looking for buyers (perhaps Best Buy)

March 25: (DEAD AGAIN) Nikon 70-300mm instant-rebates ON again at Amazon

March 25: Canon T2i w/18-55 in-stock (body-only not)

March 25: Samsung HMX-U10 camcorder stick for $98

March 25: Save 5% off on Panasonic, Fuji and Kodak P&S cameras

March 25: Canon BG-E8 battery grip (for T2i/550D) in-stock for $160

March 24: Pentax K-7 body-only drops to $900 (w/18-55 WR for $985)

March 24: (DEAD) Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) black for $338 (or $352 in 2-4 weeks)

March 24: Panasonic FZ38 (FZ35) ships for under $305 (updated)

March 24: Thom Hogan on Nikon Instant rebates (and a possibility for a deal)

March 24: Canon T2i w/18-55 in-stock (BO sold out) [updated]

March 24: Samsung TL205 dual-screen for $150 (brick and mortar)

March 24: Sony Style specials include $90 refurbished W190 or Webbie

March 24: Sanyo Eneloop AAA (800mah, 4-pack) for under $10

March 24: (DEAD) First discount: Olympus SP800uz for $319

March 24: In-stock despite shortages: Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS II

March 24: 8GB Creative Labs Vado (2G) for $100 (Wedn only)

March 23: Refurbished Nikon D3000 w/18-55 for $375

March 23: Canada: Canon instant rebates coming up

March 22: Tamron 18-250mm f3.5-6.3 Di-II drops to $329 (Canon/Nikon only)

March 22: Canon T2i with 18-55mm in-stock for $900

March 22: In-stock alert: Samsung NX10 w/zoom lens for $700

March 22: Vidpro MP10 photo-wand extendable self-portrait monopod for under $10

March 22: Daily deal round-up: $100 Samsung, $34 7-inch digiframe

March 22: Heads up for B&H Photo shoppers: Passover closing next week

March 21: Fuji F70 EXR ships for $180 after rebate (rebate ends 3/31/10)

March 21: (DEAD) Canon 7D w/28-135mm for $1710

March 21: Panasonic GF1 w/14-42mm drops to $729 (and a warning on red/white kits)

March 21: Hard to find: Panasonic TZ5 silver for $259

March 21: Nikon Instant Rebates end March 27, 2010

March 21: Sony HX1 drops to $400 in unison

March 20: Adobe Lightroom 2 (full version) for $239

March 20: In-stock alert: Olympus SP800uz for $350

March 20: Sony WX1 drops to $279 (updated)

March 20: Sears family and friends sale (10% off electronics; ends 3/22 4am CST)

March 20: Pentax AF200FG flash ships for $90 (clearance merchandise)

March 20: Canon T2i w/18-55mm remains in-stock for $900

March 20: Sandisk microSD to SD adapter ships for $1.67

March 20: Now shipping: Fuji S2550 for $250

March 20: (DEAD) Ectaco Jetbook Lite e-reader for $113 (Saturday only)

March 19: 8gb Patriot LX Series SDHC (Class 10) for $24.99

March 19: 4gb Kingston SDHC (Class 4) ships for $10

March 19: In-stock alert: Canon SX210 IS for $350

March 19: (EXPIRED) Canon Photo Paper II four-hour specials

March 19: Now shipping: Casio EX-FH100 for $350 (backlit CMOS 10X zoom)

March 19: New law in the works to undo manufacturer control over minimum prices

March 19: Refurbished Nikon DSLR lenses (18-55, 55-200, 18-105, all DX VR)

March 19: Save $20 on $110+ order at Radio Shack (exclusions apply)

March 19: Tamron 24-70mm f3.3-5.6 (OPEN BOX) for $70 + S&H

March 19: (SOLD OUT) Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA9 waterproof hybrid for $180 (Friday only)

March 19: (ENDED) Dell 8-hour sale on electronics and computers

March 18: Now shipping: Panasonic TS2 waterproof for around $400

March 18: (SOLD OUT) Used Sony F828 for $290 (used camera)

