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198 posts from May 2009

May 31: (Now $150) Don't let it get away: Fuji F100fd for $140 after mail-in rebate!

May 31: (ENDED) Canon 5D Mark II drops to $2500 at Amazon (but ships in 2 to 5 weeks)

May 31: Refurbished Olympus E3 for $1000

May 31: Samsung SL420 for $150 with free shipping

May 31: Three 1gb Sandisk Ultra II (60x) SD cards delivered for $20

May 31: (EXPIRED) 26" AOC LCD HDTV (720p) for $250 (Sunday only!)

May 31: Nikon Coolpix P60 yours for $100

May 31: Olympus FE-20 with free starter kit for just $70

May 31: Daily deals roundup (Sunday May 31st)

May 30: Nikon D40 2-lens kit with 10-inch digital frame for $550

May 30: Panasonic 45-200mm Micro Four Thirds lens delivered for $267

May 30: Refurbished Nikon Coolpix S600 and S550 for $100

May 30: Nikon L100 super-bundle delivered for $263

May 30: (EXPIRED) Last day: free Flip accessory with Flip purchase

May 30: Daily deals roundup: Quite quiet (turns into 1gb laptop memory roundup)

May 30: A used Leica M6 is the ultimate depreciation stopper?

May 29: Five 2gb Sandisk Extreme III Compact Flash cards delivered for $50

May 29: Opteka 500mm mirror lens (Nikon mount) for $100

May 29: Three days left for Adobe's Green download discounts

May 29: Pentax K2000 triplet delivered for $484

May 29: Fuji F200 EXR delivered for $350

May 29: (NOW $400) Panasonic ZS3 (TZ7K) in-stock, shipped for $380

May 29: Daily Deal round-up (BeachTek, Fuji Z100fd, refurb C913 for $55)

May 28: Olympus E520 with 14-42mm lens (with bonus Olympus FE-20 camera) for $481

May 28: $90 camera deal: red Olympus Stylus 820

May 28: Two Kingston 4gb SDHC cards delivered for $20

May 28: SonyStyle fans get up to $300 in statement credit (HOT for Sony fanboys)

May 28: One day camera deals at Dell: Sony T90 for $250, T900 for $310 and more

May 28: Free FedEx ground shipping with orders over $20 at Radio Shack

May 28: Mega free shipping promotion from J&R World

May 28: Daily Deals of the day: Tamron and other gear

May 27: (MAYBE) Free shipping returns at Calumet Photo (orders $100 or more)

May 27: $5 off order of $100 at Beach Audio

May 27: Fuji S100fs giant-sumer delivered for $450

May 27: Bang for the buck: Panasonic TZ5 (blue or silver) shipped under $225

May 27: Alienware M17 and Area 51 M15x starting at $1300 and $1200

May 27: Do you prefer expanded or compressed view on the front page?

May 27: Olympus E420 body only delivered for $314

May 27: Another quiet daily deals roundup

May 26: One day 20% off discount at Barnes and Noble

May 26: (SOLD OUT) Canon Digital Rebel T1i kits drops another $20 (delivered for $830)

May 26: Pentax Optio W30 delivered for $130

May 26: Pentax K2000 triplet (camera + lens + flash) under $500 again

May 26: New Storage and Computer deals from Dell Home

May 26: (SOLD OUT) 2gb Easystor SD memory card for $5 delivered!

May 26: Black Casio EX-Z80 yours for $100

May 25: Plan your B&H shopping ahead (Holiday closing Thur-Sun)

May 25: Headlines View of the Latest Deals

May 25: Canon A1000IS with two 1gb Sandisk Ultra II SD cards delivered for $130

May 25: (PRICE UP) Panasonic ZS1 (TZ6) silver delivered for $250 (plus mail-in bonus)

May 25: Daily deals: $100 Flip, ZS1 for $250, Nikon bino, Cambo boom

May 25: (EXPIRED) 24-hour Memorial Day sale at Dell Home

May 24: Nikon D90 body only delivered for $885

May 24: Nikon D200 body only returns to $600

May 24: Best Price: Olympus 14-35mm f2 SWD shipped for $1938

May 24: Nikon D5000 with 18-55 DX VR now $800

May 24: Black Olympus Stylus 1040 for $100 after mail-in rebate

May 24: Canon 50mm f1.8 prime shipped for $120 ($92 if you can wait)

May 24: Laptop Memorial Day weekend specials by Toshiba

May 24: Daily deal roundup: all the small things (picture frame, 4gb Easystore, etc)

May 23: Canon Digital Rebel Ti1 kit for around $850 in more places

May 23: Daily Deal roundup: Pink GE H855 for $70

May 22: Panasonic TZ5 blue for $225 to your door

May 22: $100 camera deal: pink Casio EX-Z150 starts at 28mm wide!