March 18: In-stock alert: Samsung TL205 (dual screen) for $180

March 18: Fuji F70EXR for $180 after mail-in rebate

March 18: Sony HX1 superzoom ships for $410

March 18: Now shipping: Sony H55 for $250 (takes SDHC, 2010 model)

March 18: Pentax DA 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 AL II ships for $106

March 18: Now shipping: Nikon D3s at two retailers for $5200

March 18: Nikon P100 superzoom drops to $372

March 18: Pre-order alert: Avatar DVD and BluRay

March 18: DVD and book sale at National Geographic

March 17: Canon T2i with 18-55mm shipping for $900 (updated many times)

March 17: Refurbished Olympus E450 body only for $280

March 17: Nikon D5000 two-lens kit for $765

March 17: Refurbished Olympus E600 two-lens kit for $520

March 17: Refurbished Sony W290 for $130 (and other Outlet specials)

March 17: Last set of the Daily Dell Deals (expire at 6am Central on March 18)

March 17: Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) red now for $390

March 17: In-stock alert: Mamiya DM22 w/80mm f2.8 + software for $10000

March 17: Now shipping: Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) in black or blue ($400)

March 16: Creative Labs Vado camcorder stick for $40 (B-Stock)

March 16: Canon S90 drops to $380 (to counter silver LX3 price?)

March 16: (SOLD OUT) Canon T2i w/18-55 in-stock!!!

March 16: New Dell Days of Deals specials (computers and monitors)

March 16: A couple of brick and mortar specials: 4gb SDHC, Sony S750

March 16: New coupon for Abe's of Maine (old coupon retiring)

March 16: What do you want?

March 15: Pre-order alert: Fuji GF670 rangefinder (film camera) for $1900

March 15: New arrivals at B&H Photo: compacts, waterproofs, and superzooms

March 15: Refurbished Nikon D3000 w/lens for $400

March 15: Induro MA14 6M MA Alloy monopod (extends to 56") ships for $25

March 15: (SOLD OUT) Both Canon T2i kits are now shipping for $800/$900

March 15: Latest Dell Days of Deals (computers, TVs/monitors, Sony reader)

March 15: Dell Outlet Inspiron specials (15% off Inspirons, 20% Mini 10 designer)

March 15: Refurbished Nikon 18-55mm DX VR ships for $99

March 15: Samsung TL320 (w/analog gauges) ships for $197

March 15: (ENDED) Kodak M820 digital picture frame for $70 (ends at 1pm EST)

March 14: Olympus E520 two-lens kit for around $480 looks better because of E620 price increase

March 14: (DEAD) Sony HX5v drops to $317 (in-stock and shipping)

March 14: (Now $1454) Nikon D300s body only drops again, now $1434

March 14: Sylvania BluRay player (NB530SLX) ships for $80

March 13: $20 off $200+ SLR gear, memory cards, batteries, lighting, and more (not cameras/lenses)

March 13: Saturday's Dell Days of Deals (computers, storage)

March 13: Now shipping: Panasonic TZ8 (ZS3) black for $300 (2010 w/PASM)

March 13: Maha Powerex MH-C401FS with four 2700mah, car adapter, and two freebies for $40

March 13: Free replacement for AC adapter of LaCrosse BC-9009 charger

March 13: Now shipping: Casio EX-Z2000 for $200 (multiple colors)

March 13: Kodak C190 w/bag and NiMH set (all red) for $100 (Sat only)

March 13: New weekly specials at RitzCamera.com

March 12: (SOLD OUT) Nikon D90 body only ships for $750

March 12: Nikon Instant Rebates at J&R World

March 12: 8gb Kingston MicroSDHC card with adapters and USB reader for $20~

March 12: In-stock alert: Canon T2i body only for $800

March 12: Sony A500 body only drops in unison to $650

March 12: Refurbished Canon 7D body-only for $1400

March 12: (SOLD OUT) Panasonic TZ7 (ZS3) black delivered for $229

March 12: (SOLD OUT) Canon T2i body only for $800

March 12: Friday's Dell Days of Deals are out

March 11: Lexar 2-pack specials (SDHC and CF) [no rebates!]