May 22: Black Panasonic G1 for $630 (plus shipping)

May 22: Canon Digital Rebel T1i with kit lens shipped for $855

May 22: Daily deal roundup: Quiet because everyone has Memorial Day weekend specials

May 22: Casio EX-FC100 for $291 with free shipping

May 22: Adorama taking Pentax K7 pre-orders as well

May 22: Memorial day sale at MacMall.com

May 21: Leica D-Lux4 shipped for $685

May 21: Nikon D5000 body-only now $703, plus additional discounts

May 21: Canon SD780IS with camera case and 2gb card delivered for $250

May 21: Free 4gb Trascend SDHC (frustration-free) with Casio cameras

May 21: Free shipping on 100+ digital cameras at Best Buy

May 21: Daily deal roundup: Panasonic FZ28 (black) for $261

May 21: Abt Electronics $25 off $250 Memorial Weekend coupon (not cameras though)

May 21: Memorial day coupon special: $15 off J&R World IN-STORE

May 20: (SOLD OUT) Fuji F200 EXR delivered for $342 (five left in-stock)

May 20: Ritz and Wolf brick and mortar clearance: some older DSLR deals

May 20: Pre-order the Pentax K7 right now for $1300

May 20: Daily deals roundup is canceled for today

May 19: Camera Steals: Panasonic TZ5 blue for $226, silver for $220

May 19: Dead deal: Pentax K2000 body briefly at Meijer for $240

May 19: Best prices: Pentax X70 now under $350

May 19: Engadget group test winner Samsung SL820 skyrockets at Amazon (currently at $250)

May 19: Panasonic L10K for $873 (from the hard to find dept)

May 19: New $75 Leica C-Lux3 mail-in rebate (May 15 to August 31)

May 19: Daily deals: Silver Canon Selphy CP760 for $50 (and more)

May 18: Samsung HZ10w compact superzoom shipped for $270

May 18: Blue Panasonic FX35A delivered for $177

May 18: Refurbished Nikon Coolpix S600 for $100, Coolpix L11 for $60

May 18: Potential deal: Nikon D40 kit for $410 via Amazon personalized Gold box discount

May 18: Daily deal roundup: Quiet Monday

May 17: Olympus E-620 kits drop another fifty dollars!

May 17: Refurbished Olympus E510 kit delivered for $360 (add DVD for $3 more)

May 17: Nik Software Sharpener Pro 3.0 Complete edition for $140 delivered

May 17: Lenmar replacement batteries for Panasonic CGA-007, Canon NB-5L and BP-511 for $10 each

May 17: (EXPIRED) Save an additional 5% on cameras at Sears (until 6am eastern on Monday)

May 17: Delkin DDSDFLS-AD SD-to-CompactFlash II adapter

May 17: Hard to find: 128MB Smartmedia card for $40

May 17: Daily deal roundup: J&R discounts, $30 internal hard disk (320gb), and more

May 16: Picking up momentum: Fuji Z33wp black for $167

May 16: $100 camera delivered: black Olympus Stylus 840

May 16: Daily deals roundup: PNY SDHC cards, Tiffen, Profoto AcuteB 600

May 15: New 10-day Pentax K2000 2-lens kit instant rebate

May 15: Save 20% off maps, globes and atlases at NGeo

May 15: New Corel specials (PSP X2 Ultimate for $60 and more)

May 15: Panasonic FX35 silver delivered for $170

May 15: Daily deal roundup: Olympus Stylus 840 for $100, 2gb xD for $25

May 14: (Now $281) Panasonic FZ28K delivered for $274

May 14: (Now $400) Panasonic TZ7/ZS3 silver delivered for $370

May 14: Sunpak PlatinumPlus Deluxe Starter kit for $20 (tripod, bag and light)

May 14: Daily deals: 26" Samsung LCD/HDTV for $330, Bowens BW1790 for $280

May 13: In-stock alert: Nikon D5000 kit for $850 at Abt Electronics

May 13: Refurbished Nikon D2Hs drops another $100

May 13: (EXPIRED) Tamron front lens cap (72mm) for $7.50

May 13: Leica C-Lux 2 silver shipped for around $300

May 13: Silver Olympus Stylus 1200 for $130 delivered

May 13: Free 30 4x6 prints with order of $25+ at Shutterfly

May 13: Refurbished Sony Alpha A100 and Cybershot T70 at SonyStyle

May 13: Daily deals: lenses, Cambo 3D gearhead, storage, HDTVs

May 12: (SOLD OUT) Handful of black Panasonic LX3 was shipping

May 12: (CLOSED) Drawing at Engadget: Free 8gb Kingston SDHC Video card

May 12: Five Sandisk Extreme III SD memory cards for $50 delivered

May 12: Office Max weekly specials: Olympus FE20 for $80 with free starter kit, Duracell 15-minute charger kit for $30

May 12: First signs of change at eBay? Five free listings per month (for sellers)

May 12: Daily Deals: 21.6" monitor delivered for $125 and other gadgets

May 11: Refurbished Nikon D2Hs yours for $1300

May 11: Eneloop bundle (charger, 8 AA, 2 AAA, sleeves) delivered for $37

May 11: Monster Cable "Camera To Go" bag delivered for $18

May 11: Fuji at Promaster authorized dealers mail-in promotion (until June 30)