March 11: Pentax K-7 w/18-55mm WR ships for $1000

March 11: Sony HX1 ships for $420 (also HX5v is now shipping)

March 11: Adorama weekly specials (Samsung dualscreen, Tamron 55-200, etc)

March 11: 2gb microSD delivered for $6

March 11: Digital Cameras under $100 (and tech gear too)

March 11: Nikon D300s body only for $1455

March 11: (SOLD OUT) Canon T2i body only for $800 (via 3rd party)

March 11: Refurbished Nikon gear at J&R World (D200 for $800 (SB900 sold-out))

March 11: New Dell Deals of Deals four-pack: two laptops, DLP, XBox

March 11: (EXPIRED) Storage specials at Amazon (very limited time)

March 10: Leica X1 battery in-stock for $127 (or $100 preorder)

March 10: 4 Sanyo Eneloop AAA NiMH (800mah) ship for $10

March 10: (SOLD OUT) Canon T2i body-only in-stock for $800

March 10: In-stock alert: Olympus Tough 6020 for $300 (2010 elementproof, takes SD/SDHC)

March 10: In-stock alert: Fuji S1800 superzoom for $230

March 10: Panasonic 20mm f1.7 in-stock for $400 at multiple places

March 10: $20 off $200+ orders at OneCall (camera gear yes, but no cameras)

March 10: (SOLD OUT) Canon T2i body only for $800

March 9: New four-pack of Days of Deals at Dell (tech stuff)

March 9: (SOLD OUT) Sony HX1 ships for $330 (OPEN BOX)

March 9: Now shipping: Samsung TL210 red (dual screen)

March 8: Retro-looking Pentax i10 now shipping!

March 8: Now shipping: Pentax H90 for $174

March 8: Fuji F70EXR for $185 after rebate

March 8: Best Panasonic GF1, GH1 and M43 lenses prices (bonus: G1 price check)

March 8: Film Star Portraits of the Fifties: 163 glamor photos for $3.59 (book)

March 8: (ENDED) Five lucky AMEX users will get the Nikon D90 w/18-105 for $519 on Tuesday

March 8: Canon 7D kits for $1600 and $1800 (100mm f2.8 macro hybrid IS for $884)

March 8: Refurbished DSLRs at Adorama (Canon, Nikon, Olympus)

March 8: Pentax K10D for $370, K100D for $240 (refurbished, +S&H)

March 8: Camera Clearance: Sony H20 for $200 (also Kodak Z1015 for $200, Sony W180 for $90)

March 8: New Dell days of deals have gone live (until March 17)

March 8: Refurbished Nikon D90 body only for $699 (and tech specials)

March 8: (Now $329) Nikon S1000pj ships for $320 (w/built-in projector)

March 8: Panasonic 45-200mm (M43rds) ships for $289

March 8: (SOLD OUT) Nikon S8000 drops to $285 (with bonus camera case)

March 8: (1 to 2 months again) Nikon D3s

March 7: Security alert: Energizer Duo USB NiMH charger contains trojan

March 7: Sony Alpha A230 w/18-55 ships for $387

March 7: Panasonic FH20 red drops to $180

March 7: Canon Lens Coffee Mug now offered with $200+ purchases at Canon Canada

March 7: Nikon D90 body-only drops to $760 ($767 w/free 8gb SDHC)

March 7: Fuji Z37 blue with extras (case, 2gb, USB reader) for $99

March 7: (OVER) "A world in HDR" by Trey Ratcliff for $22.49 (Sun only)

March 7: Panasonic GF1 w/14-45mm slides to $783

March 7: Sony TX1 (Exmor) drops to $300 for this week

March 6: (Now $2028) Nikon D300s w/18-200mm DX VR II ships for $2000

March 6: Nikon Instant Rebates roundup

March 6: Canon Instant Rebates (March 7 to April 3)

March 6: Olympus E-P1 w/17mm pancake ships for $709

March 6: Panasonic TS1 (FT1) goes for $220 to $235 (depending on color)

March 6: Now shipping: Sony W370 for $230 (7X zoom, SDHC)

March 5: Coming soon: Canon instant rebates, Dell days of deals

March 5: (SOLD OUT) 16gb HP SDHC card (class 4) ships for $27

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