May 11: Sony Alpha A350 2-lens kit with battery grip delivered for $800

May 11: Olympus E620 with 14-42mm in-stock at B&H Photo

May 11: Tips on high-demand camera-shopping at Amazon

May 11: Nikon Coolpix S550 for $100 at Best Buy (plum finish)

May 11: 4gb Sandisk Ultra II Compact Flash for $25 at ODP

May 11: Daily Deal roundup: A rather quiet Monday

May 11: New Canon Instant Rebate detailed listings

May 10: (EXPIRED) Hasselblad H2F with 80mm lens kit for $8000 today only (reg price $8700)

May 10: In-stock alert: Olympus E620 2-lens kit for $800 at B&H Photo

May 10: Daily deal roundup: Olympus Stylus 850SW, Canon FS10, Casio EX-FC100

May 10: New top sellers updated with trail for price drops

May 9: Olympus Stylus 8000 Tough drops down to $330 (delivered)

May 9: (EXPIRED) Lowepro Primus AW Backpack, Black for $150 plus shipping

May 9: Daily deals: discounted Sony MemorySticks and more

May 9: Kodak Z980 shipping for $372

May 8: Fuji F200 EXR delivered for $360 (weekend only)

May 8: Daily deals roundup: Nokia, Casio EX-Z150 and such

May 8: Fuji F200 EXR at $360 (deal goes live at 10pm eastern)

May 8: Photography magazines specials

May 8: $100 camera deal: Silver Olympus Stylus 840

May 7: 8gb Dane-Elec SDHC card delivered for $15

May 7: (SOLD OUT) Panasonic FX55 (silver) with bonus bag, delivered for $130

May 7: Profiles in retailing: Circuit City and B&H Photo

May 7: Unadvertised Best Buy specials (HDTV, BluRay)

May 7: Save $25 to $50 on select Adobe software with download-delivery

May 7: Calumet 7300 tripod with 3-way QR head for $50 (plus S&H)

May 7: Daily deals roundup: All the peripherals and a $10 webcam

May 7: Affordable compacts get discounted at J&R World

May 6: Latest Camera Deals now on Twitter!

May 6: Fuji F100fd still good deal at $142 after rebate

May 6: Clearance sale at Ritz and Wolf stores that are NOT closing

May 6: Corel deals: Paintshop Pro X2 for $40, PhotoAlbum 7 for $20 (free shipping)

May 6: Daily roundup: Hot deals at J&R World (D90 refurb, Lexar, Tokina, etc)

May 5: Corel Draw Graphic Suite X4 Home and Student edition for $130

May 5: Tamron 18-270mm superzoom down to $540AR

May 5: Digital camera sale at Office Depot

May 5: Zeikos ZE-TR26A 50-Inch Full Size Tripod for $12 (pre-order)

May 5: Sony Alpha users: Saving money with M42 lenses

May 5: Daily deals: inkjet paper, Seagate drive, and more

May 5: 4gb Kingston microSDHC card shipped for $8

May 5: New feature: Price checks using StreetPrices.com

May 4: $50 one-week mail-in rebate on the Tamron 18-270mm VC lens

May 4: Bower SFD296S Digital Automatic Zoom Bounce Flash for Sony Alpha shipped for $66

May 4: Sony Alpha A350 megakit (2 lenses, 1 battery grip) for $800

May 4: (EXPIRED) Free 2-day shipping with select cameras at Amazon

May 4: Maryland outlaws minimum price fixing!

May 4: Daily deal round-up: Bowens QuadX, J&R discounts, and such

May 4: 100 free prints with trial membership at Photocubbie.com

May 3: Canon SD1200is with camera case and 2gb card shipped for $200

May 3: I has many memory cards, can I store them nao?

May 3: Lenovo sale, Star Trek trailer, Zero Gravity sweepstakes

May 3: Rokinon M71 monopod with Pan Head & Quick Release shipped for $28

May 3: LowePro Dryzone Rover for $170 plus S&H (and other daily deals)

May 3: BBC Natural History Collection DVD megaset for $100 (ends at 5pm eastern)

May 2: Memory card deal is back: Five 2gb Extreme III cards (SD or CF) for $50 delivered

May 2: Sigma 18-50 f3.5-5.6 DC (Canon mount) shipped for $78

May 2: 50% off Luminous Landscape DVD sets until May 31st

May 2: Pentax K20D at $670 (and three year warranty included)

May 2: Daily deals: Nikon CF-D70 semi-soft case for $19

May 1: Olympus E620 drops $100: Now at $600, $700 and $800

May 1: Olympus E420 two-lens kit yours for $500

May 1: Olympus E3 body only down to $1250 right now!

May 1: Olympus E30 gets discounted by $100 ($950 bo, $1050 with kit lens)

May 1: New top selling camera charts (with price-drop markers)

May 1: Daily deals: Kodak filter, Samsung S680, Tigerdirect-on-eBay and more

May 1: Pentax announces instant rebates on K2000 and X70

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